What Is La Mer Cleanser?

La Mer started when a Dr. Max Huber suffered burns because of a mistake during an experiment. The physicist was inspired by the world under the sea, and he eventually discovered how to ferment nutrient-rich sea kelp and other ingredients sourced from the sea. After 12 years of experimenting, he created Creme de la Mer, the formula that’s said to have visibly restored his damaged skin. The company is not very-well known and it offers pricey skin care products.

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La Mer Cleanser

La Mer started when a Dr. Max Huber suffered burns because of a mistake during an experiment.

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To use La Mer The Cleansing Foam, apply on damp skin and then gently massage in circular motions so that a rich foam will be formed. Rinse thoroughly using warm water and make sure to avoid your eyes. Don’t use hot water; use warm water instead.

A 4.2 oz. container is being sold online for $90.

How Does La Mer Cleanser Gel Work?

A delicate scrub, La Mer The Cleansing Foam gently polishes skin using rare fibers from the sea and white pearl powder. This formula gently purifies and energizes skin to give the user a bright, attractive and healthy-looking complexion.

It contains a signature blend called “Miracle Broth,” which provides the skin with precious nutrients that revitalize and moisturize the skin as well. This specialized cleanser is formulated without common chemical irritants so that the risk of adverse effects is minimized.

What Are The La Mer Cleanser Gel Key Ingredients?

Miracle Broth:

The heart of every La Mer formulation, it gently purifies skin while at the same time giving it a boost of energy. This concoction is rich in nutrients and hydrating ingredients that improve the skin’s overall health, its texture and appearance as well.[1]

Sea Algae Fibers and White Pearl Powder:

These are for thoroughly cleansing the skin and getting rid of residue, excess oil, dead skin cells, and other potential causes of problems.[2]


May help skin retain moisture while reducing inflammation but also can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin.[3]

Stearic Acid:

This ingredient helps to remove dirt, sweat and excess sebum from the skin. However it may cause skin irritation.[4]

Pros and Cons of La Mer Cleanser Gel

  • This is a formula that uses La Mer’s distinctive Miracle Broth blend, a ingredient which is not clinically proven.
  • One container can last a few months.
  • Unsatisfied customers can return La Mer formulations for a refund.
  • There’s no independent clinical testing done on this formula to check if it is really effective and safe.
  • Some users reported that it can irritate the skin.
  • It can cause or worsen breakouts on acne prone skin.
  • This is a very expensive cleanser.
  • There is nothing extraordinary about this product to warrant the high price.


Is La Mer The Cleansing Foam Worth It?

A: A foaming cleanser that is gentle on the skin, doesn’t leave you feeling dry, and will 100% remove your makeup, I genuinely recommend La Mer’s Cleansing Foam. Worth the investment that pairs exceptionally with the La Mer Exfoliating Oil Replenishing Exfoliator.

What Is Cleansing Foam Money back Guarantee?

A: La Mer products can be returned for a refund.

How Do You Use La Mer Cleanser?

A: Drawing out impurities and excess oil, this light wash leaves skin feeling soft and energized for a bright, fresh, healthy-looking complexion. Massage over damp skin to create a rich, foaming lather. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid the eye area.

How to Use/Apply La Mer The Cleansing Foam?

A: Massage over damp skin to create a rich, foaming lather. Rinse thoroughly. remember that avoid the eye area.

La Mer Foaming Cleanser Reviews

La Mer The Cleansing Foam –Facial Cleanser

The La Mer The Cleansing Foam layer of plastic on the packaging shell is very loose as it has been used earlier, making me think if I have bought a duplicate one or a fake one. I still recommend buying from their official website to buy. ~ Haseo

The La Mer Cleansing Oil is very soft on the skin I really love the product. you can trust La Mer and with the best price with a guarantee on amazon It is best option to choose ~ Khaseeba

I bought the La Mer cleansing lotion from Singapore and it’s totally different from the original one. The smell is worst and the packaging is shoddy. ~ Anna

La Mer The Cleansing Foam is a good skin care product because it has many positive reviews from users saying it is effective. However, it can cause adverse effects on certain people so caution must be taken when trying this formula. The major downfall of this cleanser is its price, which is just too high for most people. Fortunately, there are more affordable options that are as effective as this product.

The Final Word

La mer the cleansing foam is a gentle cleanser that purifies even delicate, sensitive skin, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving skin soft, hydrated, and healthy looking. An effective cleanser is really the only thing that you need. Since it is also the first step in any skincare regime, you should pay attention to your skincare performance. A la mer the cleansing foam review written by a user pointed out that the formula felt like it was unable to wash her face well, and even left it tight, dry, and severely irritated.


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