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5 Things That You Do Every Day Which Causes Wrinkles Under Eyes

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 9, 2023
5 Things That You Do Every Day Which Causes Wrinkles Under Eyes

Getting old is no party but feeling and appearing old is much worse. With each passing day, the skin becomes prone many different elements such as environmental factors, hereditary elements and even our daily beauty activities and routines that cause you to develop wrinkles and appear old especially around the eyes. Here are some of the beauty routines and other activities that we engage in day-to-day that increases the chance of acquiring wrinkles.


1. Makeup Removers




Wearing makeup is beneficial to the skin. It protects and moisturizes it throughout the day. Makeup removers in specific are highly effective in ensuring that the skin is hydrated. However, when it comes to removing the said makeup, things become a bit intense. You tend to scrub the skin quite hard. Scrubbing leaves the skin quite fragile, and the area surrounding the eyes is much more damaged compared to other facial parts that had makeup.
Eyes are highly prone to aging signs including the appearance of under eye wrinkles. This is because the skin is quite thin around the eyes. Special care has to be taken, and gentle motions used when removing makeup.

Eye Wrinkle Tip: To efficiently remove makeup and preserve the skin, allow the remover to seep into the makeup before starting to peel it off. In addition, be sure to wet the remover wipes is they feel dry to the touch.



2. Waxing


Waxing is an effective means of stretching and testing your skin’s elasticity levels. These are some of the factors that are said to inherited and can be damaged is not well taken care of. Using excessively heated wax results in excessive heat access to your skin. Heat coupled with the vigorous and fast removal of the applied wax from the skin not only pushes your fragile eye lids to their limits but also reduces skin elasticity. This results in the appearance of wrinkles under eyes fast and easily and also, they hard to get rid of once they have been formed.

Eye Wrinkles Tips: Avoid any beauty routines that require you to stretch your skin. Waxing is not the only solution or beauty process that can help you remove those smaller hairs on the skin. Opt for a safer process such as threading. Maintaining your eyebrow appearance is also essential and visiting your treatment facility or fashion salon or parlor should be limited. Having a single visit in a single month should be enough. This protects the skin and ensures you remain in your A-game throughout the month.


3. Contact Lenses




These are quite a challenge for many. Wearing them has become a daunting task, and if observing, you would want to run. Although each has a unique way of putting on their contact lenses, it is considered as one of the major causes of under eye wrinkles.

How: When pacing the contacts in the eyes, you are required to pull or lift the different eye lids up, to the side and down to fit it properly each single day. However, the process is now being used to stretch and test skin elasticity levels around the eyes. Some overstretch the lids and lower them as far as possible both upwards and downwards even using their hands.

Eye Wrinkles Tips: To prevent wrinkles when wearing your contact lenses, be sure not to overstretch the skin surrounding the eyes. You don’t need the extra space and the extra stretch for the lenses to fit perfectly. They were designed to fit you in specific.



4. Sunscreen




It is always better to prevent than to cure or in this case, use eye treatment to eliminate wrinkles. However, failure to protect your eyes and the skin around them from the excess sunshine will result in the need of under eye wrinkle treatment.

How: Exposure leads to thinning, breaking and even aging of the skin at a very young age. Not wearing protective gear such as sun glasses with your sunscreen causes squinting which leads to the appearance of lines in your forehead and under the eyes.

Eye Wrinkle Tips: If you engage in a lot of outdoor activities; beach Sundays, park visits, camp running among others that require you to spend time in the sun, you might need to coat your skin with sunscreen; not just any sunscreen but one with an SPF number of 30 or more. The eyes being more prone, be sure to wear sunglasses and other protective gear against the heat such as hats. This will prevent excessive penetration of sun rays and minimize those that come into contact with your skin. Furthermore, sun glasses prevent squinting due to excessive brightness.


5. Glued Or Fake Eyelashes




These can cause immaculate and amazing physical appearance and result in people drooling after your beauty. In fact, women line-up to seek advice, know what you did to make them appear flawless, long and beautiful. However, that is not all they can do; enhance your physical appearance, they can also damage your outward appearance and cause the appearance of wrinkles under eyes.

How: Many are the times you end up drinking after a successful party, so tired to move and not in the mood to undergo another beauty or skin care routine. Therefore, you end up pulling off the glued fake eyelashes from your eye lids stretching the skin below them and causing the appearance and formation of wrinkles.

Eye wrinkles tips: sleeping in the fake eyelashes is ill-advised, but if in the end, you will pull them off, it is better to sleep in them and remove them in the morning. Also, instead of reaping them off, be your sister’s keeper and ensure you bring glue remover with you when going out. Ensure you apply it before gently peeling off the eyelashes preserving the skin and leaving your beauty intact.

To restore overall skin health and get a young look you may also try a Skinception – Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy. This eye serum work on removing wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and all signs of aging. This natural eye cream product is available in a rich formula with a powerful combination of ingredients.


While beauty routines can be perfect for your skin and even more so for your appearance, be sure to have the right tips, knowledge, and process in hand to redo or remove them if need be. That way, you protect your skin from wrinkles and retain your skin’s youthful nature.

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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