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The Best Hairstyles Of 2022 That Will Give You A Complete Make Over

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
The Best Hairstyles Of 2022 That Will Give You A Complete Make Over

Whether you are looking to rotate some new hairstyles for long hair, or you are looking to try short haircuts for women for a special event, the best hairstyles of 2022 got you covered. Search online for some of these trendy hairstyles and learn how to do them. With these hairstyles, you will never be stuck with hairstyles for long hair ideas again. Regardless of the texture and length of your hair, you will find something that will impress you.


1. Cute Pixie Haircut


Cute pixie haircut


This hairstyle is adorable and extremely neat. Celebrities the likes of Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan have worn it. Although this style is simple, it is very elegant and is perfect for all faces. Since it is short, taking proper care shouldn’t be a problem. However, just because you’ve seen someone wearing a particularly short haircut doesn’t mean it will look good on you. You need to make a decision. The Pixie Cut is among the shortest hairstyles around. People love it for its nice length of to the ear or somewhere to the chin.

Sometimes, short haircuts for women are seen as unflattering and risky. However, you have to try to find out. This short haircut is something worth trying. It will always and forever be the most classic and shortest of all short haircuts for women. Depending on how you choose to cut it, it could be sweet, slick, or sexy.


2. Long Sleek Bob with Side-Swept Bang and Curves


The best hairstyles of 2022 are ideal for professional women. Sometimes you find yourself bored of wearing the same dull long hairstyle to the office every day. This hairstyle will add some life to your work place and still look fabulous. For many years, Bob is considered the go-to hairstyle for professional women. Break from the norm with this long straight Bob with a side-swept bang and slightly bent edges covering some parts of your forehead.


3. Bob With Outward Curls And Soft Fringes


Bob with outward curls and soft fringes


This is another must try simple Bob. It features fringes on the front swinging over your forehead. Additionally, it has two side bangs the length of your chin surrounding the edge of your face. At the crown, there is a puff, and the rest of the hairs’ end is curled up in a well thought outward direction.


4. Wavy Side Ponytail With a Side Bang


Never underestimate the power of a ponytail. People who assume that ponytails can’t fit the corporate world should think again. For your upcoming conference, consider trying this low side ponytail. Dress professionally to match your hairdo. The sexy side bang and the beautiful waves will excellently match with your professional outfit.


5. Boyish Short Bob With Some Messy Front Fringes


Boyish short bob with some messy front fringes


The best hairstyles of 2022 don’t have to be complicated. This short Boyish Bob will work just fine for you. With slightly curved ends and small adorable layers, this hairstyle works like magic. To make it appear even more elegant and classy, its front fringes have a messy effect.


6. Cropped Wedged Crop


Once you try this hairstyle, you will start acknowledging the great looks of copper. Begin by going for a red fiery shade and thoroughly dying your hair. Be brave enough, reach out for the chop and cut down all your hair. To make a long sweeping fringe, go for a side parting. To achieve a perfect curved silhouette, consider keeping short the layers behind your head.


7. Brown Bob With Sweeping Highlights


Brown bob with sweeping highlights


The best words to describe this look have to be sassy and classy. To correctly define your face, consider going for a bob that ends around your jaw level. Consider keeping longer the strands towards your face’s front. Additionally, make sure you flick them under. Throughout your head’s top, consider adding a choppy layer to achieve a bouncy finish. For additional lift and light, go for your favorite highlights.


8. White Blonde Beach Waves


Today, beach-styles are very fashionable. Go for a bright shade of your favorite white blonde and make it over your hair. Curl the locks loosely using straighteners from root to tip. For a perfect swept back look, brush backward. You will receive dozens of compliments. Enjoy!


9. Fringed Layered Hairstyle with Outward and Inward Curls


fringed layered hairstyle with outward and inward curls


This hairstyle can be striking at your working. It features some intense layers with outward curly ends at one end and inward curly ends at the other end. To sync this hairstyle for long hair with your persona, consider adding some beautiful highlights and front fringes. You will look confident and charming at your workplace. Since this hairstyle is simple, you can wear it anywhere, from your friend’s house to your office.


10. Loose Hair with Intense Curls and Puffy Crown


This amazing hairstyle will allow you to design a side part allowing your hair to flow down your shoulders naturally. Make sure that you intensely curl up your hair’s ends and slightly add some puff to your crown. Doing so will give you a totally glamorous look at your workplace. Besides this hairstyle being simple, it will make you look charismatic, full of positive vibes, and youthful. Not only will you be the center of attraction, but you will considerably increase your glam quotient.



11. Silver Pixie Crop


silver pixie crop


Short hairstyles with well-thought side sweep bangs never disappoint. Try this style by making a pixie cut and leave a long sweeping fringe. Consider keeping the crop’s bottom layer to the head. Additionally, consider leaving the top layer long and with some deep side parting. For a stunning swept effect, consider straightening the hair across your head. A shining and striking silver shade finish will give you a metallic and majestic style.



Keep up with the best hairstyles of 2022 by trying these hairstyles. Presently, these are the hottest hairstyles for women. You can wear these looks to the office and parties. One thing about these hairstyles is that they come with styling tips, tutorials that are easy to follow and above all their photo galleries are top-notch.

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