What Is Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum?

Marketed as an anti-aging formula, iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum rejuvenates, hydrates and soothes the skin. It claims to use a combination of superior antioxidants, essential botanicals and bio-nutrients. This is a product that’s said to be designed for all ages and skin types. The refreshing and nourishing serum can also be used to treat freshly shaved skin, acne and sunburn. It provides thorough hydration as well to provide ultimate skin protection.

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Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum

Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum

Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum is marketed as an anti-aging skincare treatment, which is meant to rebuild the skin from the inside out.

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Innovative Skincare (iS) is dedicated to creating clinically-validated skin care products for improving physical and emotional well-being worldwide. The brand isn’t well-known and they still don’t have an established reputation in the skin care industry.

To use iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum, apply sparingly to clean, dry skin. For optimum results, use in the morning and evening. It can be used alone or layered with other products from the brand.

A container with 1 fl. oz. is being sold online for $90.

What Are the Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum Ingredients?

Hyaluronic Acid:

Currently one of the most popular moisturizers in skin care products, this is proven to be one of nature’s most powerful hydrators. It can carry up to 1000 times its weight in water so it can prevent dryness and keep skin soft and supple. However if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid, your face and throat areas will become swollen after exposure to this ingredient.

Centella Asiatica:

A potent antioxidant, some studies have discovered that it has healing properties as well. Although there isn’t significant evidence, it is use d to reduce the appearance of aging signs.

Mushroom Extract:

This ingredient is for treating hyperpigmentation problems. It inhibits enzymes that produce melanin, which gradually lightens the skin. However it may also cause dryness & itchiness of skin.

Vitamin B5:

Many studies have shown its potency in improving skin health. This ingredient may also help protect the skin and keep it properly hydrated.

Pros and Cons of Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum

  • This best anti aging serum for 40s product contains antioxidants that can help protect against rapid skin aging.
  • The serum is paraben-free and it is formulated for all kinds of skin.
  • Included in the formulation is a natural extract that helps lighten the skin but not clinically proven.
  • There’s no clinical study proving that this product delivers any benefits
  • Since there’s menthol in the formulation, this isn’t for everyone
  • There are many reports that it can irritate sensitive skin and cause moderate to severe reaction
  • It is a very expensive product for a simple formulation
  • Many reviews say it doesn’t have significant anti-aging benefits


Does It Come With A Guarantee?

A: Some online retailers are offering a money back guarantee for this skin care product.

Final Thought:

The price of iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum is reason enough to stay clear of this product. It is definitely overpriced for something that’s not very effective. The case would be different if this serum is clinically proven to offer any skin care benefits – but it isn’t. There are many better moisturizing, soothing and anti-aging products that are more affordable so why would anyone waste money on this?

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