Zinc For Acne: 7 Reasons Why To Use Zinc Products To Treat Acne

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 21, 2023
Zinc For Acne: 7 Reasons Why To Use Zinc Products To Treat Acne

Using zinc for acne has proven to be effective throughout the years. Documented studies conducted by dermatologists have backed up this claim. For the past 40 years, different studies show that most people suffering from acne have zinc deficiency.

  • How Do People With Acne Get Clear Skin With The Help Of Zinc?

1. Zinc Has Been Considered a Natural Antibacterial For Acne

Antibacterial For Acne

Some studies show that zinc can kill bacteria that causes acne. While it is no clindamycin, an antibiotic intended for the treatment acne, it can still do some serious reduction of acne. The good thing is that unlike with antibiotics, the acne-causing bacteria will not develop any resistance towards Zinc. It also works for those who are suffering from an antibiotic-resistant strain.

2. Zinc Has Great Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Zinc works on the inflammatory response of the bacteria. Clogged pores get invaded by bacteria, which will then cause irritation and can often lead to cystic acne. Pimples can turn red and painful, if not treated right away. Using zinc for acne can help in reducing the inflammatory response and lower the effect of acne on skin.

3. Zinc Aids In Inhibiting Activation Of Keratinocyte

pores of the skin

Keratinocytes produce keratin. Keratin is not bad, in general. It is a tough protein that binds together the skin cells. Having too much keratin on skin, however, can lead to clogged pores. Thankfully, through the help of zinc, acne breakouts can be prevented. Zinc helps the pores of the skin from closing down and trapping the dirt.

4. Zinc Is Ideal For Fighting Off Excessive Hormones

Too much hormones can cause your skin to produce too much sebum. This sebum can lead to mild acne to moderate acne. By blocking DHT blockers, it can lower down the hormones causing too much sebum. Zinc may not be the primary solution to it, but it sure does help. Using acne for zinc also helps in supporting healthy ovulation. A healthy ovulation process means more balanced hormones.

5. Zinc Is a Great Antioxidant

benefits of Zinc

Another benefit is that zinc is a great antioxidant and can reduce inflammatory damage caused by sebum. Some studies have shown the effective of antioxidants in getting a smoother, younger-looking skin. Using zinc for acne and as an anti-aging weapon can go a long way. Think of the long-term benefits you will be experiencing.

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6. Zinc Helps Improve Acne Scars

Zinc has been overlooked as a primary nutrient in the body. Which is surprising since the immune system clearly benefits from it. It serves to repair and support different processes done by the body. Using zinc for acne scars is a cheap way to help rid your face of damages suffered from acne. Its intrinsic minerals can repair body tissues. Using zinc for acne and its scars are like hitting two birds with just one stone.

Expert dermatologists recommended at least 50 mg of zinc every day to reduce the scarring and stop it from worsening. As we age, zinc levels have shown steady decline. Older people take longer time to heal their wounds opposed to younger individuals. This just proves that the healing rate is directly proportional to the amount of zinc found in the body.

7. Zinc Oxide Makes a Great Sunblock

Zinc as a Sunscreen

Sunblocks and sunscreens are a must to get great skin. Exposing your face to excessive sunlight cause skin damages that can be difficult to revert. Skin diseases such as skin cancer can be prevented just by putting on sunblock daily. The sun can also aggravate acne. Most people claim that sunlight has helped in improving their acne. But think about it, the sun can cause your skin to dry out. This will eventually send your skin to produce too much oil causing it too overdrive. This will eventually backfire, leading to you more acne.

Apart from that, the acne scars can get darker due to sun exposure. People get tricked by the idea that their skin is improving with the help of sunlight because the sun evens out the skin tone of the face, making the scars appear lighter. In reality, though, it is actually damaging your skin. Most sunblocks include zinc as their primary ingredient. Some sunscreens have toxic substances, so it is better to use zinc oxide as it serves your skin’s barrier from UV rays.

Taking supplements with zinc have been a great step in managing acne. But, there are creams, gels, and lotions that contain zinc, which is worth the recognition. Take Drmtlgy, for example. It helps clear up breakouts by targeting painful blemishes. It has skin clarifying compounds which dig deep into the pores to remove the dirt and impurities that have accumulated through time. Ideal for oily skin and acne-prone skin is mild and gentle to the skin, despite its strong ability to remove acne.

  • How Long Does Zinc Take To Clear Acne?

 how much time zinc take to clear acne

The best zinc supplement in the market is zinc picolinate or zinc monomethionine. It is a lot easier to absorb that zinc gluconate or zinc citrate. An average of 15 mg to 30 mg of zinc supplements can be taken, but this is dependent on your diet.

If you are planning to take supplements because you have low levels of zinc, it may take quite a long time if the condition is severe. Of course, this is subjective. Once your zinc levels are normalized, you will begin to see miraculous improvements in no time.

For zinc creams, gels, serums, or ointments intended to treat acne, there is no exact timeframe provided. You may have read articles with claims such as, “zinc cleared my acne in days”. However, like with the supplements, this can be subjective as well. It depends on the responsiveness of your skin towards the product.

Bear in mind that zinc deficiency is not the only reason for acne development. Using zinc for acne, be it supplements or topical, is not the only solution. There may be other factors in play. Just stay positive and avoid stressing over your skin to avoid aggravating your condition.

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