At Home Pedicure Must Haves — Get Gorgeous Feet Before Sandal Season

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 17, 2022
At Home Pedicure Must Haves — Get Gorgeous Feet Before Sandal Season

Summer is almost upon us, and it means that the sandal season is about to begin! Aside from getting your summer bod ready, one thing that you should also try to achieve is gorgeous feet. After all, you will be showcasing them a lot in your flip flops, strappy sandals or wedges.

But as we all know, pedicure services can be quite a pain in the wallet! That’s why many women will just settle with cracked and dry feet. But did you know that there is a way to how you can have gorgeous feet for less? Yes, there is-do your pedicure at home! To do that, you need to equip yourself with these at home pedicure must-haves:


1. Dr. Pedicure Feet Exfoliation Mask


Pedicure Feet Exfoliation Mask


Are you ready to say goodbye to your dry skin and dead skin cells? Oh, we hope you are because this exfoliation mask is here to take all those away! Aside from removing dead skin cells, this mask also smoothens and moisturizes the feet so you can kiss the coarse texture and dull tone of your feet goodbye! This is most effective on the areas surrounding your heel!

Use this after your at-home pedicure sessions, and you will be showing your feet off afterward!

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2. Tweezerman Foot File And Smoother


Tweezerman Foot File And Smoother


Give your sole the love it deserves with this foot file and smoother. This micro-file can help you get rid of calluses and dead skin (that are making your feet look ugly!) with as little effort as possible. It can also buff your skin, making it soft and supple!
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3. Essie Nail Polish In Peach Side Babe


Essie Nail Polish In Peach Side Babe


Of course, you should never ever leave home without nail polish on, especially this sandal season! After all, what would be a pedicure without a nail polish, right? Well, we have the perfect shade in mind-peach! This pastel color will surely dominate the streets this coming season!
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4. Illuminage Rejuvenating Socks


Illuminage Rejuvenating Socks


Your sole is the part of your feet that does the most work, so it deserves your special attention too. For a hassle-free and convenient treatment, these rejuvenating socks are here to the rescue! Made with high-technology copper infused thread, wearing these cushioned socks can help you achieve a suppler, softer and smoother feet.
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5. Wonder Pedi Soft Moisturizing Feet Cream


Wonder Pedi Soft Moisturizing Feet Cream

And of course, you would need something to address your dry winter skin. To top off your at home pedicure routine, slather on this foot cream that has all the nourishing and moisturizing ingredients-beeswax, glycerin-the works! In addition to hydrating the skin, the tea tree content of this foot cream has healing properties that can fight off fungus and acne.

Get these items, and you can certainly enjoy a nice and relaxing pedicure at home! These amazing products will make your feet look gorgeous and feel soft without shelling out plenty of money! What are you waiting for? It’s time to pamper your feet and get it ready for sandal season!

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