Now Its Time To Fill! Tips on How to Fill Eyebrows and Look Natural

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 7, 2021
Now Its Time To Fill! Tips on How to Fill Eyebrows and Look Natural

Just like fashion trends, eyebrow trends come and go, Before, we have seen the rise of thin pencil eyebrows that looks barely there. But now, the trend is all about thick, filled in and natural looking brows. But no matter how trendy and fashionable this type of brows have become, many women still find it hard to perfect the art of filling their brows so that they will look natural.

Well, we are here to help you out! Below are simple steps on how you can achieve natural looking brows:

  • 1

    Use the right products

    Since eyebrow has become an important part of your makeup look, plenty of eyebrow products to choose from have come to the picture. Eyebrow products used on how to fill eyebrows may range from pens, gels, powders, and pomades. According to experts, the best way to achieve natural looking brows is to make use of either powder or pencils. If you have chosen pencils, opt for one with a fine tip.

    Use right products
  • 2

    Use the right shade

    The best tip on how to fill eyebrows is to choose the shade that is closest to your brow color, and these are divided into two types—ash and warm. If your brow color falls under ash, opt for a more neutral shade. On the other hand, warm brows would benefit from either auburn, golden or red shades.

    Use right shade
  • 3

    Groom brow to perfection

    Next up, you should try to shape your brow first before filling it in. The best way to do this is to either pluck it or thread it. To make sure you maintain the natural look of your brow, you must keep thickness and shape in mind.


    Groom brow to perfection
  • 4

    Brush your brow upwards

    To correctly determine which part of your brows need filling in, use a spoolie to brush your brows upwards.

    Brush your brow upwards
  • 5

    Use only short feather-like strokes

    Now, it’s time to fill! When filling in your brows, follow the direction of the hair growth. Apply the powder or pencil using a light touch to avoid making your brows looking too dark. The strokes must be applied in a staggered pattern, focusing on the area that needs filling in the most.


    Short feather-like strokes
  • 6

    Fill the front of your brows sparingly

    The last part that you should fill in is the front of your brows. For sure, you will be tempted to make it look as thick as possible, but since natural brows are your target here, the best thing that you can do is to apply the product sparingly. In this way, you can avoid the blocky look.

    Fill the front of your brows
  • 7

    Evenly distribute the product by brushing

    And of course, you can never achieve natural looking brows if you won’t blend all the products in. To do this, use a brush to distribute the product that you have applied on brows. To make the brows look less powdered, applying brow gel is recommended.

    Evenly distribute the product by brushing

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