Whitehead On Lip? Here Are The 5 Effective Ways To Treat It

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 17, 2023
Whitehead On Lip? Here Are The 5 Effective Ways To Treat It

Nothing ruins a day faster than acne, and whiteheads, in particular, are the worst. Whiteheads develop when dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt cover your pores. Whiteheads are closed within the pore and not like blackheads that can be pushed out. This can make treatment challenging. Whitehead on lip appears in the form of a pimple that is puss filled in most cases. In such cases, when the whitehead is popped, white discharge that may be in the form of a fluid or solid will be seen. A white head pimple may appear on various parts. One might have the pimples on lip line, upper lip, and lower lip, around the lips, mouth or inside the lips. The bump on lip is always swollen, red at the side, sore and painful. To make matters worse, all of us usually move the lips while eating, drinking or talking, therefore, it easily irritate the white head on the lip. The pain is unbearable. For those who would like to know more about a whitehead pimple, we have to know its causes and the various treatment options. Before going further to understand the whiteheads, we first need to learn whether it possible for one to have the pimples.

1. Can You Get a White Head On Your Lip?

Can You Get a Whitehead On Your Lip

The least part one can ever imagine getting is a white pimple on lip. It can be traumatizing considering the amounts of pain accompanied by it. So, Yes, It is possible to have a white head pimple on your lip. The whiteheads can appear on the lip since they are just normal oil glands that have been excessively produced. This causes buildup of sebum and bacterial infection in sebaceous glands. Despite the skin around the lips being very thin and transparent the white bumps might be seen but not as other sides of the skin because of thickness. Whitehead on lip can be a sign of some developing illness such as herpes virus, and therefore it is important to always leave them alone since if squeezed, they can cause trauma, scarring, infection, and pain.

2. Causes Of Whitehead On Lip

Formation Of Whitehead And Blackhead

Below are the most common causes of pimples on lip line. They can form anywhere along the lip line or on the upper lip line or bottom lip line.

a) Allergic Reactions

An allergic reaction is one of the most cited causes of a pimple on the lip. Victims may be having allergies against some items such as lip balms and other lip make up ingredients that are used on a day to day activity.

b) Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance

This is one of the causes of a whitehead pimple since hormonal imbalance can happen at any stage of life. Stages such as Teenage, menopause, ovulation, pregnancy or medical condition can make your hormones imbalanced thus leading to the formation of a whitehead on lip.

c) Lip Products And Moisturizers

Some lip products are made of chemical products that can lead to rising of pimples on the skin surface. An example is lip balm and lip gloss that are made with chemicals.

d) Skin Type

Skin Types

There are two main types of skins. That which is dry and that which is oily. The skin that is oily is prone to getting whitehead on lip.

e) Greasy And Fatty Meals

These kinds of meals will block skin pores at the lips and trap sebum together with dirt and dead skin cells. As a result, whitehead pimples will appear.

f) Medication

There are some types of medication that contain corticosteroids or lithium. They can cause break out of small whitehead.

g) Cellphone

Cause Of Lip Whitehead

This is one of the gadgets that we use around our lips and they harbor a lot of germs and bacteria because of how we handle. At times we use them with dirty hands or we place them on dirty surfaces. When the mouthpiece of your phone often come into contact with your lips whenever you on a call, then pathogens can be transferred to your lips.

h) Herpes Or Cold Sores

A lip pimple can be as a result of cold sore or herpes infection. They can be contacted through oral sex, kissing or contaminated utensils if partner is already infected.
Other causes can be toothpaste, stress, waxing and threading, excessive sugar and smoking.

3. Treatments to get rid of whitehead pimples

Treatments To Get Rid Of Whitehead Pimples

There are various whitehead removal techniques which include home remedies and those sought from medical advice. Here are some of the remedies for treating whitehead on lip;

a) Use Of Topical Medications

The whitehead pimples can disappear on their own. However, if you visit a doctor, they may prescribe you antiviral medication in the form of creams, pills or ointments. For over the counter medication, ensure you are aware of the ingredients in the topical medication before using them.

b) Exfoliation


To treat this kind of skin infection, regular gentle scrubbing may be recommended. This will clear away any residue makeup and layers of dead cells that could be available. A sugar scrub is one of the recommended ways for whitehead removal. If you don’t want a sugar scrub, salicylic acid can be used in low levels.

c) Washing The Face

One of the home remedies that can help in clearing out formation of whiteheads and red bump on lip is to wash your face regularly. This should be done on a regular basis. Before washing the pimples, ensure the hands are clean and some warm water should be available. Washing the face twice a day with acne fighting cleansers featuring salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be helpful. This will kill bacteria and wash away dead skin cells.

d) Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Whitehead Removal Technique

Formation of small red bumps and whiteheads around the lips can be caused by poor hygiene practices. Spreading bacteria and dirt to the lips is one of the causes of whitehead pimples. You should avoid touching the face with fingertips or resting your hand on the chin and cheeks during the day.

e) Honey For Lip Pimples

You will have to apply some organic raw honey on the small red bump pimple or whitehead and let it be. This can be repeated twice or even thrice a day. Honey can effectively exert bacteria from a pimple. The low PH of honey will also make the atmosphere unsuitable for bacteria and can also dry out a pimple.

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