Need Summer Makeup Tips? Refer These Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated June 14, 2017

Summer brings a perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe and makeup. You don’t want to end up with smeared eyeliner, melting makeup, and sticky lipstick as a result of temperature rise. Therefore, when shopping for summer dresses, sweatshirts, sandals, and sunglasses, remember to shop for summer makeup as well. You need your makeup to look pretty and fresh even during adverse weather conditions. Here are the best summer makeup tips you need to know.


Proper Base Is Important


Proper Base Is Important


Just the same way you take care of your skin, make sure you choose wisely the makeup to apply. Makeup artists recommend using oil-free moisturizers in the morning and match with an oil-free foundation. If you are not familiar with the best moisturizers for your type of skin, don’t hesitate to talk to an expert about it. A makeup artist will carefully examine your skin type and recommend the best moisturizer.


Consider Investing In a Primer


Consider Investing In a Primer


It is prudent always to apply a primer after you’ve applied your moisturizer. However, this should be done before applying face makeup. In summer, a primer will come in handy for your skin. You will appreciate the effect your primer will have on your summer beauty routine. You will not feel like you’ve applied an additional heavy layer on your face. Using a primer every morning after your moisturizer and before your summer makeup will help hold your makeup in place all day long.



Bronze Believably


Bronze Believably


According to makeup artists, bronzers contribute to making the eyes look brighter and teeth whiter. To ensure that your bronzer results look natural and fresh, makeup artists recommend applying bronzer to your face’s high points only. Use your bronzer on your chin, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Bear in mind that powder bronzers are easier to apply thus always use them. Consider looking for a powder bronzer with varying shades because they perfectly blend to give you the best authentic-looking results.


It Is Advisable To Keep Things Light


Makeup for summer is likely to crease and crack. Therefore, consider applying less makeup during summer. If possible apply a concealer and a tinted moisturizer. When it’s hot, your makeup is likely to move around. To avoid this consider wearing less of it.


Do Away With The Shimmer


Do Away With The Shimmer

You probably love a beautiful dewy glow. However, there exists a significant difference between an over the top shine and a healthy radiance. You are advised to stay away from cream foundations and too luminous products. This is because summer humidity will only make you look extra sweaty and shiny especially if your skin has too much sparkle.


Go Sheer


Makeup artists warn that although deep rich colors look good, they can appear heavy in summer. If you want to lighten your appearance, consider switching to sheer versions of your eye and lip go-to colors. If you want further definition, consider using a lipliner pre-application. More importantly, consider going for a nude shade to help maintain a happy feeling. Also, you may want to try an “invisible” lipliner, which will deposit a waxy and bright film to avoid color bleeding. It is not advisable to go overboard since sheer colors tend to be subtler.


Give a Staying Power To Your Eye Shadow


If you want a longer-lasting shadow, refrain from using eye creams on your eyelids. Doing so can breakdown your makeup. Instead, consider smoothing on an eye primer. An eye primer will reduce creasing and most importantly, it will create a base for your eyeshadow to cling and last longer. If you are looking for an all-day wearability, consider layering a powder on top of the cream. Apply your regular cream liner or pencil and using a small angled brush, press dark shadow over your liner for a longer wear.


Ditch Your Powder Blush


Blush adds healthiness and balance to any look. However, if you still use the same powdery formulas, your flush may get cakey faster. According to makeup artists, stains are ideal for longevity, especially in hot weathers. Consider using a blush or gel stain and blend a cream blush touch on the top. If you want to increase the wear, consider dusting an invisible, light setting powder on the top. However, make sure you don’t get too heavy-handed to avoid mattifying your look.


Make Good Use Of Vibrant Colors


You are probably more likely to carry a bright bag or wear a vivid top this season. Similarly, it’s the perfect time to play up with a vibrant makeup palette. Livelier colors look summery, bring out a glowing, youthful skin and brighten the face. If you are planning to stick with neutrals, consider experimenting with only one facial area. Consider starting with the apples of your cheeks.



Add Glow And Stop Shine


To instantly do away with unsightly shine, use blotting papers. Besides being easy to use, they are cheap. In case you want to perk your makeup as well, blot first and follow with a pressed powder. This will help eliminate shine but will retain a little glowy look.


Wade Into Waterproof


You are likely to sweat more in the summer than any other period. Therefore, consider investing in a sweat proof makeup. Your makeup will remain intact even after you’ve come from the beach. Get your lashes tinted if you are blonde. If you like swimming, don’t worry about raccoon eyes since there are plenty of long-wear beauty formulas out there these days.


Invest in waterproof mascara this summer for long-lasting wear. Pack prep items when traveling such as blotting papers to whisk oil and sweat away without piling your best makeup for summer. Do away with your heavy lipstick and try simple stains this summer. Stains are long lasting and provide sheer coverage making them very versatile. Additionally, stains allow for adding a lip balm for additional moisture in summer. For a traditional summery appearance, try peach or sweet pink shades. You may also go bold with grape and tangerine colors.

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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