What Is The Ordinary Vitamin C 30?

Deciem Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone is marketed as a suspension of 30% L Ascorbic acid which can reverse signs of aging. It is also said to protect the skin from free radicals and treat sun damage.

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The Ordinary Vitamin C 30

The Ordinary Vitamin C 30

The Ordinary Vitamin C 30 is marketed as an anti-aging skincare treatment, which is meant to rebuild the skin from the inside out.

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We’ll be covering all the details, positives, and negatives so you can have the facts when it comes to this product. This article works in a way so you will be able to see multiple points of view before you decide to buy.

The Ordinary is a line of skin care products that offer highly effective, cruelty-free and vegan skin care products. However this product contains Ascorbic acid which causes redness and warm feeling of the skin.Their mission is to celebrate the integrity of the skin in its truest form.

For best results, apply a dime-sized amount of the product to the face, chest and neck. Use this in the morning and at night but more preferably at night. You can feel a tingling sensation upon application. That is normal for the first few weeks, but if you think the product is too strong for you, you can dilute it using other creams.

A 1 fl oz (30 ml) tube of Deciem Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone is available at a price of $10.90 in the official The Ordinary website and other third-party retailer sites.

What Are the The Ordinary Vitamin C 30 Ingredients?

L-Ascorbic acid:

This is the active form of vitamin C and has been proven effective in addressing sun damage and keeping signs of aging at bay. It is an antioxidant that can neutralize the effects of free radicals. It can also boost the production of collagen for a tighter and firmer skin. However it causes redness and warm feeling on the skin[1].


This ingredient provides a protective cover on the skin designed to keep the moisture in. It can also help make the skin feel smooth and soft[2].

Pros and Cons of The Ordinary Vitamin C 30

  • The product is free of alcohol, gluten, nuts and soy.
  • The cream is cruelty-free.However it contains ingredients like Ascorbic acid which causes redness and warm feeling on the skin.
  • The product is vegan.
  • The formulation of the product is pretty basic.
  • The complete list of ingredients of the cream is not provided.
  • The item does not have much reviews.
  • According to customer reviews, it isn’t very effective.


The company offers a money back guarantee on all of their products. The Deciem Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone comes with a 365-day money back guarantee that allows you to return the product within 365 days and you can get a full refund.

Final Thought:

Because of the many benefits of Vitamin C, you can find many skin care products on the market that use this as their main ingredient and this product is one of them. But is it worth buying?

Sad to say but the formulation of the product is quite basic, and according to many, this is just made of vitamin C, and the rest are dimethicone and additives.

Because of its basic formulation, we can say that the $10.90 price tag is expensive for what it can offer.

We recommend that you opt for a vitamin C product that also contains other beneficial antioxidants.


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