What Foods Cause Acne: Avoid These 9 Foods For Acne Free Skin

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified October 23, 2018
what foods cause acne

Surely, there are a lot of factors that contribute to acne flare ups. Genetics, for one, is a factor that is hard to deal with. Hormonal fluctuation is another thing you must watch out. Stress can also add up to the equation and make sure you get a really, really bad break out.

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But you know what? There’s a thing that we can take control of to diminish the likelihood of these pesky breakouts. Food. What foods cause acne? There are certain types of food that contribute to the development of an acne flare up. If we manage to stay away from them, we can reduce chances of breakouts!


    • Can Certain Foods Cause Acne?


Can Food Cause Acne


Unfortunately, yes. There is food that causes acne. For decades, it has been a subject of debate whether food can cause acne or not. Scientists are having trouble pointing out how food intake relates to the breakouts. But, one thing is for sure. Imbalanced and lousy eating habit would contribute in your skin appearance and integrity.


    • What Foods Cause Acne?


Food That Causes Acne


I know this is what you’re looking for. The list that you want to avoid to prevent breakouts! Here they are!


1. Bread


This is a pity. One of the most frequently consumed food on our daily lives! Gluten is the culprit! This is especially concerning for people who cannot tolerate gluten that much. Gluten can aggravate inflammation and acne breakouts.


2. Potato Chips


Who can resist a bag of chips? This thin and crispy potato treats can be causing your acne breakout. Have you ever wondered how these chips are cooked? They are submerged and drowned in tons of boiling oil to cook them to a crisp.

These potatoes are high in oil and carbohydrates and low in everything else that is nutritious. Eating a lot of it can cause drastic fluctuation in your insulin levels and cause an inflammatory response.




3. Soda


This sugary beverage beats the potato. Remember how much carbs potato chips contain? Yep, those carbohydrates will be broken down into simpler sugar and spike your insulin. However, this sugary drink is already simple sugar. It means it can trigger that inflammatory response faster!


4. Energy Drinks


You know how energy drinks pick you up? Aside from the caffeine and taurine, it is loaded with lots of sugar and B-vitamins to give you the energy you need immediately. Like all other sugary drinks, energy drinks can spike the insulin level and trigger inflammation.


5. Pizza


You might probably hate anyone that would say pizza is a nonsense food. But pizza is not a nonsense food. You can make it nutritious if you want to. Unfortunately, the pizza we love oozes with oil and loaded with tons of cheese.

A few hours after eating some four slices of pizza, your insulin level is at its peak and triggering the inflammatory response!


6. Fast food


Fast food is meant to taste the same on all its branches. To make that happens, and to make sure food stuff won’t spoil easily, fast food companies make sure that everything they cook is narrowed down to a few ingredients only. All ingredients are washed down to starch. Again, loading up tons of carbohydrates can trigger the inflammatory response that could worsen acne.


7. Alcohol


Aside from triggering inflammation, alcohol can render the skin dry with its diuretic effect. Taking too much can dehydrate you and leave you with a dry and acne susceptible skin.


8. Soy


Soy contains isoflavones that act like the hormone estrogen in the body. Eating too much of soy containing product can raise and disrupt the balance of your hormones. This, in turn, can trigger unexpected acne breakouts.


9. Too Much Meat


Meat is a rich source of protein and vitamins. Taking it completely from your diet means that you are depriving yourself of protein. However, too much consumption of meat can lead to serious conditions that may trigger acne breakouts. Meat lacks vitamins and minerals to keep the inflammatory response of the body in check.


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    • Does Dairy Cause Acne?


Does Dairy Cause Acne


High insulin levels and erratic hormone balance causes acne. Unfortunately, dairy consumption causes a spike in the insulin levels and triggers a hormonal response that can disrupt its balance. So, the answer is yes. Dairy can cause acne.


    • Can Eating Chocolate Cause Acne?


Foods That Cause Acne In Adults


Chocolate is often prepared with milk. It is also prepared with tons of sugar to diminish the bitter taste of the cocoa. The mixture of the sugar, cocoa, and milk is a formula for satisfaction. But you guessed, it right! It has milk, and it is high in sugar. Both thing that you may want to avoid to decrease the likelihood of acne breakouts.

Should you indulge in chocolate, the dark variety has lesser milk and sugar on it.


    • Timing Is Key


Avoid Acne Causing Foods On Period


It would be nearly impossible to go along and avoiding some types of food. But, it’s a known fact that monthly periods can cause breakouts. So, this is a predictable factor that you expect regularly. During this time, your hormones are fluctuating, and foods that cause acne in adults will only aggravate the situation. So, one of the best ways to manage potential acne breakout is to avoid eating acne causing foods on your period.

Now, if you really can get enough of the foods on the list, Solvaderm’s Zeroblem may be able to help you. This acne treatment serum is formulated with salicylic acid to remove oil buildup on your skin pores. Zinc oxide protects you from the harmful UV as it also helps clear the oil deep into the skin and diminishes inflammation.

What foods cause acne? Well, it seems like it covers a lot! However, timing specific food consumption with your monthly period can help. In case there is an impending acne that wants to recruit more of its friends, you can spot treat them with acne treatment serums.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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