Those Fashion Jewelry Trends Are Just Perfect For Working Women

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 8, 2017
Those Fashion Jewelry Trends Are Just Perfect For Working Women

Do you love to accessorize? Of course, you do! After all, this is the best way to amp up your style factor and make your outfit look more interesting and eye catching. For sure, you would want to wear your accessories day in and day out. And if possible, you would want to wear your necklaces, rings and earrings 24/7.

But as we all know, we spend most of our time in the workplace. Now, the problem starts here. Are your accessories appropriate for the office? Do they look formal and elegant enough to be worn to work? If not, maybe you would want to look for office appropriate jewelry? If so, then maybe we could lend a hand! Read on and find out what jewelry to wear to work!


1. What Exactly Is Office-Appropriate Jewelry?


Jewelry for office wear


Before we get started on the fashion jewelry trends, let us first define what are the characteristics that make up a good jewelry for office wear.

First off, you need to avoid noisy jewelry. Yes, we are referring to those bracelets that clink and those earrings that tinkle. Just simply avoid anything that would make noise as you walk along the hallway because it can be distracting to your colleagues.

Second, opt for simplicity. The simple the jewelry, the better. As they say, less is more, and this is, most applicable when it comes to choosing jewelry for the workplace. Avoid chandelier earrings (as they can get in the way of your phone calls), chunky bracelets (because these can prevent you from writing properly) or bib necklaces (because they can be too much for the office).

Third, a watch is always a good idea. If there is one piece of jewelry that is always perfect for the office, it is no other than the watch. This piece of jewelry will let people see that you are responsible and fully aware of the time, which will definitely put you on the good side of your boss or clients.

Last but not the least, do not be afraid to show off your personality. Keep in mind that accessories were created to help you put a stamp of your personality to your outfits so do not let the office wear restrictions stop you from expressing yourself. Lucky for you, there are plenty of fashion jewelry styles today so you are sure to find the one that will suit your personality.



2 – Fashion Jewelry Trends That Are Perfect For The Office (And How To Wear Them!)


Wondering which fashion jewelry trends which we have nowadays that are perfect for the office? We hate to keep you waiting! Withour further ado, here are some jewelry styles that you can wear to work:

  • Delicate Necklaces


    Delicate necklaces


    This type of jewelry has been the major trend in the industry for the season. The best thing about this trend is that you can find it easy to incorporate it in your daily office wear and it is also quite versatile. This type of necklace comes in three different metals-bronze, gold and silver. The most common design for these necklaces are bar, pearl, or dangling pendant. The bonus? You can wear this necklace all year long so it will certainly be a great investment.

    How to Wear It: This necklace is designed to be just a punctuation to an already stylish outfit so do not be afraid to pair this with your trendier pieces of office clothing like a cape blazer, a jumpsuit, asymmetrical dresses or pencil skirts.

  • Oversized studs




    As mentioned above, chandelier earrings are not recommended because they tend to be distracting. But as we all know, pearl and stud earrings are already overused so it is best that you try something that sits right in the middle of these two options and the best option that you have is no other than oversized studs. If you want to look stylish, opt for ones embellished with precious stones or gems.

    How to Wear It: Since these studs are already eye catching on their own, using these pieces would be perfect for neutral colored (black, brown, white or cream) clothing.

  • Statement Ring


    Statement ring


    If you plan on wearing a piece of jewelry that can make a statement of its own, opt for a statement ring. These are chunky rings that will make your hands look stylish and the best thing about this? They wouldn’t get in the way of your work and it won’t be too big or attention catching it too.

    How to Wear It: Well, since this is just a ring, you can basically wear this with just about any piece of clothing that you have! But if the ring is too big, avoid wearing it with clothes that have bold and large prints because that would just be too much.


  • Brooches




If you wish to go the classy way, then it is the time that you bring back the old time favorite, and that is no other than brooches. Placing an elegant looking pin in your top is surely the simplest and most effective way to taking your office look into a whole new level.

How to Wear It: Brooches are always worn on the upper right corner of your top, but you are free to experiment! Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. These days, you can already see office women pinning their brooches in their bags. If you are wearing a button down shirt, you can also try pinning the brooch in the middle of your collar-at the top part of the first button. That is the perfect way to make it the center of attention.

Finding and choosing jewelry that is perfect for the office does not have to be so difficult! Yes, there are a few restrictions, but with the various fashion jewelry trends that we have nowadays, you can surely find jewelry that is eye-catching and statement-making and at the same time, appropriate for the work place. So what are you waiting for? Dress up, accessorize and let your personality shine through! You’ll surely be an office favorite when you do!

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