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The skin is largest body organ and the last to receive nutrients. Therefore, if you have supple skin and looks all glowing and dewy, it implies that your insides are doing great. However, the skin might go through periods where it appears not that good as a result of hormonal changes, environmental changes, and dietary changes. Always remember that whatever you give your body matters a lot. There are several ways to get your most hydrated skin back including using beauty products and eating hydrating foods. Note that beauty products might promise to rehydrate your skin, but most contain toxic ingredients that do more damage than good.

Make sure your body gets the best from what you eat and drink every day. Not only can what you drink and eat boost your immune system and energy, but it helps eliminate your dehydrated skin. Besides keeping your skin supple and soft, hydration from the inside is great for the general health of your body not forgetting bodily functions. Getting dehydrated can make you feel dizzy and weak. You might also need an emergency fluid treatment in extreme cases. Consider avoiding dehydration by maintaining good levels of hydration.


1. Hydrate Your Skin From The Inside Out By Drinking Enough Water Every Day


Hydrate Your Skin


Several reasons might be behind your lack of enough water for a healthy looking skin. Things that make you over-sweat, including prolonged sun exposure, or exercising can make you lose fluids. Falling sick can lead to dehydration as well especially if you have diarrhea, vomiting, or fever. In such instances, consider replacing water lost by drinking more water.

Sometimes, remembering to drink sufficient water can be difficult. However, you can ease things for yourself through different ways. First, you can have a set of principles preferably something your doctor recommends. Similarly, you can acquire principles from a reliable source such as the Institute of Medicine and stick to them.

Moreover, you can program yourself to drinking about two water glasses with every meal. You may also keep a bottle of water in your car or at work on your desk and sip often. Some research shows that adding fruit juice splash or a lemon wedge in your drinking water can make you drink more water.

60 percent of the body is water. This makes perfect sense why water plays such a key role in the normal body functioning. Water acts as a shipping system where it whisks away toxins and transports nutrients to cells. Instead of grabbing a bottle of soda the next time you are thirsty, reach out for a glass of water. Your entire body and skin will thank you.


2. Hydrate Your Skin From The Inside Out By Eating Foods That Moisturize The Skin


Eat Foods That Moisturize The Skin


Besides drinking lots of water and applying moisturizers, some foods provide a great way to hydrate the skin. If you incorporate these items into your daily diet, your dry skin on face will be history.

  • Spinach, not only will spinach make your muscles big, but it may help hydrate your body. Moreover, it packs numerous vitamins including vitamin A, a well-known skin strengthener.
  • Omega-3s. The skin has natural barriers that help retain moisture and omega-3 acids is part of this barrier. Try boosting your omega-3 intake by adding walnuts, salmon, and flax seed to your diet.
    According to some research, foods with omega-3s and vitamin E including whole grains and nuts provide an additional booster to the skin. More importantly, they help moisturize the skin.
  • Berries. It appears that berries are not just fun to eat and tasty but also help heal the skin. Not only do berries contain juice for hydration, but they pack vitamin C and antioxidants that help protect the skin. The chemicals contained in berries together with the antioxidants help the cells of the skin to stave damage off.

Besides eating foods with the ability to boost your skin’s moisture level, supplementing your diet with vitamins can help maintain and strengthen your skin. Vitamins such as B3 and vitamin A can be very useful to your skin. Try other vitamins as well such as E and C to discover their antioxidant abilities.



3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated By Avoiding Drinks And Foods That Dry Your Skin Out


 Keep Your Skin Hydrated


Drinking and eating foods with hydrating properties provide the best way to hydrate your skin from the inside out. However, to maintain a hydrated skin appearance, there are foods and drinks to avoid such as:

  • Alcohol. Alcohol causes the body to lose water by creating more urine. More than usual urination can dehydrate your body leading to a quicker fluid loss. Whenever you drink alcohol, remember to drink water in plenty to replace the fluids lost.
  • Caffeine. This acts as a mild diuretic implying that it makes the body lose more water by creating more urine. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply you give up Java but being aware of the amount of caffeine you drink is important. Caffeine lurks in soda, tea, coffee, and energy drinks, therefore, be mindful when drinking these beverages. When trying to hydrate from the inside out, limiting these drying culprits can be very helpful. You may as well choose to avoid them altogether.



Use a moisturizer for dry skin such as XYZ Smart Collagen to perfectly moisturize your skin. Besides providing an all-day hydration, Glycerin creates a moisture barrier to help resist irritants. It is specially formulated to moisturize the face and comes with SPF-30 to hydrate and nourish the skin while defending it against sunburns. Thanks to the 30 SPF, your skin becomes less prone to premature aging and sunburns. In addition to providing all these benefits, DERMAXSOL leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. Unlike most skin moisturizers, DERMAXSOL’s formula allows for quick absorption into the skin. It does not contain drying alcohol and is free from paraben and perfume. Dermatologists around the world recommend this moisturizer for dry skin because of its fast acting ingredients and proven benefits.

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