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Fall Fashion Trends: Trending Fashion Ideas To Follow In 2022 Fall

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 21, 2022
Fall Fashion Trends: Trending Fashion Ideas To Follow In 2022 Fall

We cannot wait for winter to end for us to experience the warmth of summer. But it looks like our bodies can no longer take the heat and now, we cannot wait for the arrival of fall. Well, aside from the weather, there is another thing that we look forward to this season—the fall fashion trends, of course!

I am sure women are already dying to know what’s in and what’s out this fall and they cannot wait to come up with eye-catching fall outfit ideas that can make other women go green with envy. And we have made it our mission to help you with all things fashion, and that’s why we have compiled the fall fashion trends below. So without further ado, here is the 2022 fall fashion forecast this season.

The Fall Fashion Trends That Await You!

Are you ready to discover the autumn fashion trends 2022? Get started on reading! Oh, and we have also thrown in a little bonus—some tips on how to accessorize for fall!

1. Plaid And Perfect

Fall Clothing Trends

Just looking at the fall clothing trends that have graced the runway and you will realize that the designers are crazy for plaid! In fact, we have seen models wear plaid trench coat to plaid pants and boots!

When styling plaid, make sure to pair it with something sold colored. Your best bet is to pair your plaid trench coat with black leggings and a red or white top. Choose a pair of pumps or boots in an eye-catching color if you are feeling a bit adventurous.

2. The Fishnet Appeal

Fall Clothing

Before, these stockings will make you look like a hooker, but these days, it is highly embraced by fashionistas who wish to show off their edgy and sexy side. And the options on how to style these stockings are quite endless! You can wear this over shorts and dresses.

But the best way to style it is by wearing under a midi skirt and pair it with a denim jacket. Finish off the look with pointed ankle boots, and you will look, every inch the stylish lady that you are!

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3. The Floral Story

Must Haves For Fall 2017

One of the must have for fall 2022 are your floral ensembles. For your information, the floral story doesn’t stop in spring—it continues to fall.

So let your blooms bloom all year-round on the designers’ edgier and sleeker take on the summer florals. Opt for something moodier and dramatic and tone the eye-catching prints down by pairing it with solid colored accessories, bags and shoes.

4. Denim Goddess

Denim In Fall 2017

If there is one summer trend that is also considered to be one of the biggest fall fashion trends, it would most certainly be denim! Known to be one the most classic American piece of clothing, it does not come as a surprise that denim is taking center stage even this fall!

If it is already too chilly for you, then keep yourself warm and your look stylish by going denim from top to bottom! Wear denim jacket over your long sleeves and tuck it under a distressed pair of denims. Complete your denim uniform with a pair of good looking boots and you will be worthy of the label Denim Goddess.

5. The Pantsuit Generation

Pantsuit For Fall

Whether you want something slouchy and lazy or tailored and fit, you can find a pantsuit that will suit your style! The pantsuit has ruled the runways and it is about time that you allow it to reign over your wardrobe!

Many thinks that this piece of clothing is made only for formal wear but don’t be fooled—it is perfect for casual attires too! If you want to dress it down, wear a plain shirt or graphic tee underneath the coat and add a pair of white sneakers to give it that laidback vibe.


6. Fringe With Benefits

Fall 2017 Must Haves

There’s no better clothing style to do the best Boomerang videos than dresses with fringes! These are probably the best party outfits for fall because they are especially designed for shaking your booty!

Don the most playful fall ensemble by choosing a dress with a cascading fringe style up to its hem. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and fresh to let the dress get all the attention.

7. The Golden Era

Fall 2017 Fashion

Yes, we are indeed entering the golden era and the designs on the runways are here to remind us about it. Yellow is not one of the easiest colors to wear but at this day and age when people have become more and more adventurous, designers have decided to make gold and metallic mainstream and even, turn it into one of the must haves for fall 2022.

If you are going to a formal event, opt for a tight fitting velvet dress that features a golden shade. Pair it with black accessories to make it stand out even more.

8. Cozy and Homey

Fashion Style 2017

As they say, we should prioritize comfort over style. But these days, we don’t have to choose because the designers have incorporated the idea of self-care in these fall trends. That’s why oversized sweaters, plush coats and cocoon coats have become a thing. If there is one trend that everyone can agree on, it would certainly be comfort above all.

If you are wearing these oversized tops, make sure to balance your silhouette by tightfitting bottoms and a pair of good old boots. You can also opt for baggy bottoms but make sure that they are not too big for you or else, you will look like a walking pile of thick clothing.

Rest assured, you will see these fall fashion trends everywhere. These fall essentials 2022 will be on the covers of the magazine, the runways, the TV shows, the fashion sites—everywhere! We have provided you with the autumn fashion trends. All that you have to do is to inject your personality into these ensembles, and you will most certainly look your best this fall.

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