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The Best Breast Implants That Can Actually Change Your Life

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 19, 2017
The Best Breast Implants That Can Actually Change Your Life

The most FAQs when considering breast augmentation relate to the breast implants. For instance, what are the main types of breast implants? Are breast implants safe? Should I go saline or silicone? Are there differences in breast implant shape, texture, and style? How do I choose my breast implant size? Today, there are various choices for women considering breast augmentation.


Types Of Breast Implants: Saline Vs. Silicone Gel




Saline breast and silicone breast implants are the two primary breast implants options available today. The two have several similarities including both have high safety profiles and are FDA approved. Both have similar outer shells or coverings made using a silicone elastomer. Saline breast implants are filled with some saline solution during surgery, and silicone implants come pre-filled with some cohesive silicone gel.
The feel of the two implants varies slightly. Silicone implants are mostly alleged to be more natural to touch. In slimmer women with soft tissue cover and minimal native breasts, both breast implants are perceptible. In most cases, saline implants are associated with rippling especially along the edges. This is because they are inserted devoid of volume then filled within the pocket of the breast. A slight incision might be needed for insertion, unlike pre-filled silicone gel implants.


Breast Implant Texture, Profile, And Style


Breast implants exist in various patterns, shapes, sizes, and shell textures. Usually, breast implants have a combination of the following uniqueness:

Breast Implant Fill

  • Saline water, inside the shell elastomer silicone breast implant
  • Cohesive Gel, a gel with high viscosity used to fill round breast implants
  • Highly Cohesive Gel, a gel with higher viscosity that fills stable form anatomic breast implants

Breast Implant Size And Shape

  • Anatomic, breast implants with tear-drop shapes at any position
  • Round, tear-dropped shaped breast implants when upright and round when supine

The most common breast implant style used in breast augmentation is round. Round breast implants naturally assume tear-drop shapes when upright. Additionally, they softly become round when lying down. Automatically shaped, highly cohesive silicone filled breast implants make great breast implants for individuals who are less susceptible to upper pole fullness.

Breast Implant Shell Texture

  • Textured
  • Smooth

The shell of breast implants can be textured or smooth. Smooth breast implants are the most common fat transfer breast augmentation. Texturization was initially assumed to reduce capsular contracture rates. However, this benefit is presently considered negligible.


Breast Implant Profile

  • High, most volume and projection for a particular base diameter
  • Moderate plus or midrange, more projection mostly used when a natural fuller result is needed
  • Low or moderate, little projection for a particular implant base diameter

Implant profile is an implant’s projection for a particular base diameter. Choices are made from three main profiles including Low or moderate, moderate plus or midrange, and High breast implant profile. When looking for the most attractive, aesthetic, natural shape, the Low or Moderate and Moderate plus or midrange profiles are the most selected.


How Long Breast Implants Last And How To Know They Need To Be Replaced.




Breast implants do not last forever. Through normal activities, the implants wear out and require replacement. Their lifespan depends on the individual. In some cases, breast implants require replacement within the first couple of years after breast implant surgery while others can last for as long as twenty-five years. Mostly breast implants last for an average of ten years.
Some breast implants may not bring the desired impression. They may need replacement faster than others. Here are some indications that show that the implant needs to be replaced.

Deflation Of a Saline Implant
Any leak whether in the silicon shell (the bag itself) or in the valve used to fill the implant, will result in gradual deflation. This may be due to a small implant use leading to a marked difference in the size of the breast. Such a condition will be best solved by replacing the implant with another of the same size or larger.

Capsule Contracture




Refers to a condition where the breast feels hard and uncomfortable. The scar tissue envelope that forms around the implant thickens and contracts to cause the implant to feel firmer. The condition is solved by re-exploring the breast, removing the scar and replacing with a fresh implant of the same type and size.

Asymmetry (Breast Deformity)
Breast deformity includes issues related to the shape of the breast. The breast might appear too large or too small a condition caused by improper pocket creation, improper implant selection.


Rupture Of The Silicone Gel Implant




Because of the cohesive property of silicone implants, a small hole won’t cause a leak. The silicone gel will be held by the natural scar tissue that forms around all foreign bodies inserted. Silicone being biological inert, it won’t react with the body or be absorbed by the body making it impossible to recognize the rupture. Therefore, it is prudent to have your breast implant checked regularly preferably after every two years.

As the filler breast implant material and shell shifts, the breast implant may ripple. This mainly affects skinnier women because there is not as much tissue cover, the implant tends to fold in on themselves as a result of pressure from the body.

Desire To Change Implant Size




A woman may not feel comfortable with the size of her breast implant prompting her to change its size. She may be anxious to have a more natural looking breast.


As we’ve seen, a breast implant is a procedure used to change the size, shape, and contour of a woman`s breast. Breast implants are normally done to restore a natural looking breast or correct congenital defects of the chest wall. There are various breast implants types which are defined by their filler material. The two best breast implants types based on the filler material are Saline implants filled with some sterile saline solution and Silicone implants which are filled with a sterile viscous silicone gel.

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