Let It Glow !! Try These 5 Essential Foods for Glowing Skin

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated June 7, 2021
Let It Glow !! Try These 5 Essential Foods for Glowing Skin

Want to have a healthy and glowing skin? Of course, who doesn’t? But with the stressful lives that we lead, the dirt and dust in our environment and the unhealthy diet that we all have, it seems like achieving our dream skin is an impossible thing to do.

Well, you will be surprised to know that achieving a glowing skin can be done with just a few easy diet swaps. These simple swaps will allow you to make healthier and more nutritious choices that your skin needs to have that radiant glow. Want to know what these diet swaps are? Here they are:

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    Prevent acne breakouts by swapping dairy products with almond or soy milk.

    While dairy products offer plenty of health benefits, it can trigger acne breakouts. This is because it can cause the skin to produce excess oil which can clog the pores. In addition to that, these products also contain IGF-1 growth hormone which may cause skin inflammation and irritation.

    Almond and soy milk
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    Solve dry skin problems by swapping coffee and alcohol with water.

    Dryness will prevent you from having the glow that you have always wanted. And one great way to solve dryness is to provide the skin the hydration it needs. However, there are a few beverages that we drink on a daily basis that may even aggravate skin dryness. These are coffee and alcohol.

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    Say goodbye to dull skin by swapping sugary foods with fruits.

    When metabolized, sugar may produce advanced glycation end products which may cause inflexibility and malformation of the protein fibers in the skin. These products may also cause damage to elastin and collagen, preventing you from achieving glowing skin.

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    Give skin that radiant glow by swapping creamy and cheesy sauces with a tomato-based sauce.

    Creamy and cheese sauces are laden with dairy, so they may also cause breakouts. On the other hand, tomato is an excellent food for glowing skin because it contains lycopene that will give you that radiant glow.

    Tomato sauce
  • 5

    Keep skin moisturized by swapping sour cream with avocado.

    Sour cream is considered to be a dairy product too so it can also cause acne breakouts and dryness.

    For well-hydrated skin, swapping sour cream with avocado is recommended.


By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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