The Anti-Aging Techniques For Your Body To Give Remarkable Results.

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 18, 2018
Anti-Aging Techniques

Are you suffering from signs of aging? Or maybe you are afraid to develop any signs of aging? Do you wish to know more about the aging process and how you can prevent it from happening or at the very least, delay its effects? Well, read this article to get the information you need about anti-aging techniques!

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1. What Is Early Aging?


Early Aging


Early aging or premature aging is a condition when your skin and body undergoes an unnatural aging process at a relatively young age due to a variety of reasons. It is usually related to lifestyle choices and is characterized by having chronic degenerative diseases.

Premature aging affects your body’s overall function due to the deterioration and decreased efficiency of your brain, heart, immune system, and other organs. This is not limited to, but the signs are most commonly seen, on your skin.


2. Causes And Symptoms Of Early Aging


Symptoms Of Early Aging


A few of the main causes of early aging are an unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged or excessive exposure to the sun, and poor nutrition or health habits. Some other reasons why your skin and body can age prematurely include medications, stress, and inactivity.

The less common causes are trauma, injury, allergies, and underlying conditions and complications.
Premature aging can also happen without apparent symptoms at first and then ends up with sudden, fatal conditions like stroke, heart attack, or cancer. In other cases, wasting away of tissue, technically called atrophy, happens.

Examples of atrophy and its causes are muscle atrophy due to the lack of exercise, deterioration of glands and mucus membranes due to low hormonal levels, and brain atrophy due to or resulting to Alzheimer’s disease.

The most common early manifestations of this type of aging is pain, especially in the joints or the abdomen where the majority of vital organs are found. Hair loss in men and reduced eyesight in women are also early indications.


3. What Techniques Can We Use To Fight Aging


techniques to fight aging


Although some causes of aging are inevitable, you can counteract most of them through these simple yet helpful tips.


  • Anti Aging Exercise


Anti Aging Exercise


We all know that exercise in itself helps keep us younger regarding physical activity and energy levels. Working out regularly also improves our metabolism, circulation, and brain function.

Some exercises that specifically help fight the signs of aging are squats, lunges, walking, biking, sports, and cardio. Unlike what most of us believe, working your knees and limbs do not hurt them, but rather develop their strength.

1. Squats

Squatting, for example, is a very common move, even though we’re not always aware when doing it. We squat most of the time like when we pick up grocery bags or get something from the bottom of the refrigerator. So, we might as well do it properly.

For women, turning the toes slightly outward aligns the femur properly with the hip joint, ankles, and knees. This strengthens the joints, and make them less vulnerable to pain.

Also, it’s not just your body that needs exercise, your brain does, too. So, engage more on exercises that challenge not just your muscles, but also your brain.

2. Dance

These include those that require memorizing dance steps or choreography, sports like tennis and badminton that require reaction, and dance or kickboxing that require quick movements to change direction.


HIIT or high-intensity interval training also helps strengthen your core, upper body, and lower body, allowing you to stay active without unnecessary pain.

4. Strength Training

Lifting weights also improve your posture, preventing you from developing trembling limbs and fingers or from stooping down as you grow older.



  • Anti Aging Massage Techniques


Anti Aging Massage


Some massage techniques also help make you feel and look younger. A simple example is rubbing your index fingers around your eyes from the inner corners, along the brow bone, down under the lower lids, and back. This motion removes excess fluids from the area, getting rid of puffy eyes and eyebags.

Another example is gently massaging your forehead by placing four fingers of each hand on the area above the nose between your brows and hairline. To do this, place your thumbs just above your temples and make little circles from the center of your forehead outward, going up.

Applying slight pressure and massaging in this direction helps flush out toxins and improve circulation that tightens the skin and increases collagen production. This prevents wrinkle formation, especially when done every night just before bed, according to Dr. David Bank, director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, New York.


  • Anti Aging Facial Exercises


Anti Aging Facial Exercises


Believe it or not, there’s also such a thing as facial yoga which is essentially exercise, but for your facial muscles. You can even do these simple exercises while sitting or lying down, which will help firm up the skin and prevent wrinkles.

1. The V
The V involves squinting and shutting the eyes repeatedly to help prevent puffiness, eyebags, crow’s feet, and droopy eyelids.

2. The Flirty Eyes
The flirty eyes are done by looking up and fluttering the eyelids to help with deep hollows around the eyes and drooping eyebrows.

3. The Giraffe
The giraffe stretches the neck and chin to keep the skin taut and wrinkle-free, while the smile smoother uses mouth, lip, and jaw movements to keep your skin from sagging and developing cheek lines.


  • Anti Aging Skincare Routines


anti-aging skincare


Here are some of the most popular anti aging tips that experts and most women (and even men) swear by:

  • Gently pat your skin dry after washing instead of wiping or tugging at it. This helps prevent stretching that will lead to wrinkles and also helps retain moisture.
  • Moisturize your skin and stay hydrated for a young, dewy look.
  • If you wear makeup, using foundation every day can make wrinkles noticeable because the product tends to settle into the lines. Concealer and tinted moisturizers that absorb well into the skin work better for hiding wrinkles.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly and avoid staying under direct sunlight for too long.
  • Give extra attention to your eye area. The earliest and most obvious signs of aging appear on this portion of the face, so gentle massages, gels, and eye masks help retain moisture here and keep the skin free from lines.
  • Eat right and stay hydrated. Stock up on fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals that help boost your immunity, energy, complexion, and eyesight.
  • Last but not the least, keep your routine simple. Often, a myriad of products can do more damage than benefit to your skin. Stick with the basics, like mild facial cleansers, toner, and moisturizer.

To improve your anti-aging regimen, use Stemnucell, a product by Solvaderm. It is a dermal serum that uses stem cell technology for faster and more efficient skin cell regeneration.

Incorporate it into your daily routine by applying it on your face and neck after washing and putting toner on your skin. You can use this at night or in the morning, or both. Once dry, you can also wear it under makeup. For better results, follow with any of Solvaderm’s moisturizers.

Aging is a natural process, but there are plenty of anti-aging techniques (like the ones we mentioned above!) that you can use to prevent or delay it as there are many factors that cause it. The bottom line is if we take care of ourselves, we don’t have to feel and look older with every passing year. Because after all, age is just a number!

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