Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes: Step By Step Guide For Hazel Eye Makeup

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes: Step By Step Guide For Hazel Eye Makeup

Having the right eye makeup can certainly add an extra oomph to any woman’s appearance. There are a ton of ways to style your eyes using makeup. However, with all the makeup products available in the market like mascaras, eyeliners, shadows, highlights, and contours, things can get a little confusing. Thankfully, finding the right eye makeup for hazel eyes is not as hard as it seems.

Hazel eyes are a mix of green, brown, and gold. The beautiful combination of the colors is such a delight to look at. Lighting also makes the hazel color look different, adding an air of mystic.

Knowing what works for your eyes is the first step most makeup artists recommend when it comes to applying your own eye makeup. On the same note, understanding where the right eye makeup type goes can also help improve your eye makeup game.

The Easy Everyday Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes:

As women, having a staple look is essential. Mastering an easy but beautiful look you can depend on every day is too comforting of an idea. Of course, your everyday look should be fresh and light. Heavy makeup on the daily can do bad things to your skin. Below is a step by step eye makeup for hazel eyes tutorial you can definitely try and mimic.

1. How To Make Hazel Eyes Look Brown:

  • Buy An Eyeshadow Palette With Nudes, Brown, And Gold
  • eyeshadow palette with nudes, brown, and gold
    Earthy colors are your best friend. They make the best eye makeup for hazel eyes due to their ability to highlight the brown color of the eyes. Using earth tones for your eye makeup creates an illusion of deeper and darker eyes. While brown may seem like a boring color, you will be surprised on the huge range of colors you can work on.

    • Get an natural look by using neutral shades like milk chocolate or sandy colors for daytime wear.
    • Add a bit of a drama by using dark chocolate and shiny gold tones to highlight your pretty lookers.

    b. Apply Eyeshadow Makeup In Beautiful Layers:

    If you want to be more creative with your makeup, apply it in layers. Sure, a single color will work, but this quick and easy additional step on your makeup routine can do you wonders:

    • Choose a medium tone and place all over your lid.
    • Choose the darkest shade and place on your crease.
    • The second lightest shade should be above the crease color.
    • The lightest shade should be on your brow bone as a highlight.
    • Blend well together.

    c. Choose A Brown Eyeliner:

    smokey brown eyeliner
    Brown eyeliner is a great addition to your eye makeup for hazel eyes. Simply line your upper and lower lids with a brown shade. This method can make your eye seem darker and reduce the “greenness” of your eye color.

    For extra brightness, use a gold eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes .

    For a more party-ready look, choose a black liner in place of a brown one.

    d. Use Bronzer For Final Touches:

    Get that additional warm glow that will help showcase the brown shade of your eyes. Gold tones go amazingly well with hazel. A little swipe of your favorite bronzer will have you looking like a complete sun goddess with the best eye make up for hazel eyes.

    e. Put On Some Dark Chocolate Mascara:

    use dark chocolate mascara
    To make your lovely eye color pop, apply chocolate colored mascara. This is one of the most simple eye make up tips and tricks that should come automatically when you are doing your own makeup. Lengthening and defining your lashes will is a perfect answer to how you can make your hazel eyes stand out. The shade of mascara will shed attention on your brown eyes and its gold flecks.

    2. How To Make Hazel Eyes Look Green:

  • Select An Eyeshadow Palette That Has Green Shades
  • eyeshadow palette that has green shades
    Hazel eyes makeup ideas are very extensive, since you can easily play with them. Choose greens that have cool undertones. The gold in your eyes will look better with sea green shades.

    Create your own earthy green hue by layering green and brown eye shadows.

    b. Apply The Shadow In Beautiful Layers:

    • Choose a medium tone and place all over your lid.
    • Choose the darkest shade and place on your crease.
    • The second lightest shade should be above the crease color.
    • The lightest shade should be on your brow bone as a highlight.
    • Blend well together.

    c. Use Black Eyeliner

    Use of Black Eyeliner
    Brown eyeliner does not blend well with the green shadow. Go back to the basics by using the usual shade of black along your upper and lower lids.

    Cool toned eyeliners do not really look well; instead matte black liners are the best options. To add more character to your eye makeup for hazel eyes, try doing a cat eye.

    d. Finish Off With Black Mascara

    No makeup is ever complete without mascara. Curl your lashes and use black mascara to define and lengthen your lashes to finish off your hazel eyes makeup.

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    3. How To Do Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes

    Preparing for a party? Use your pretty set of eyes as an advantage. Look your best by following this eye make up for hazel eyes tutorial:

    a. Apply A Dramatic Smokey Liner

    use of smokey liner
    A black liner with reddish undertones is perfect in crafting the best smokey look to perfect your eye makeup for hazel eyes. Smudge the liner on your lids with the help of a blending brush.

    b. Use A Set Of Colors Which Have Dark And Warm Tones

    The main point of a smokey eye makeup is to make your eyes more noticeable. Achieving green and brown smokey eye can be a bit challenging at first, but once you find the shades that work well, you will be surprised at the results.
    Avoid using blue, blue-green, and grays since they are more complementary to blue eye colors.

    c. Finalize With A Gold Shimmer

    use of gold shimmer eye shadow
    Add a twist of glamour to your spunk by placing a thin layer of shimmery gold eyeshadow over your existing eyeshadow. Smudge a bit of gold on your bottom eyelashes, too.

    Hazel eyes are so easy to work on, since the colors already speak for themselves. But, there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to accentuate them to look your best. Hey, if you got it, best you flaunt it.

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