How to Shape Your Eyebrows? Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrow Look

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 21, 2017
How to Shape Your Eyebrows? Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrow Look

Shaping eyebrows is a challenging task to many of us, and it can take a long time to learn how to do it in the right manner. It is important to know what is needed and how to achieve the perfect eye brow shaped look and appearance. This will ensure that you can do it yourself without having to pay the extra cash each month to see a specialist. Remember, perfectly shaped eye brows not only complement your beauty, but they also promote and advance your external appearance; lifts your confidence levels, seem to be more alert, and you appear younger and youthful among others.

There are a few things that determine how to shape your eyebrows perfectly and without kinks. These determinants ensure that you no longer have an excuse as to why your eyebrows are not done properly.






A perfect eyebrow shape is dependent on how best you have been able to achieve the arch. It has different sides and angles to it. This makes it easy to learn how to get perfect eyebrows, but it also makes it difficult for people who are unable to grasp the shape. To simplify it and offer you perfect eyebrows tips, make sure that the eyebrows shaped start at the edge of your nose alignment and end at the bottom of the inner or outer edge of your eyebrows such that they are in a horizontal alignment. To achieve the best arch, follow the following steps on how to shape your eyebrows.

Step 1: Shaping the Arch


Step 1: Shaping The Arch


Estimate a sixty-degree angle with a start being at the edge of your nose and the line stretches vertically to your eyebrows. The other line should cut chick and end at the end of the eyebrows. To make the geometry perfect, draw a horizontal line from the start of your eyebrow arch to the end of it to mark the starting and the ending points. In addition, be sure to mark the highest point of the arch.




Step 2: Preparing the necessary tools


Step 2: Preparing The Necessary Tools


It is essential to know what you are into especially when learning how to do eyebrows perfectly. This is because not just any equipment can be used to achieve the desired purpose. Using the wrong tools can result in a disaster., Remember, once done it cannot be undone. It is therefore important that you get the arch and the eyebrow shape. Be confident before taking that step and shaping your eyebrows. Here are some of the necessary tools required in how to shape eyebrows perfectly.

Spoolie Brush- this is an essential part of shaping your eyebrows. However, it is mostly used to separate eyelashes when removing the excess makeup applied especially mascara. In shaping your eyebrows, a spoolie brush can be used to comb and soften harsh eyebrow hairs grooming them and preparing them for shaping.

  • Perfect eyebrows tips: the spoolie brush is an essential part of your daily makeup routine. Be sure to add it and have it on you all through. You never know for what purpose you sight need it.
  • Scissors small: in any beauty lea ring and application processes, scissors come in handy. Scissors in this case are required since hair grows fast and unequally. Therefore, some of your eyebrow hair may be longer, and it appears disorganized and unshapely. Scissors are used to cut the longer hairs.
  • Perfect eyebrows tips: when cutting the eyebrow hair, be sure to do it across and not up and down. Across mean that the hair retains its shape ensuring that you have learned and acquired the knowledge on how to get a perfect eyebrows shape.
  • Brow Pencils- shaping requires expertise. Without the right knowledge on how to shape the eyebrows, you are sitting on a time bomb. Then, having a brow pencil makes it easy as it allows you to mark the shape offering you a guide when shaping them.
  • Perfect eyebrows tips: use the brow pencil on your eyebrows and fill them up. Pluck the eyebrow hairs that do not seem to flow with the design.
  • Tweezers- these, of course, should be sharp and to the point. They are after all deigned for accuracy and precision. Therefore, having them is fundamental to your routine and especially in shaping the perfect eyebrows.



Actual Shaping


Actual Shaping


Step 3: Shaping the Eyebrows
This is the third and the last most important step to know and identify by heart in how to shape eyebrows. Messing it up is no option, and therefore, you are required to be extra careful when trimming the longer hairs and also in following the shape already drawn and filled up for you.

Inner brow edge: your brow should align straight with an outer side of your nose on its inner edge. It should also be directly above the start of your eyelids and slightly inclined as a start for the arch shape. Trim the hairs if longer or use the tweezers to pluck them out if they are out of the line.

Highest Arch point- since the arch is part of a circle; the highest point is always further from the start and the end. Estimating this can be cumbersome, but in how to get the perfect eyebrows, it has been simplified. Just draw a line that cuts across the outside of your nose and the far end of your pupil to the brows. Where they intersect with the eyebrows is your highest point of the arch, and you can use your tools to achieve this point.

Outer brow edge- this is the area where the outside most or end of the arch is. Ensure that it is directly at the end of your eyelashes to the far end. You can also make that sixty-degree angle to show you where this is exactly as it will also intersect with your brows and the horizontal line that you drew.




Perfectly Shaping your eyebrows is all about having the right skills. Expertise can be acquired with time. It also saves you money and continued appointments to a stylist or beauty experts. Exercising caution is advised especially when plucking or cutting the longer hairs using the scissors. Who said that you could not do it, with the above-simplified steps, shaping your own eyebrows has just been made easy.
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