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Does Sleeping In a Bra Causes Breast Cancer!! Assumption or Truth?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated January 16, 2017
Does Sleeping In a Bra Causes Breast Cancer!! Assumption or Truth?

Do you sleep with a bra on? If you do, then chances are you have already heard about the myth that wearing a bra while sleeping may lead to breast cancer many people might have already advised you to sleep without bra. So you might be asking—is it true? Can it happen?

Truth is, there are plenty of myths surrounding the concept of wearing a bra when sleeping, making it difficult for you to figure out which you should believe and which you should stop believing. In the case of sleeping with bra may lead to cancer, we will discover the truth in this article today.

Does Sleeping in a Bra Causes Breast Cancer?

This rumor started by a book that was released in 1995 entitled “Dressed To Kill”. According to it, wearing a bra may disrupt the way the lymphatic system works. Since most bras come with underwires, the wires may add pressure to the area under your breasts (or on the different parts of your breasts if you move around that much while sleeping) and this unwanted pressure may lead to unwanted build-up of toxins in your breast tissues which may increase your risk of having breast cancer.


Is This True?

Now the big question remains—is it true? First things first, let’s start with the roots—the source of all of this—the book. One thing that you have to understand is that this book was written based only on the observation of the author and not on scientific studies.

Second, there is no evidence to back this claim up. Although there was one study made by a husband and his wife, their research was never considered to be suitable for peer review as it did not take into consideration some of the breast cancer risk factors including age and weight. In addition to that, The American Cancer Society states that they do not know of any epidemiologic or scientific studies that have been published in scientific journals that conclude that wearing bras may lead to breast cancer.


Last but definitely not the least, history is also here to tell us a thing or two about this rumor. As far as we know, cancer was already there even before bras were developed. In fact, the first few documented cancer cases date up as far back as 1600 BC while bras were developed only during the 19th century. And the underwire types have only been seen in the market after a few decades—around 1930’s.

So, the answer is no—sleeping with bra may not lead to breast cancer. It is just one of those breast cancer myths that you should stop believing.

But despite the fact that this is just only a myth, the causes of breast cancer are different. There are still plenty of reasons why you should avoid sleeping with your bra on. Some of the few reasons may include skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, breast fungus, restlessness and many more. That’s why if I were you, it would be best if you would sleep without bra on. It would be much safer and healthier that way.


By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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