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Signs of Puberty in Girls – Bigger Breasts, Oily Skin and Curves on Body!!

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 14, 2022
Signs of Puberty in Girls – Bigger Breasts, Oily Skin and Curves on Body!!

Stages Of Puberty In Girls

Puberty in girls can be an exciting, confusing and overwhelming stage! One day, when you look at the mirror, you will notice that you have already grown taller and your breasts got bigger. After a few weeks, you will notice hair growing in different parts of your body. Before you panic and go crazy, you have to understand this: that is perfectly normal. It is just your body’s way of welcoming you to puberty! So, what are the other changes you should expect?

Bigger Breasts

Dry brushing

This is actually one of the earliest signs of puberty in girls and this may happen as early as 9 years old. Your breasts will undergo different stages of growing too. At first, it may look like your breast and nipples are swelling and after some time, it will look fuller and bigger. Once you begin to feel that your breasts are becoming heavier, you should start wearing a training bra.

Oily skin face

Oily skin and hair

The most traumatic change that you will ever encounter is the appearance of zits, grease, and pimples all over your face. This is because your skin starts to produce more oil. At this point, you should try to adopt a face care routine designed for oily skin.



Yellow or white discharge in your undies

When you take off your undies, you will notice yellow or white stains in it. That discharge is produced by the body and its role is to keep the pubic area clean and moist. This is also one sign that you are going to have your period anytime soon.

Curves on body

Hello, curves!

When you hit puberty, you will notice some changes in your bone structure-your pelvic bone will grow, your waist will get smaller and you will have breasts. In short, you will look sexier.

Pubic Hair

More hair

You will see hair in your underarms and pubic area. For the first few months, the hair will be thinner and softer but as time goes by, it will be thicker. This is the perfect time for you started on a shaving routine.


Growth spurt

You will notice that your clothes are already a few sizes short. You may feel like your body looks awkward at this point but that is just normal. Just don’t forget to buy shoes and clothes that will fit you well!



Seeing blood in your panties can be really scary but that is part of the entire puberty experience. For the first few years, your period can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes, you will have your period for more than a week while there will be times when you will only have a period for only two days.

At first, you will be overwhelmed with all the changes in your body. It is true that these changes will take some getting used but rest assured, these are all normal. So, chin up, young lady. You are beautiful just the way you are!

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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