Follow The Best Nail Care Tips And Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 14, 2017
Follow The Best Nail Care Tips And Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong

Partly attributed to the boom in nail art craze, hands are often on display. However, getting to display your hands doesn’t come easy. It requires extra care brought about by various nail care tips. Just to mention, proper nail care goes far beyond ordinary nail polish and manicure. The basic nail care process involves a regular and thorough nail care routine. This is essential to remove harmful germs and bacteria which may have contaminated the nails. With their end aesthetic value, you owe a lot to the health of your nails.

Having mentioned the importance of having shiny nails, it is essential to understand the various nail tips available. Numerous professional nail tips can give your nails that admiring look. Therefore, choice of the various tips depends on various factors including availability and accessibility. That said, some of the tips for healthy and amazing nails include the following.


Nail Care Tips


1. Ensuring a Clean Hand




Before embarking on the healthy nail journey, begin by ensuring that your hands, including the nail and surrounding skin, are dirt free. There are various ways to ensure a clean hand. For instance, using a soap and toothbrush to the hand before scrubbing the skin and nails gently is one simple way. Remove color traces in the skin using an acetone free remover. Undertaking this will not only remove dirt from the hands and nails but also exfoliate dead skins.


2. Handle Your Hands Gently




Besides the skin, nails are extra delicate. Scrubbing the nails too roughly may lead to injuries that can expose them to infection. Some of the injuries may result from using metal nail tools under the nail such as when digging the nail plate. This may cause some separation often appearing as an irregular white arching at the nail tip.

3. Practice Regular Trimming




Regular trimming is not only an essential practice for your hair. It turns out nails too require some regular trimming to maintain their healthy state. That said, take some time after every two weeks to work on your nails.

4. Value Health Over Length




Many people believe that long nails are beautiful. Despite being a fact, keeping long nails is not recommended. It is prudent that you keep your nails short. Having short nails with rounded edges tend to be easier when it comes to maintenance. Besides, they also look neat. Long nails provide a cool environment that harbors bacteria which could be responsible for infections. Therefore, focus on neater nails ensuring that they are uniform regarding the shape and matches uniformly.

5. Don’t Cut Cuticles




Cuticles are perhaps among the most important parts of the nail tissue. However, many people do not understand their role. Cutting the cuticle is among the most common false nail tips. The cuticle serves to protect and seal the base of the nail. Removing or cutting the cuticle breaks the seal of protection. This leaves the nail open and possibly open and vulnerable to bacteria thus a possibility for infection. Therefore, leaving the cuticles alone will prevent all this from occurring.

That said, many people ponder on what you should do to the cuticle. It is recommended that you push gently the cuticle back at least once a week using a wooden stick. This is especially possible after a shower. You should then massage with a cuticle cream or creamy lotion.

6. Nails Tools’ Care




Taking great care of the tools you use for nail care is important. This involves disinfecting the tools immediately after use. This corresponds similarly to the essential care that make-up tools receive. Like the make-up tools, cleaning nail tools is important to eliminate bacteria. This keeps the nails happy and infection free. Therefore, wash the tools using soap and water. Finish off by rubbing with an alcohol swab. Replacing disposable tools such as emery boards is the other essential component of tool care.

7. Always Use a Base Coat




Nail enthusiasts always ignore the use of a base coat, especially when painting their nails at home. Skipping the base coat can result in disastrous effects on your nails. A base coat not only protects the nail from being stained by polish but also helps in making the color look more opaque and saturated in one coat. To brighten the nails, add a coat of clear gloss after each layer. This adds extra shine and protection.

8. Use Acrylic Or Gel Treatments




Acrylic nail tips are not recommended currently as the gels are said to be hard on nails. Acrylic manicures we liked due to their long-lasting and convenient nature. However, as mentioned, they were relatively hard on nails. Nevertheless, if you are certain of getting them right, use the various tips of minimizing the damage on hands and nails. Just to mention, the issue arises where you have to stick your nail on the UV light to dry. The light can damage the skin below and around the nail. This compounds in increasing risks for cancer development.

To reduce the risk, experts recommend that you apply a sunscreen with an SPF value ranging between 30 to 50. This will help in blocking the damaging rays of UV light thus reducing their impact. Besides, you can try gloves that expose nails alone shielding the remaining hands from harmful rays.

9. Use a Moisturizer




Moisturizes are common with face and skin care routines. However, most people ignore the importance of a moisturizer in nail art. Nail artist and aficionados recommend a mix of almond and avocado oils as the perfect combination to keep the nails and cuticles hydrated. If you lack the two, a dab of your lip balm can work.



Nail care tips are limitless. The list increases every dawn with increasing innovations. Besides, nail health enthusiasts frequently come up with proven remedies that ascertain a healthy nail. Apart from the tips mentioned above, other simple measures include diet consideration, giving the nails a break especially during weekends, sealing with a top coat adequate protection and always reading labels on nail care products.

The overall health of your nails may not improve by looking at the factors mentioned above only. Consider employing the services of an expert in nail care and use high-quality nail products for ascertained success.

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