What Is Embryolisse Moisturizer?

According to the manufacturer Embryolisse Moisturizer 24-Hour Miracle Cream, US $28 for every 75 ml tube, is a product with French origins. Its key ingredients include aloe barbadensis, glycol, shea butter and hydrolyzed soy protein. When combined, these ingredients cause the skin to become ultra hydrated and deeply moisturized while simultaneously rebuilding the integrity of the skin’s protective covering to prolong skin moisture by preventing unnecessary surface water loss.

This moisturizer is marketed to have multiple uses other than the usual daytime and nighttime moisture-giving properties that can be derived from most of its counterparts. It is proposed to be used also as a makeup remover and as a moisturizing aftershave.

Where it does falls short on moisturizer performance is its lack of ingredients that filter UV and which consequently provide anti-damaging and anti-aging benefits to skin when used regularly. There are also no antioxidants in the ingredients list.

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embryolisse moisturizer 24-hour miracle cream

Embryolisse Moisturizer

Embryolisse Moisturizer has a light and milky texture that absorbs easily into your skin with a soft satin finish to restore moisture levels.

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How To Use Embryolisse Moisturizer?

For best results the manufacturer suggests to use Embryolisse Moisturizer 24-Hour Miracle Cream day and night. Due to the absence of UV protection in this product, it is recommended that this product be layered with sunscreen lotion when used in the morning. For continuous sun protection benefits, sunscreen must be reapplied throughout the day.

Use product only on cleansed and toned skin. Always perform patch test to check for any allergic reactions to any of the product’s components.

However, not everyone who tried it had the same experience. Others had sensitive reaction from it, and the oily problems did not go away.

What Are The Embryolisse Moisturizer Key Ingredients

This product is made with the following key active ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis:

Barrier-forming ingredient, provides skin with an additional source of ceramides, the main component of barrier skin, that help replenish lost nutrients and bring back the protective integrity of the skin’s surface. Though it may also cause rashes on the skin & itchy skin.

Hydrolyzed soy protein:

delivery enhancing, aids beneficial product ingredients in deeply penetrating skin faster so that results can become noticeable sooner.

Shea butter

moisturizer and barrier-forming, helps keep the skin’s natural oils intact while simultaneously providing additional lipids that serve as building blocks for new skin to be grown.

Pros and Cons of Embryolisse Moisturizer

  • Claims to Contain some of the most basic ingredients to look for in a moisturizer.
  • Combines the skin enhancing functions of barrier-forming and moisturizing skin ingredients
  • Includes shea butter which supplies the skin with additional amino acids to create new skin and repair damages in the skin matrix.
  • The ingredients are so basic that there is hardly anything special that this moisturizer can offer despite the hefty price tag.
  • Lacks the protective powers of both sunscreen actives and antioxidants that protect skin from damage and ageing.
  • Contains irritating ingredients, fragrance most notably, which renders this product not suitable for sensitive and problematic skin types.
  • Some people also claimed that this product leads to skin allergies like rashes!
  • User also claimed for skin redness and itches!

Final Verdict

In a world where skincare science is in full bloom and knowledge of skin and skin health is robust, there is simply no excuse why shouldn’t give your skin the kind of care it deserves. You deserve to expect more and get more out of your beauty products.

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