Dry Skin

Flaky Skin? Possible Causes Of Dry Skin You Probably Didn’t Know About

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 28, 2017
Flaky Skin? Possible Causes Of Dry Skin You Probably Didn’t Know About

Flaky skin occurs when the protective and natural oil that is produced by your skin start to dry up. This will result to water loss to up to seventy five times on a dry skin as compared to a healthy skin which has about twenty percent water content in it. Therefore, when your skin loses its water content and oil, it begins to dry out and your skin’s surface dies and it starts to peel away mostly starting to peel in very small and thin silvers known as flakes. Flaky skin can be linked to different factors and it is always important to determine the root cause of this skin concern so that right formula or treatment is used. Many people with such skin concern may use a wrong formula that does not suit their skin needs as they did not verify the root cause and therefore causing more harm to the skin than good. You are advised to always visit your dermatologist or skin care expert so that you get the right formula for your skin and realize a smooth and moisturized skin.


Cause Of Dry Skin




Dry skin can be as a result of many factors. These are as discussed below

1. Medical Conditions
Causes of dry skin all over your body can be as a result of medication as they may react negatively on you. These medical conditions include:

  • Keratosis Pilaris – This is when you experience dry skin due to inherited dry skin condition. This condition is known to cause tiny red or flesh colored bumps on your skin especially on your upper arms, thighs or on your cheeks. These comes as a form of dead skin cells and make your skin like sandpaper and rough
  • Dermatitis – This is a common type of eczema where itchy patches form on your skin. When you scratch your skin, it may be swollen, red and crack, weep fluid from your skin or scale. It is common to people who have hay fever or have asthma.
  • Hormonal Changes – This happens when your hormones change and your skin start to be dry and flaky skin start forming. It is common in babies who develop cradle cap, scaly skin on their scalp due to being exposed to mother’s hormones in the uterus. The hormonal changes that happen after menopause also lead to dry skin.
  • Thyroid Disease – Dry skin is experienced when thyroid gland does not produce required thyroid hormone.
  • Diabetes And Kidney Disease – People suffering from these diseases may realize itchy, dry skin on their legs because of poor blood circulation.

2. Weather Conditions
Cold weather is linked to formation of dry or flaky skin. This is because combination of forced air heat and cold dry air on the outside and the lack of humidity inside your skin lead to drying out of your skin rapidly.

3. Hot Baths


Hot baths, hot tubs and saunas and heated swimming pools may be causes of dry skin all over body. This is because your skin is exposes to heat for a long time.

4. Skin Cleansers And Other Chemicals Used To Treat Skin
The skin care cleansers that you might use can be the cause of flaky skin or drying out of your skin. Even the chemicals used to treat other skin concerns can lead to drying of your skin and therefore you should read thoroughly on the side effects of skin care product before using as it may cause more harm to your skin than good.

5. Scabies


Scabies is an infection that occurs due to tiny mite that is found on your skin. It leads to symptoms of dry skin and flaky skin.

What causes dry skin can be traced to the above-mentioned factors and you should therefore determine cause of your dry or flaky skin so that you treat it well and have long lasting results.


Ways Of Improving Your Dry Or Flaky Skin


Ways Of Improving Your Dry Or Flaky Skin

Symptoms of dry skin can be treated if the root cause is known as causes of dry skin are different. The following are ways on which you can improve your skin:

1. Moisturize
You are required moisturize your body and face at least once in a day while your skin is still damp from shower. If it is during summer season, a thinner lotion will be enough and a thicker ointment or cream is preferred during winter season. It is also important to pay attention to the ingredients of each moisturizer before purchasing so that you are sure of a safe and effective moisturize that suits your skin needs.

2. Take Short Warm Shower Instead Of Hot Showers
You should take warm showers and not hot ones to prevent your skin from being exposed to hot water for long. You can also use moisturized soaps while bathing.

3. Avoid Using Drying Soaps, Performed Soaps Or Disinfectant In Your Bath Water
This will help prevent drying out of your skin.

4. Visit Or Consult Your Dermatologist Or Skin Expert
This will help you find the right formula for your skin if the root cause of your skin is medical conditions.


Taking care of your skin is an important thing that you should do. This will help in preventing it from drying and it will also improve the condition of your flaky skin so that you keep a smooth and beautiful skin throughout your life. Visit your dermatologist or skin expert to help you find the right skin care formula for your skin. Ensure you also check thoroughly the ingredients of the skin care products before you use. This will help you find out any possible allergic reaction or negative reactions that they may on your skin. This ensures that you choose a formula that causes no further damage to your skin than good and you will have an improved skin which looks moisturized and smooth.

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