When Does The Skin Aging Process Actually Begin? Stages And Treatments

Skin Aging Process: The Science of Cosmetology, Skin Development Stages, and Tips & Tricks for a Healthier Lifestyle for Young Looking Skin.

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 17, 2023
When Does The Skin Aging Process Actually Begin? Stages And Treatments

When we were born, as babies, we had the most delicate skin. Generally, this is the best skin condition we all want to have. Many cosmetic and skin care manufacturers advertise their product to give us smooth and younger-looking skin like that of a baby!

Well, it’s impossible to have that skin again, but, there are ways to delay the skin aging process. To better understand how we should treat our skin, it’s important to know how the aging process takes place.

1. What Is An Aging Skin?

Skin Changes With Age

Our skin changes with age and shows visible differences. Skin aging is something we should not worry about. Aging is a natural process that our body goes through. Not just the skin but all the other parts and systems of the body. But, skin aging is the most prominent of them all that can be easily noticed. We don’t have to be experts in the field to be able to identify aging skin.

2. Skin Aging Origins

Changes In Skin With Age

The minute we were born, our skin starts to age. Babies have very delicate skin that needs gentle care. Babies have the softest and most sensitive skin. As baby’s skin develops, it grows thicker and more resilient to the environment. Now, how does the skin age after this? What are the manifestations of skin aging? Let’s find out!

In Your 20’s

Based on a study conducted by Dr. Frauke Neuser, when we hit our twenties, our body’s ability to produce natural antioxidant declines. For decades, we have been thought to use moisturizers in our younger days as we don’t have the need for complex skin care products yet.

However, Neuser’s research tells us that we should be taking care of our even before we see remarkable skin aging.


We only become aware of supplementation and use antioxidant rich skin care products when the oxidative damage is already there. Taking antioxidative supplements and using skincare products rich in antioxidants can drastically delay the skin aging process.

Take sunscreens seriously too. Sun-damage takes a couple of years before it becomes noticeable. To avoid that accumulated sun damage, protect yourself with sunscreen. And don’t forget to give your skin enough moisture.

In Your 30’s

Every year after our 20s, we lose about 1% of our skin’s ability to produce collagen. We may not notice any remarkable change until the thirties. If we are living a sedentary lifestyle, our metabolism will start to slow down at your 30s that contribute to the skins ability to repair itself.

If you are not fond of using sunscreens, this is also the time that sun-damage becomes more noticeable. Skin pores become larger and dark circle around the eyes start to form.


The changes in skin with age around the eye area become noticeable during this time. Adding hydrating eye cream to your regimen would be beneficial to you. If there are already visible sun damage, skin repair serum can help reverse its effects.

Be especially careful in choosing the ingredients of your skin care products. Give more preference to products that have a good amount of moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants in them.

In Your 40’s

This is the decade that skin changes become more noticeable. If you have started well in your younger years, I bet you still have young looking and radiant skin by this time!

The changes in skin as we age and reach the forties starts with dryness. The area around the eyes, the neck, and the décolleté are thinner and more sensitive than the other parts of the body and will start to show age faster. Fine lines around the eyes, the forehead, and the lips become more prominent too.

The neck skin, shoulder, and the décolleté start to become loose and sag. Freckles and uneven color of the skin may become more visible too.


Deepening wrinkles and fine lines, in years, will take place no matter how delicately we take care of our skin. However, using powerful moisturizers and antioxidants can rejuvenate the skin and delay its onset. Visible damages can be addressed with repairing and deeply moisturizing serum. Products with hyaluronic acid boost the absorption of the other ingredients too.

In Your 50’s

The inevitable comes at your 50’s. Signs of skin aging will start to set, and you will no longer be able to deny that there is a remarkable change in the skin. Fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and skin sagging will be more prominent. Skin will continue to thin and become loose and saggy.

As menstrual cycle ceases, the balance in estrogen is disrupted and can lead to many other symptoms such as skin dryness and tired looking skin.


By this time, skin care products may not be as effective as they used too. But it is not advised to stop them. But, other treatments may be recommended as well. Clinical skin treatments can work hand in hand with your skin care products and combat the signs of aging.

Botox, laser, and radio frequency are some of the few clinical treatments that can help restore the integrity of the skin.


3. Taking Good Care Of Your Skin


We can only compete and beat the skin aging process at some point. There will a time that we will not be able to deny how much we have aged. But if we take care of our skin early on, the onset of skin aging will be drastically delayed!

Starting early with your antioxidants can make a huge difference as you age. With the current researchers supporting the benefits of antioxidants in the body, adding it to your skin care regimen will have a significant impact on your skin.

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