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Dry Skin Around Nose And Mouth Can Be Cured With These Easy Tips

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 21, 2023
Dry Skin Around Nose And Mouth Can Be Cured With These Easy Tips

The skin suffers many challenges. Some of them are quite cumbersome to conquer while some are easy and simple enough to remedy. However, dry skin is one of the troublesome challenges that the skin faces. You may think your skin is oily, but in the evening, you find flaky bits around your nose and at the sides of your mouth. The truth is, the skin is dynamic. Depending on what it is exposed to including the weather during the day, your skin type changes. Therefore, it is not abnormal to have dry skin at different times of the day. However, knowing how to remedy this dynamism and prevent the skin from peeling off due to excessive dryness is a solution that many people continue to seek. Well, to aid you out, here some tips to help in curing flaky and excessively dry skin around your nose and at the sides of your mouth.


Know What You Are Dealing With


Dry Flaky Skin Around Mouth


The first step in providing a solution for your skin is to identify what kind of dry skin around nose and mouth you are dealing with. You need to ask yourself if the face feels tighter than normal, identify the presence of flaked or peeled off skin on your nose and mouth sides and finally, examine the level of dryness and itchiness of your skin. This will ensure that you pick the desired solution and prevent further skin damage as a result of unwarranted and unprecedented skin reactions to products or treatment administered.


2. Exfoliate


Dry Flaky Skin Around Nose


Dry flaky skin around mouth can be remedied by exfoliating. Exfoliation involves the removal of the dry and flaky skin from the skin surface. This results in the disappearance of the dry and flaky skin and any other scally patches identified. However, exfoliation is always followed by deep skin moisturization. This is because exfoliation tends to dry flaky skin around nose even further which can cause skin breakouts or acne. Moisturizing helps in limiting such an occurrence and ensures that the skin acquires and retains a supple look and a refreshed appearance.


3. Avoid Hot Baths


Rash Around Mouth


If leaving in cold regions, it is quite tempting to have a bath in excessively hot water. Hot water strips your skin off its essential skin oils and also leads to increased moisture evaporation which further dries the skin out. This can result dry and flaky skin around the mouth and the nose. Ensure that you have a bath in lukewarm water and moisturize immediately after leaving the bathroom. This ensures that water is retained on the skin surface allowing for better skin hydration is cold environments or drier regions.


4. Get Rid Of Harsh Chemicals


Dry Flaky Skin Around Mouth


That bathing soap that you love so much has to go. Using skin care products that have harsh ingredients in their blend also has to stop. Harsh chemicals in bathing soaps, skin care products and other skin essentialities have to be used in limited capacities or done away with. This is because they dry the skin out easily and fast causing dry skin around nose and mouth . Otherwise, you will need to switch and use milder beauty and skin care items or products.


5. Use Skinception

If it comes to remedying your dry skin fast and efficiently, employ the use of Skinception. It is a purifying agent that aids in removing any impurities that dirtify the skin causing appearance of skin blemishes including flaky and dry skin conditions. It prevents the appearance of skin blemishes such as acne, dry and flaky skin while ensuring that you have a soothing skin product. It also nourishes and remedies dry skin through moisturizing using its hydrating toner. It is the solution for correcting excessively dry skin. It also calms irritation and soothes skin inflammation. In addition, it provides protection from harmful environmental and climatic changes.


6. Skin Infections


Flaky Skin Around Nose


Skin infections such as rash around mouth are some of the major causes of dry and flaky skin around mouth. Dry flaky skin around nose can be a result of skin infections such as dermatitis i.e. perioral or contact. However, this is easy to remedy and the major tip needed is ensuring your personal hygiene is top notch. To remedy the situation, invests in the best skin ointments and other topical skin care creams. You may also require to seek medical attention if infected. However, if the skin responds negatively to treatment or the ointments and skincare creams, be sure to discontinue their use and seek medical attention once more.


7. Invest Heavily On Your Diet


dry itchy skin around nose


The skin is heavily dependent on advanced diet compositions. You have to ensure to eat healthily which adequately reflects on the skin. Dryness can be caused by the absence of enough iron and biotin in the body. This is evidenced by the dry skin around nose and mouth and possible skin cracks and breakouts. Deficiency in iron and biotin causes skin to dry off and peel of breakout. By investing in a well -balanced diet, your skin is assured of all the essential nutrients it requires. This will not only improve its health, it will also improve its outward appearance ensuring better biotin content.


8. Consider Medical Treatment And Diagnosis


Dryness Around Mouth


Sometimes, the dryness of your skin may be as a result of an underlying medical condition. Having yourself tested and diagnosed is another possible solution to dry flaky skin around mouth. In addition, you can take a piece of the flaked skin and have it tested. This will help in determining the exact cause of the dry flaky skin around mouth and nose. Don’t worry if a blood or urine test is ordered. It is also a way to help you identify the underlying causes. Once identified, be sure to follow the instructions and improve the dryness of your skin.


Improving your skin appearance and getting rid of the flaky skin is a solution for many skin problems. Ensure that you eliminate all the underlying causes and follow the above tips to remedy the different conditions.

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