Effective Treatments For Ingrown Pimples With Its Causes And Symptoms

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Effective Treatments For Ingrown Pimples With Its Causes And Symptoms

Ingrown pimples have the potential to create a significant form of discomfort when it occurs in your body. Have you ever been faced with those tiny little bumps around your neck, cheeks, forehead and more that look like a pimple? Well, you might just be a victim of pseudofolliculitis barbae, also known as razor bumps, a situation that occurs as a result of shaving with a sharp razor.

The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology states that about 60% African-American men and persons with curly hair suffer from ingrown pimples and that makes it a subject worth discussing.

The situation though not so critical could become painful, lead to severe skin inflammation and surgery if not appropriately managed.

A critical situation of an ingrown pimple can result in MRSA- methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection with the potential to cause sepsis which is blood poisoning.

What Are Ingrown Pimples?

What are ingrown pimples
Ingrown pimples refer to a situation where hairs grow back into the skin instead of growing out properly, leading to irritation of the skin causing a bump in that area. When allowed to fester for some time ingrown hairs produces the bump, becomes infected and inflamed.

An ingrown pimple can occur at any part of the skin. Though the neck, chin, nose and forehead are more prone to trapped hair occurrence hairs could also get trapped under the skin in areas like the chest, back, thigh, buttocks, legs, etc.

  • Signs Or Symptoms Of An Ingrown Pimple

A. It could look like a hard bump on the face and neck known as keloidal scarring.

B. Irritation, itching and inflammation in the affected area.

C. Black inflamed, and red, inflamed bumps on the neck, chin and face after shaving especially for men.

D. Painful boil-like sore.

E. Sometimes the presence of pimple with no pus just clear liquid.

F. For women who shave bumps could appear around the legs, armpit and pubic hair or buttocks region.

What Causes Ingrown Pimples?

Causes of ingrown hairs
Several things could result in ingrown hair and to get rid of ingrown pimples you need to understand the causes. So here they are:

First, we have identified having curly or coarse hair, which is a genetic condition as a significant factor that predisposes people to ingrown hair. Once the hair curls back into the skin, it has the potential to clog the pores or hair follicles and lead to infection.

The use of sharp razors to shave manually is another primary cause of ingrown pimples. Areas you are most likely to use sharp blades on include:

  • An ingrown pimple on forehead,
  • An ingrown pimple on chin,
  • An ingrown pimple on neck,

Now when you have ingrown pimples on forehead, chin and neck, the tendency is to use sharp objects to get rid of ingrown pimples. The use of sharp razors makes the remaining hair follicle pointed; sharp and too close to the skin surface. Hence, the hair finds it easy to curl backward instead of growing out to the skin surface.

Another cause of ingrown pimples is the presence of dead skin cells which block the pores and hair follicle making the hair grow inwards instead.

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How Long Do Ingrown Pimples Last?

It depends on the state of the infection and the method of treatment adopted, but it could take between one week to a month to be permanently free from the disease, inflammation, redness and bumps.

  • Effective Treatments For Ingrown Pimples

A. Ingrown hairs can self-heal with time. Leaving the beard to grow extensively without shaving for about a month to provide a natural cure to ingrown pimples. In the process, daily apply a Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex is a Anti-aging product that claims to stop the breakdown of vital proteins like collagen and elastin in order to maintain the user’s youthful appearance.

B. Use a soft washcloth, antibacterial soap and warm water to wash the affected area twice in a day to reduce redness and provide gradual healing. Avoid applying pressure to the spot to eliminate further complications.

C. An ingrown pimple on nose area could be quite sensitive because it is hidden.

How to Get Rid of An Ingrown Pimple Fast

How to remove pimple
The idea is to free the hair from being trapped under the skin and relief will follow afterward.

In the case, ingrown pimples with hair partially appear on the skin surface, a sterilized needle and tweezers could be used to free the trapped hair. Gently exfoliate the area to untangle hair and then use the tweezers or cotton wool to pull hair up a bit as the pus streams out.

In a case where a pimple completely curves under the skin surface and is not visible, meaning it is submerged then use a sterilized needle to break it open, and then use the tweezers to help the hair to the surface area.

Other cases might require consulting your doctor or dermatologist. He or she can use a sterile needle to get rid of an ingrown pimple fast allowing the hair to grow. Your doctor would likely prescribe some retinoid, steroid and antibiotics to take care of the infection both internally and externally. A worse case could result in MRSA and the need to go for surgical draining.

Home Remedies for Ingrown Pimples

A. An ingrown pimple on forehead and face.

B. An ingrown pimple on chin.

C. An ingrown pimple on neck.

Ingredients for face mask

  • Ingredients & Benefits:

A. Lemon Juice – Repairs skin

B. Turmeric Powder Face Mask – Reduce redness, inflammation and pain.

C. Apple Cider Vinegar – restore body to natural PH level

  • Ingredients & Benefits:

A. Epson Salt – Speedy healing balm

B. Baking Powder – Anti-inflammation

  • Procedure:

Prepare a paste and apply twice daily on the affected area.

  • Ingredients & Benefits:

Raw Honey Mask – Heals wounds, eliminate scars and serve as a moisturizer.

 Honey Face-Mask

  • Procedure:

Apply to the affected area most the face, chin and neck and leave for 15 minutes and wash off.

  • Ingredients & Benefits

Mango And Lemon Juice – Open pores, healing balm and soften tissues

  • Procedure:

Apply mixture to the affected area.

  • Ingredients & Benefits

Aloe Vera Juice – Anti-inflammatory, healing balm and soften tissues

  • Procedure

Massage the juice extract into a pimple.

  • Other home remedies include:

A. Papaya.

B. Egg whites.

C. Honey and cinnamon.

Preventive Measures Against Ingrown Pimples

Prevention against pimple.
A. Using an electric razor can serve as a precautionary measure against ingrown pimples because electric razors do not cut as sharp as the manual razor.

B. Frequently shaved skin surfaces could make one prone to ingrown pimples so avoid shaving daily as some persons do. Give a space of a day or two before shaving.

C. Do not press razor so hard or continuously shave the same spot as it increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

  • If you must cut with a razor, then use bump fighter or flicker razor. But first, make sure to use warm water to wash your face or the area that needs shaving to make beards soft and then apply shaving gel to the area before shaving.
  • Use the scrubber to regularly remove dead skin cells and exfoliate to avoid ingrown pimples.
  • The use of saline solutions can help prevent further infection.
  • Massaging your face daily with a warm washcloth in a circular motion can help remove dead skin cells and to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Use depilatory cream to dissolve hair. You can also use a laser to remove hair follicles permanently to avoid ingrown hair.
  • Always sterilize adequately to avert re-infecting the areas. Tools for disinfecting could include, flames, alcohol and sterilize gauze for needle tip and other devices.

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