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7 Proven Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair Care And How To Use It

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 13, 2021
7 Proven Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair Care And How To Use It

If you have taken castor oil for some medical preparation, I know how much you hate this stuff already. I know how much you want to forget about its taste and its effects! But if you look at the skin and hair care benefits of castor oil, you will surely love it!

Aside from cleansing the length of your entire gastrointestinal tract, this oil can make your hair remarkably long and beautiful!

7 Benefits Of Castor Oil

hair benefits of castor oil

The list of castor oil uses can be long, so, let’s just focus on the topic at hand. Let’s take a look at how it works! Try it out and see the difference yourself! But before you do, be sure to check if you are allergic to castor oil.

1. Promotes Faster Hair Growth

One of the most famous uses of castor oil hair treatment is for growing longer and stronger hair. Many people who have used it for this purpose swear that it made their hair growth 3-5 times faster! That is a noteworthy result.

On average, we can only grow about half an inch of hair every month. If you are planning on growing long hair, you want a faster rate than that!

2. Prevents Hair Loss

Aside from using castor oil hair growth, it can also help hair loss issues. It is normal to lose a few strands of hair every day. But if hair becomes too noticeable on your pillow upon waking up, this may be a case that needs attention.

3. Improves The Health Of Scalp

Castor oil contains good amounts of minerals and fatty acids that are beneficial for hair care and growth.

Using castor oil regularly gives your hair and scalp the nourishment it needs to grow stronger and longer. With a healthy scalp, you are sure to grow your hair strong and long.

4. Thicker Hair

When you get a healthy scalp, your hair follicles will be in a great state to grow thicker and stronger hair that is less prone to hair breakage. Hair fall and hair breakage can be hard to eliminate, but with the use of castor oil, you can do your hair a favor by making them grow thicker. Thicker hair equates to a stronger and damage resistant hair!

5. Delays Onset Of Hair Graying

An evenly colored hair is a reflection of your scalp’s health. Unfortunately, our natural ability to produce the required melanin for the hair color diminishes and result to graying of hair. Silver-gray hair is a sign of wisdom, right? But, I know, you want to keep the color of your hair for a few more decades!

6. Softens The Hair

Aside from hair growth, strong hair, and healthy scalp, one of the benefits of using castor oil in your hair is it can soften and condition your hair. Castor oil deeply nourishes the scalp and gives it a softer texture for a pretty flowing hair.

7. Helps Prevent Scalp Infection And Dandruff

Castor oil helps return the natural pH of the scalp to promote a great environment for the hair to grow. Aside from that, it eliminates the optimal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. This helps you get rid of dandruff and give you protection from other possible scalp infections.


  • How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth And Scalp Nourishment

castor oil for hair growth

It is advised to do castor oil treatment at night to avoid the hassle of worrying about it during the day. Wearing castor oil is not fashionable, so, it’s best to be done at night before your evening skin care regimen.

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo to remove dirt and oil.
  • Pat your hair dry. No need to blow dry your hair. A slightly damp hair is best for better application.
  • Put about two tablespoons in a microwave safe container and heat for about twenty seconds. If it’s too hot, let it cool for a while. Using it while it’s too hot can lead to hair damage.
  • To reap the benefits of castor oil, apply a small amount to the roots of your damp hair. Take note of the amount you use as it can be a little difficult to wash off.
  • Intimately massage the oil to the roots and gradually spread the oil from the roots to the tips while combing with your hands.
  • Wear it for at least an hour before rinsing it. (Wearing it overnight can give you the best results.)
  • Rinse thoroughly with mild shampoo and condition afterward.

Rinsing castor oil off can be a little difficult so be guided to use just the right amount to cover your hair. Other washing it off can take time. Just be patient with rinsing your hair. You may be tempted to use strong shampoo for faster oil removal, but do resist. These strongly formulated shampoos can dry the hair and reverse the effect of your castor oil treatment.

  • How Often Should You Use Castor Oil For Hair Treatment?

castor oil hair treatment

Ideally, using castor oil on your hair for 2-3 times a week will yield great results. Doing it more than does not pose any adverse reaction. However, because you need to shampoo to rinse off the oil, it is not advised to be used every day.

  • Love Your Hair

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For many times, the woman’s hair is deemed to be her crown and glory. A beautifully made and well-groomed hair says a lot about a woman without saying a word. Can you imagine how a beautiful hair command authority?

To take advantage of the benefits of castor oil for hair, start using it and make it a part of your nighttime beauty regimen! In a few months after regular use, you will be rewarded with strong, long, and beautiful hair!

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