Do You Have Dark Vertical Lines On Nails? What Are They Actually?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 29, 2017
Do You Have Dark Vertical Lines On Nails? What Are They Actually?

Nail discoloration, disfigurement, clubbing, rippling, spooning, and lines are most often neglected symptoms. Why? Because they are pretty easy to cover up with a nail polish and other than the nail issue, there are no other symptoms that are noticeable.

But you know what, dark vertical lines on nails or other lines may mean some few serious conditions. Our nails can be affected by the things happening to our body so we must pay attention to it when it tells something.


1.What Are Vertical Lines On Nails And What Does It Mean?


Vertical Lines On Nails


This lines or furrows run from the nail bed to the tip of the nail. Commonly, older adults develop such lines due to the decrease in the process of cell regrowth along with a wide array of changes in their nails. These are not painful but they are bothersome.

These lines can also mean nothing. However, it is not expected and not a normal occurrence in younger people. When you see discolored vertical lines on your fingers running along the ridges in fingernails, it may be a call for concern.


2. What Causes Dark Vertical Lines On Nails?


Causes Dark Vertical Lines On Nails


Dark lines on nails can be a result of finger trauma. If you have, unfortunately, accidentally hit your fingers, especially the nail bed, chances are, you may get these black line on nails. However, if you have not done anything to hurt your fingernails, an appointment with an expert is your best choice. It may not be alarming, but a visit to a physician’s clinic can help rule out the following:


  • Bleeding


    This condition is commonly referred to as splinter hemorrhage or the bleeding underneath the fingernail. This maybe due to either the inflammation of blood vessels or capillary damage. If the dark line on dark vertical lines on nails are accompanied by bruising, fever or elevated bleeding, call a doctor right away.


  • Fungal Infection


    Nail infection can cause these dark vertical lines on the nails and the infection may come as a result of accumulation of nail polish or dirt underneath the nail. Aside from the black lines, fungal infection may also cause the mail deformity or irregularly shaped nails.


  • Vitamin B Deficiency


    The B-Vitamins play a key role in the growth of cells. The nails, being the farthest tissue from the heart receives the least concentration of nutrition. If you happen to lack having B-vitamins in your diet, chances are, your nails (hair and skin too) may grow in a different fashion. Ridges and lines may result as your nails grow with insufficient nutrition.



  • Nutritional Deficiency


    Aside from lack of vitamin B, the black line on nail may also appear due to the deficiency of other essential nutrients like zinc, iron, protein or calcium.


  • Nail Trauma Or Injury


    Those black lines on the nail maybe due to foreign matters that have been lodged inside the nail. Common items that may cause this are wood splinters or pencil leads.


3. Nail Discoloration And Pregnancy


Nail Discoloration And Pregnancy


Aside from these reasons, pregnant women may experience the manifestation of various discoloration in the skin, hair, and even nails. This is attributed to the fluctuation in the hormones and comes as a normal phenomenon. You may not need to be concerned about this, and it may persist up to a few months after birth. But as the hormones normalize, the symptoms will go away.



4. How To Get Rid Of Black Lines On Nails


Get Rid Of Black Lines On Nails


After getting yourself checked and it’s not a serious health condition, getting rid of the black lines is your next concern. Here are ways on how you can do that:


  • Remove The Foreign Matter Under Your Nails.


    If the black line is caused by either a wood splinter or pencil lead that has been lodged under your fingernails, you can easily remove it with the use of a tweezer. Make sure to disinfect your hand and the tools that you will be using before you go through with the process.


  • Incorporate More Of Foods (Rich In Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron, Or Calcium) In Your Diet.


    If the black lines come as a result of vitamin deficiency, then make an effort to eat more of these foods.



  • Just Let It Be.


    If the dark lines on nails are caused by injury or trauma, then the best thing that you can do is to leave it alone. It will go away on its own after a few weeks or months.


  • Seek Professional Help.


    If you think that the ridges on nails are caused by a more serious health condition, it would be best that you talk to a doctor right away.

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