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11 Ways To De-stress: Give Your Stress Wings And Let It Fly Away.

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 30, 2017
11 Ways To De-stress: Give Your Stress Wings And Let It Fly Away.

Back when we were little, there was nothing to worry about. We only had to do finish some homework, assignments, house chores, and we are allowed to play. Especially on weekends. As soon as we are done with all the responsible stuff, we have the rest of the weekend to play!

Unfortunately, as we grow older, stress starts to build up and play is not one of the best ways to de stress anymore. And now that we are in the responsible adult world, playtime is defined differently, and you only get a few hours to relax, unwind, and de-stress.

I know, sometimes, de-stressing feels like slacking off and being irresponsible. But, you know what? If you don’t plan on relaxing your mind, you will be consumed by stress! Now, don’t make reasons not to relax! Here are some things you can do to unclutter your mind!

  • How Do You De-Stress Yourself?

how to de-stress

1. Identify Its Source

Work can be stressful, but you can’t avoid it, right? But there are some things that cause unnecessary stress. An untidy bed can be frustrating to see. It feels like you don’t even have time to make your bed before leaving the house!

Make a list of all these small things that trigger frustration. It may be the laundry, the bed, the groceries, the fridge, pets, manicure and pedicure, your hair, and the likes. Set a weekend to clean them and address all of them. These little things, when they pile up, they become a big annoyance.

2. Eat Right

best way to de-stress

Maybe one of the best ways to de stress is eating. Unfortunately, if you don’t do eating right, you might gain a few pounds which can make your wardrobe a tad bit tight which could lead to more stress!

Eating is a great way to de stress, but it should be done right. Avoid binging on Twinkies and other sugary stuff. Go to a restaurant with a friend and order real sumptuous food. Don’t eat too fast. Enjoy the company as you enjoy your dinner.

3. Sweat It Out

One of the other easy ways to de stress is by sweating it out. Running, and other forms of exercise that bring your heart rate up can release endorphins. This is the same hormone that suppresses pain when we get hurt. Now, when we are not hurting, and it is released into the bloodstream, it brings out euphoria!

4. Take a Walk

If you are not the type of person who would love to stress it out, you can start with short walks. Choose a place where there is nice scenery. Just enjoy the place and mind your breathing. Forget about the nuances of your work or whatever it is that brings you stress. Just walk and enjoy the fresh air!


5. Go To a Sauna

easy ways to de-stress

Probably, the best way to de stress is going to a sauna. Sauna bath takes relaxation to a whole new level. It heats up the whole body and dilates the blood vessels which brings a relaxing feeling. The profuse sweating helps you unclog your pores which is very good for the skin! You know what, after your sauna session, you might even feel good about losing some water weight!

An intimate hot bath will suffice if a sauna is not available.

6. Find a Spa And Get a Massage

I know there are times you feel some pain in your neck, your shoulders, and your back. You just ignore, right? You might not have noticed, but, it brings you constant stress as you deal and go with it every day. Schedule a spa appointment and get a massage. Right after the massage, you will feel the difference. You will feel that your body is a lot lighter and more relaxed.

  • How Do You Relax?

de-stress yourself

7. Meditate

Have you noticed how people react differently to same situations? Well, it’s proof that we all have different thresholds and tolerances. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t train ourselves to be patient and stress-resistant. Meditating is not all that elusive and magical. But it requires at least a quiet room to contemplate where you can listen to your own thoughts and train yourself to be resilient.

8. Bite a Pencil

way to de-stress yourself

When things are getting too tough to handle, bite a pencil. A research study shows that when the facial muscles are set to a smile, you trick the brain into sensing you are happy. Hey, if you don’t actually feel the stress coming off, you will probably laugh at how silly you look biting a pencil!


9. Go Out And Talk To Someone

Even for a short time, go out with a friend and have coffee, at least. Just talk and catch up. Share stories about the stupid things you did in high school or college. It will surely bring out tons of laughs! This is an effective way to combat stress!

  • How Can I Relax My Mind To Sleep?

Relax Mind To Sleep

10. Prioritize Sleep

best way to destress yourself is taking a rest. You are stressed out because you have constantly been thinking and moving without taking enough rest. Give your mind a body a break! Turn off the lights at night and try going sleep.

11. Music Therapy

With all the clutter in our mind, falling to sleep may not be that easy. Stopping any work or stress related stuff before going to bed would help a lot. Listening to relaxing music can ease your tensed mind and can help you have a better sleep quality at night.

  • Let Your Stress Fly Away

Let Your Stress Fly Away

Omitting rest is like welcoming stress. Give stress wings and let it fly by resting and taking enough sleep. Sleep may be at the bottom of your list, and maybe you even have trouble sleeping. But if you manage your activities well and do some of the 11 ways here, you will find yourself having a good sleep!

Sweating it out is one of the best ways to de-stress and find better sleep at night. When you are physically tired, you will naturally fall asleep!

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