7 Best Skin Brighteners of 2019

Written by Meighan James, Modified January 4, 2019
Best Skin Brighteners

Since in no way would it hurt to move up your skincare several notches higher, you shouldn’t be afraid to harness what beauty rewards there are that people can now enjoy straight from the bottle. To brighten up your dull skin and lighten your hyper pigmented skin, here are 7 the best skin brighteners of 2019 to consider:

1. Solvaderm Juvabrite

Formulated without hydroquinone and the serious side effects it carries, this product utilizes only botanically-derived skin lightening ingredients that include saxifrage, grape fruit extract, and Morus Bombycis root extract. Use day and night for best results. For daytime application, always layer on top with sunscreen. Solvaderm Juvabrite is lightweight and can be easily worn under your makeup.

2. NaturaBright

Made with a complex combination of skin lightening ingredients that includes alpha-arbutin, kojic acid and Vitamin C, this product inhibits melanin production that naturally lightens your dark spots. It also folds in moisturizers and includes hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, NaturaBright is not very easy to access, and is only available from resellers.

3. Rephase D-White

The key ingredient is arbutin, an ingredient derived from plant extracts that has been shown to lighten skin with regular application. Vitamin C, which is widely known for its natural astringent properties, is also infused in the formulation. Although this is ideal for daytime use because it contains zinc oxide for sun protection, Rephase D-White manufacturer does not disclose full ingredients list.

4. L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil

Formulated to make your skin naturally glow with health and youth, L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil contains a lean list of botanical ingredients led by Immortelle essential oil, Borago officianalis seed oil, and Evening primrose oil. Combined, these ingredients relieve your skin from inflammation which instantly brightens up your overall complexion. With improved skin health over long-term use, you can expect your skin to become brighter. However, because of its fragrance content, this product may not be ideal for your sensitive skin.

5. Ambi Fade Cream

This skin brightening cream also provides sun protection. Ambi Fade Cream gently exfoliates your skin with alpha hydroxy acids, deeply moisturizes with Vitamin E, revitalizes with Vutamin C, and calms skin irritation with soy proteins. Unfortunately, the main ingredient is hydroquinone, once the gold standard in skin lightening but, which is not considered as a potential carcinogen. While hydroquinone may still be allowed in the US, many countries have banned it for use in cosmetics.

6. Obagi Nu-Derm Clear

A hydroquinone-free product, it uses instead, botanically derived arbutin to inhibit the production of melanin. Over time, pigmentation is reduced as the development of new ones is prevented. Obagi Nu-Derm ClearObagi Nu-Derm Clear formula also includes gentle exfoliating lactic acid, cell revitalizing Vitamin C, and deeply nourishing Vitamin E. However, you will have to layer this product separately with sunscreen when used during the day. The formula also contains endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

7. Clean and Clear Fairness Cream

A skin brightener that’s specially formulated for use during the day, Clean and Clear Fairness Cream is formulated with a combination of Avobenzone and Titanium Dioxide. To keep your skin nourished, it also delivers vitamins B3, C and E which also happen to be great antioxidants. Unfortunately, avobenzone is well-known to pose irritation and health risks. This product also contains other irritating ingredients that can hurt your skin over the long-term most especially when you have sensitive skin.


Diane Von Furstenberg once shares, “In my older face, I see my life. Every wrinkle, every smile line, every age spot”. While some people close their eyes to the fact that getting old and all the signs of aging that comes with it is a fact of life, some let it pass by with grace. Surprisingly, the ones that you needed all this time is good and consistent skin care coupled with a healthy lifestyle to see through your health, including your skin health.

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