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The Best Diet And Fitness Routine For Women Along With Health Advice

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
The Best Diet And Fitness Routine For Women Along With Health Advice

All women are familiar with those trouble tricky areas that require additional work to tone and tighten. After numerous trial and error exercises, fitness experts finally have a set of solid moves that can help women feel confident and shape up for a swimsuit, sexy cocktail dresses, or their favorite skinny jeans. The best workout routines for women will work wonders for your inner thighs, stomach, shoulders, and booty. Here are some workout programs for women to consider.

1. Single-Leg Deadlift

1. Single-Leg Deadlift
Single-leg deadlift exercise is important because it tones and lifts the glutes. Additionally, it helps activate your whole core to aid in back pain prevention. To go about this exercise, consider grabbing a pair of dumbbells and standing on your left foot. Try lifting the right foot behind you bending your knee to ensure that the right lower leg makes a parallel line with the floor.

From the hips, bend forward and lower your body slowly as far as possible. Pause and push your entire body to your starting position. When coming up, consider pushing your hips forward using your glutes rather than lifting from the back. Ensure that the chest is up, and the core is engaged during the whole movement.

2. Side Plank

This exercise will help shrink and tighten your waistline. It perfectly works your deep abdominal muscles, transverse abdominous, obliques that most abs exercises fail to reach. Lie down on your left side and have your knees straight. Go ahead and prop up your upper body and your forearm and left elbow. Raise your hips to form a straight line from the shoulders to ankles. Stay in this position for about thirty seconds and turn around to lie on your other side and repeat.

3. Pushup

3. Pushup
Fitness experts recommend this exercise for its ability to work the whole body, burning a lot of calories and tightening the chest muscles to ensure things stay perky in your bikini. To go about this exercise, consider going down on all fours. Continue to place your hands on the floor making sure that they are in line and wider than the shoulders. Remember to keep the feet close together. Once in that position, lower your whole body until your chest touches or nearly touches the floor. Ensure that your core is braced and hips stay lifted the whole time. Then push back to your initial position.

4. Second Position Plies

This move helps sculpt your inner thighs and tones the side butt or gluteus minimus for leaner legs. Start by standing with your feet apart, wider than the width of your shoulders and toes slightly turned out. Bend the knees to lower your entire body until the floor is parallel to your thighs. Bring your arms overhead leaving your shoulders back and down. Pause and push yourself slowly back to your initial position.

5. Cardio Intervals

5.Cardio intervals
This is a high-intensity interval training that you should incorporate into your workout routines for women. Start by choosing a cardio equipment of your liking to be it a treadmill, jump rope, bike, or elliptical and repeat this pattern ten times:

  • Three minutes at fifty percent maximum effort
  • Twenty minutes at seventy-five percent maximum effort
  • Ten seconds at one hundred percent maximum effort


6. Triceps Extension

This exercise will help tone your shoulders’ back and triceps. Consider using light weights and perform a higher rep number (around twenty five or more) for this exercise. Assume a lunge position and ensure that your back heel is on the ground. Lean your front bent knee over while lifting your arm. Lower and lift a two pound weight approximately an inch (about thirty times on each side).

7. Step-ups

7. Step-ups
Step-ups are ideal for glutes’ muscles and hamstrings to make stronger, leaner, and tighter rear. This exercise also works the quadriceps because it requires you to straighten the knees against resistance. Consider standing of some bench for this exercise. You may as well use a step. Place the left foot on the step firmly and push your whole body up until the left foot is fully straight. Proceed to lowering your body back down making the right foot touch the floor. Keep your core engaged and chest up the whole time. Moreover, ensure that your weight is evenly balanced without leaning to far back or too far forward.

8. Bridges

Besides bridges being the most ideal exercises for a rounded rear, they also aid in keeping the back pain free and healthy. For this fitness routine for women, consider lying on the floor with your face up. Your knees should be bent and the feet on the floor. Begin by raising the hips to form a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Get in an up position and pause and lower your entire body back to your initial position.

9. Plank With Arm Raise

9. Plank with arm raise
The plank is an excellent exercise. An additional arm raise to the plank can help improve your core strength and posture making you look taller, feel more confident, and feel better. Start by getting into a pushup position. However, bend your elbows and remember to rest your whole weight on the forearms rather than on the hands. Ensure that the body is forming a straight line from the ankles to shoulders. Maintain the placement of your hip and brace your core while lifting your right arm on your front. Proceed to drawing down and back your shoulder blades while lifting your arms. Switch arms after staying in that position for around ten minutes.


The right fitness routine for women will help cut your weight and lead a healthy life. However, the wrong workout plans for women may do more damage than good. Although cycling, running, and religiously hitting the elliptical may help drop your pounds, you may hit a plateau. That’s why you need to put in place a proper and tested fitness routine if you want to realize all the advantages of your hard work. To get past the plateau, your life needs some strength training. According to fitness professionals, lifting weights aids amp the metabolism for longer after the end of gym-time.

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