Latest Summer Jewelry Trends You Should Definitely Try This Season

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 23, 2018
Latest Summer Jewelry

Whether its splashes of turquoise, cabochons of colored-blue lagoon stone, or gold medallions, there are numerous good reasons to treat yourself this summer with some of the most luxurious jewelry. The latest jewelry trends 2017 will provide you with some of the best jewelry ideas. To spend the summer looking trendy, you should consider the most recent fashion jewelry. All the attention will be on you, and you will make some great memories. Here are the latest summer jewelry trends you should try.


1. Celine Daoust Tourmaline And Rose Gold Ring


Celine Daoust Tourmaline And Rose Gold Ring


Celine Daoust is a great jewelry designer with lots of experience. This tourmaline and rose gold ring is one piece of jewelry you don’t want to miss this summer. It is composed of tourmaline, diamonds, and 14K rose gold. Its primary component is a centrally placed pink tourmaline, which is surrounded by about three diamonds on either side. The stone size is about 3mm, and the size of the ring is 51. However, it is available in other sizes to suit your needs. This jewelry for summer will match excellently with your every summer outfit to give you an unforgettable summer experience. It is priced at 1,645 Euros.


2. Elise Tsikis Earrings With Jute And Gold Discs


Elise Tsikis Earrings With Jute And Gold Discs


You definitely need these earrings for the summer. They are modern and sparkling and will help bring out your best this summer. Their pretty gold discs are something to fall in love with. More importantly, they are lightweight and feel like you aren’t wearing anything. Get a pair and complete your summer look. You can wear them to summer parties, the pool, and to the beach. Buy them online for not more than 175 Euros.



3. Yellow Gold, Emerald And Stone Necklace


Yellow Gold, Emerald And Stone Necklace


Nothing beats the look of a carefully chosen necklace. It boosts your appearance and confidence making you feel motivated all day long. You surely need to include this yellow gold, emerald and stone necklace on your latest fashion jewelry shopping list. It is carefully designed to create a masterpiece. It will mix perfectly with your summer clothes making you unwilling to take it off. You can buy it on Net-A-Porter for 3,760 Euros.


4. Aurelie Bidermann


Aurelie Bidermann


Your jewelry drawer needs this cute bracelet. It features quality fine gold and pearls of green jasper making it the best jewelry for summer. Additionally, its colored cotton and bamboo threads give it an-out-of-this-world look. You can pair it with your fancy summer top and denim shorts. Also, a short summer dress can pair very well with this bracelet. Buyers have even described it as a piece of art because of its elegant design. Buy this fabulous bracelet online for 245 Euros.


5. Gray Gold Plated Tinted Crystal Bronze Ring


Gray Gold Plated Tinted Crystal Bronze Ring


This amazing bronze ring is gold plated and has a gray tinted crystal making it a great summer jewelry choice. It is designed by Goosens, a renowned jewelry designer with lots of experience. Your summer look will not be complete without this awesome ring. It is available in different styles and sizes for you to choose. It will give your summer look a touch of class and elegance. Purchase it online for 230 Euros.


6. Split Disc Yellow Gold Necklace


Split Disc Yellow Gold Necklace


Buy this carefully designed necklace for the summer and turn heads on the streets. The necklace is designed by Allison Bryan. It will complete your summer look to give you an excellent experience. Its touch of gold gives it that elegant look everyone wants. You can wear it to the office and straight to a party after work. It currently retails at 573 Euros.


7. Horn Necklace With Fine Stones And Vermilion


Horn Necklace With Fine Stones And Vermilion


Summer jewelry trends provide insights to some of the latest fashion in jewelry. If you are really into fashion, you wouldn’t want to miss this necklace in your jewelry drawer. It is uniquely designed by 5 Octobre making it must-have jewelry. It comprises of high-quality fines stones and vermilion. It allows for wearing to work and parties. This means that you can pair it with a broad range of outfits. For your official look, wear this necklace to complete your look and appear sharp. Also, wear it with your long summer dress or denim shorts and sneakers to a party. Buy this awesome jewelry online today for 475 Euros.


8. Pure White Vermilion, Rhodolite And Shell Ring


Pure White Vermilion, Rhodolite And Shell Ring


Surprise your better half this summer with this ring to show your love for her. Her love for you will increase, and your bond will be strengthened. The ring is designed by Shagreen & Tortoise and is presently retailing at 330 Euros. Buying this ring for her will make her summer, and the two of you will have a very good time.


9. Chrysoprase And Yellow Gold Sliccs Earring


Chrysoprase And Yellow Gold Sliccs Earring


This ring is designed by a Los Angeles porcelain ceramist and jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker. The earring is both elegant and modern to make you feel great about yourself. It is a delicate classic available in two main sizes. It mixes well with different outfits allowing for wearing to various occasions. Wear these pair of earrings and relax on the beach this summer. Also, wear them to the office and have everyone looking at you. They are currently retailing at 2,167 Euros.


10. Diamond And Turquoise, Rose Gold Potion Necklace


Diamond And Turquoise, Rose Gold Potion Necklace


Complete your summer look with this necklace. It is lightweight and made with genuine diamonds. It is also gold plated to add some elegance and class. Your look will never go wrong with this piece of art by Jacquie Aiche. It is thoughtfully designed to details to make it jewelry worth your every cent. It is currently priced at 3,412 Euros.



The best jewelry for summer should make things easier for you. You should be capable of attending a summer party straight from the office without a change of jewelry. The jewelry should pair perfectly with your summer attires including denim shorts, and cute summer dresses. Since renowned designers design latest jewelry 2017, they combine class and elegance to give you the best look.

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