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Explanation : Does Alcohol Affect Fertility When Trying To Conceive?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 20, 2017
Explanation : Does Alcohol Affect Fertility When Trying To Conceive?

What is a party without some whiskey, rum, tequila, and some kegs of beer? What is romantic dinner without a bottle of classy wine? We enjoy alcohol in different forms on many occasions. It can easily relax people and can make bonding moments more enjoyable and more fun!

Sometimes, when you just want to relax, a few bottles of beer can help you ease the mind too. But should you watch out for it when planning on having a baby?

Does Alcohol Affect Fertility?

We don’t give much thought to this, but, does alcohol affect fertility? I know, sometimes alcohol fuels steamy sex episodes, but what does it do to your ability to sire or bear a child?

Research shows that even moderate drinking (about five drinks a week) can lower your chances of having a child. If moderate drinking moderately affects your fertility, it’s only logical that abusing alcohol significantly reduces your chances having an offspring.

In Women

You may not be aware of this but, chronic alcohol consumption or abuse can affect ovulation. Quitting cold turkey does not mean that you will regain optimal fertility the following day. It took a few months to years of alcohol abuse to your fertility. It will also take a few months to restore normal physiology.

Abstaining from alcohol before getting pregnant is a must. Because when you get pregnant, you shouldn’t be getting any alcohol at all. Of all things, alcohol can permeate the placenta, smuggling itself in your baby’s bloodstream.

In Men

Naturally, men are more prone to alcohol abuse and alcoholism. But, how does alcohol affect fertility in men? The frequent boy’s night outs greatly affect the ability to produce testosterone (the hormone responsible for the production of sperm). This can greatly reduce the sperm count and sperm motility.

A sperm count below 40 million per mL is considered low. Falling behind 20 million is considered poor, and conception can be difficult.

Aside from the fact that alcohol reduces the ability to supply the optimum count of sperm, it also reduces your sex drive. When you get home from binge-drinking on a night out, you might just fall to sleep on your doorstep.

The Alcoholic Beverages To Avoid For Healthy Fertility

It is best to avoid alcoholic beverages when planning for a baby. Abstaining from alcohol can significantly increase the likelihood of impregnating and getting pregnant. In the first place, alcohol may have been the cause of low rate of fertility.

If you can’t give up your daily drink, it would be best to stick to very low to low alcohol content. Try switching your whiskey with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. I know beer and wine have significantly lower alcohol levels. Please, my friend, do not chug the whole bottle of wine! The will defeat the purpose!

Having a child is a big responsibility. It takes patience, selflessness, and self-control. Overcoming alcoholism is already a big step towards being a good parent.

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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