This Is How The Right Food Can Give You Strong And Beautiful Nails

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 8, 2017
This Is How The Right Food Can Give You Strong And Beautiful Nails

Our nails are a useful tool in dealing with many things. You will have a hard time peeling stickers without it! But other than peeling stickers and scratching stuff, the nails are great fashion accessories! They are best painted when they are long enough.
Unfortunately, for some, long nails are a little close to impossible to achieve because they break and chip easily. But you know what, there are certain types of food that can help you grow stronger and healthier nails! That’s right! Eating healthy can give you healthy nails!


1. Why Nail Care Is Important




Taking care of your nails is not just about having regular manis and pedis. In fact, if you are not careful in choosing a nail salon, you may end up with some injuries or infection! Yikes! But aside from hygiene issues, did you know that your nails tell some important story about your bodily functions?
If your nails are consumed by a fungal infection, there’s no way to tell if there’s something wrong with the body!
When nails turn pale, it’s a clue that there is a deficiency in iron. When nails turn yellow, it may be a liver problem. When nails curve, it’s an indication that hemoglobin (a blood component carrying oxygen), is insufficient.

It’s crucial to eat a healthy diet to make your bodily functions in tip top shape!


2. How The Food We Eat Is Related To The Strength Of Nails




The fingernails, unlike bones and teeth, are softer and more fragile. They easily break when they are long. It’s like animal claws, but not as tough as them. But the mechanics in growing stronger nails are pretty much similar.
What makes nails hard? Our nails are made up of keratin. Our hair and the outer layer of our skin is made of keratin too. In simple terms, consuming more or too little protein can affect the nails, hair, and skin.
Lack of vitamin A, D, and Calcium can cause the nails to become brittle and dehydrated because these are vitamins for nails strength. Eating lots of food rich in those vitamins can help maintain the quality of your nails.


I. How Do You Get Your Nails To Grow Faster And Stronger?




Now, the real concern is growing your nails fast! Especially when you just broke it, your main concern is to have them grow quickly for that event you are preparing for!
Here’s how to stimulate its quick growth.

Stop Cutting Them
If you cut your nails too often, you will definitely have a hard time growing them long! So be patient and stop biting your nails. You can grow at least 3mm of nails for every month.

Have Your Nails Moisturized




Another way to ensure that your nails are growing fast makes sure that they are moisturized. Any lotion you use will do fine. Olive oil can help your nails retain moisture and grow quicker. Increasing your fluid intake will make sure that your whole body, including the nails, are properly hydrated.

More hydration means lesser breakage too!


II. How Do I Get Strong Nails?




If only we could have our finger nails as thick as our toe nails! Then they would be incredibly durable! But that is not possible. We cannot have nails as thick as that! But there are some things you can do to stimulate your nails to grow thicker and more durable.

Use Olive Oil
Olive oil is a famous nail moisturizer that also helps the nails to grow stronger. Other essential oils do these as well. They are rich in vitamins for strong nails. This ensures your nails will grow resistant to breakage.

Avoid Dehydrating Products
Alcohol is dehydrating and can contribute to drying your nails. If you use too much of it in your hands, your nails may become dry and brittle. It will be easier to chip! Easing on rubbing alcohol usage can save your nails.

Proper Nutrition
Eating food rich in vitamins, minerals can make your nails, hair, and skin cells stronger. It can get a lot more complicated that it looks. Nails act as protection for the distal ends of our fingers, but taking care of them is more than just a regular visit to the nail spa! Eating food for healthy nails can be fun.


3. Which Food Can Give Us Healthy Nails




Here are some food for strong nails

Eggs, Meat, Soy
Keratin is a derivative of protein. Eating food rich in protein can help supply the building blocks of nails to grow longer and stronger.

Apricots, carrots, cantaloupe




Eating the building blocks of the nail is not enough. You need to absorb it. B-complex is a potent vitamin for strong nails. Fruits are a rich source of this vitamin.

Sardine, salmon, tuna
Aside from milk, seafood is also rich in calcium. Eating lots of them ensure you get enough calcium for strong bones, nails, hair, and skin cells.


4. What Vitamin Is Good For Your Nails?




Eating a variety of food is not enough. You need to know what vitamins it has to be sure you are eating foods for strong nails.

  • Eating vitamin B rich food ensures that you are absorbing all the other vitamins that your nails need to grow long and strong.
  • Vitamin D is a great strong nails vitamin as it is essential for calcium synthesis which is an integral part of the nail and bone formation.
  • Vitamin A plays an important role to make your hair and nails strong and resistant to breakage.

The strength of your nails relies on a lot of the mechanisms of the body and every mechanism relies on food as fuel. Eating a healthy balanced diet can help you strengthen your body and your nails as well.

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