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Dark Circles Under The Eyes: Causes And Tips On How To Get Rid Of It.

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 9, 2023
Dark Circles Under The Eyes: Causes And Tips On How To Get Rid Of It.

Are you tired of dark circles under the eyes? Well, you don’t have to bear with it. Actually, skin care products can help you with it! Let’s see how we can get rid of it and how to prevent it from coming back. But first, let’s look at the main reasons why you have them. Let’s take a better look at its origins so we could address them better.

1. What Are Dark Circles?

What Are Dark Circles
What are dark circles, you ask? Well, these dark circles under eyes are the pesky panda like markings around the eyes. These are commonly accompanied by some skin dryness and give you a tired look. Well, are you?

Maybe you are really tired. Or maybe, you are not tired anymore, but, the dark circles did not go away on its own! It seems like it has plans to stay longer!

What’s worse is, sometimes, you get to see your veins as if your skin is already turning translucent. But, how did you get it in the first place?

2. What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

What Causes Dark Circles
There are many causes of dark circles under the eyes. Sadly, most of them are of our own doing! I’m sorry to tell you this but, yes, we are responsible for this! But, hey, I know some of us are really guilty about this right?

Blame The Genes.

According to research, people from Mediterranean descent are prone to pass along this gene and can manifest to the next generation. If your grandparents had it, or your parents had it, chances are you may get them too.

Allergies Can Result To Dark Circles.

Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes
The periorbital skin is very thin compared with the skin on the other parts of the body. Allergies can dilate blood vessels, and they can be easily seen under the eyes. You may not be noticing it, but there are mild allergies that persist, and sometimes, we get used to it.

Your Makeup May Be Incompatible To Your Skin.

You may not have thought about this but, you may be having a reaction to your makeup. There may be some chemicals or ingredients in your make up that is irritating your skin.

You May Not Be Having Enough Sleep.

Cause Of Dark Circles
Whatever it is that is keeping you awake more than you should be, can cause you to develop best under eye cream for dark circles. Remember when you used to stay up late at night and wake up with puffy eyes? Well, that’s the beginning of it. Too much sleeplessness can cause stress and darken your skin around the eyes.

You Are Pushing Yourself Too Hard.

There is absolutely nothing wrong when you push yourself to finish something. I get it, we all have some sort of goals, and we want to get there fast. But, unfortunately, the skin around the eyes is the first to show the symptom of tiredness. This can be in the form of puffiness, dryness, or darkening.

You Enjoy Too Much Sun Exposure With Too Little Sun Protection.

Cause Of Dark Circle

Aren’t we all guilty of not giving sunscreens enough attention? Sometimes, we even skip them when we are in a hurry. Sun damage can build up on the skin. If you don’t protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun, this can result in premature aging and darkening of the skin around the eyes.

3. Fixing Dark Circles

Remove Dark Circle Under Eyes
There are a lot of ways to remove dark circle under eyes. There are quick remedies, long term solutions, and some really expensive treatments! Let’s take a look at them!

Cover Dark Circles With Makeup

One of the quickest and easiest remedy to get rid of dark circles is to cover them with makeup. This works great and effectively hides the dark circles. Unfortunately, not everyone is fond of wearing makeup, right? But, if you just need a quick fix for that date, or for that party, makeup will do.

Here’s a tip, you can apply red lipstick under the eyes before applying a concealer to mask the dark color underneath.

Use Cold Tea Bags.

Remove Dark Circles
Another easy way to diminish dark circles under the eyes, liven up, and depuff your skin under the eyes is by placing cold tea bags over them. You wet tea bags (not soaking wet), to extract caffeine from it and leave it in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. Place it under the eyes to depuff your eye bags and diminish darkening around the eyes.

Fix Your Sleeping Pattern.

Sleeping at least 6-8hours a day can help you diminish the darkening of the skin around the eye area. We may find many excuses not to sleep in early, right? But, if you want to help your skin recover from stress, you need enough sleep daily. Try it. It will surely make a difference.

Use Repairing And Rejuvenating Skin Care Products.

This is not the quickest fix of all. It takes a while to see a remarkable difference with may range from a few weeks to months. This also requires to diligently apply them every day as directed by the manufacturer for the best results. You want your anti-aging and repairing eye cream include moisturizers and antioxidants on them. Vitamins and minerals help repair damaged skin and promote healing.

Solavaderm’s Eyevage is a great example of an anti-aging eye treatment cream that has a lot of benefits. It is designed to give the skin around the eyes de-puff and it contains powerful antioxidants for help you fight off free radicals. It also has vitamins and minerals to supply the skin with nutrients to repair itself. With additional probiotics, dark circles will be a thing of the past.

Try Commercial Laser Treatment.

If all else fails, you can go for some laser treatments, which by the way, ranges from expensive to insanely expensive! Laser technology has found its way in skin care and treatment as an effective tool address many different skin issues. It requires multiple sessions before getting the desired effect. But among all solutions, laser treatment can give you fast results.

4. Getting Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently

Get Rid Of Dark Circles
Dark circles under the eyes should not stay there for long. We don’t want it. But if we want to get rid of them permanently, we should take care of our skin and nourish it with hydrating eye cream with antioxidants. We should continuously take care of our eyes even when the darkness is gone! Nourishing and hydrating your eyes will keep those dark circles away!

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