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Swollen Eyelid: Its Causes And Comprehensive Guide For Treatment

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated January 11, 2023
Swollen Eyelid: Its Causes And Comprehensive Guide For Treatment

Have you ever been a victim of a swollen eyelid? Well, I can imagine how discomforting it must have felt. Having swollen eyes is something you wouldn’t wish for yourself for any reason. One scenario, imagine going to bed feeling hale and hearty and waking up in the morning with a funny feeling around one eyelid. You touch, and it feels inflamed, and then you hurry to the mirror only to see you have one swollen eyelid! Wow! What’s this? How come I got one eyelid swollen just like that?
Well, the first thing to note is that you could have an eyelid swollen one side or the other for several reasons we shall discuss in this article as we proceed. But you must understand that puffy eyelids come with several implications for the sufferer and could be symptomatic of many things.

1.How Does It Feel to Have a Swollen Eyelid? Symptoms

symptoms of swollen eyelid

  • Loss of vision or Blurs vision partially in the affected eye.
  • Quite embarrassing.
  • Swollen eyes gives the feeling of being uncomfortable
  • Envisioning of floaters
  • It looks like a growth or object feels stocked inside the eyelid.

Please understand that some not all of the above symptoms are for severe cases and might require seeing an eye specialist.

2.Why Do My Eyelids Swell? Causes

causes of swollen eyelid

  • Excessive CryingFor some reasons have you been crying for more extended periods and excessively too? Well, shedding tears for long has the potential to rupture tiny blood vessels around the eyes resulting in a swelling. When there is an increase in the flow of blood around the eyes, it could cause retention of fluid and make the eyes puffy.
  • AllergiesNow fret not because eye allergy occurs frequently but is easy to treat. Once you notice any itchy feeling or that you have a red and watery eye leading to a swelling know that you are likely experiencing an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions usually have triggers and triggers could be the presence of dust in the eye area, insect bites around the eyes, reacting to certain foods, etc.
  • Pink Eye(Conjunctivitis)


Conjunctivitis is a common occurrence around the colder seasons of the year where a lot of people are prone to flu. It is a sign of the presence of bacteria, virus or other allergens. Conjunctiva is a thin transparent tissue around the eyeball. Conjunctivitis usually results in a pink or red eye, itching, painful or eyelid swelling. Sometimes even a perfume application around the eyes could irritate the eyes due to the eye’s sensitive membrane.

  • Graves’ Disease
    Graves disease is a thyroid related issue. When there is an endocrine malfunctioning, it could result in an overactive thyroid. The thyroid assumes there is a bacterial infection in the eyes due to the disorder and then it releases antibodies to fight the disease resulting in an inflammation of the eye or one swollen eye.
  • Orbital Cellulitis
    Now, orbital cellulitis is a severe eye infection that can occur deep in the eye tissue and requires specialist eye care or seeing an eye doctor diagnose and treat. One of the symptoms is excruciating pains and even the slightest cut around the edge of the eyelid can result in orbital cellulitis. Please handle quickly as it could spread fast. The eyes could be reddish, one eyelid swollen and streaked.
  • Exhaustion


If you are exhausted or suffering from fatigue, it could result in puffy eyelids. Also, sleepless nights and water retention could cause a swelling around the eyes.

  • Stye
    Hordeolum or stye can be the result of an infected gland in the eyelid or eyelash follicles. It could be due to oil gland infection. So the sufferer could experience swollen lumps, painfulness, red and itchy eyes. Within three days or more you could spot pimple-like growth and whiteheads. A stye looks like a chalazion.
  • Cosmetic Products
    Skin care products usually applied to the eyelash follicles sometimes get into the eyes and cause an allergic reaction. They irritate the eye area resulting in a painful experience, redness and one swollen eyelid usually the affected one.
  • Contact Lenses

contact lenses
Though contact lenses are meant to protect the eyes, wearing contact lenses while swimming, or after removing them from a dirty lens case or wearing damaged contact lenses can irritate or infect the eyes.

  • Forceful Contact
    A punch to the eye or heating your eyes on a hard surface could result in blood cloth around the affected eye area. It could cause discoloration and a swollen eye.
  • Surgery
    The result of an eye operation could lead to a swollen in the eye.


3.How Can I Make Eye Swelling Go Down? Treatment

eye swelling

Now, if you think one of the above could be responsible for the swollen eyes then let’s show you how to make a swollen eyelid go down.

  • Pink Eye
    It can heal on its own, but you can clean with warm water and a clean cloth.
  • Cosmetic Products
    You could use across-the-counter eye-drop to resolve irritation by skin care products. Be careful about the use of eye-whitening drops in relieving pains due to swollen eyes as they react against chemicals from cosmetic products.
  • Forceful Contact
    Apply eye drop to resolve the issue.
  • Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
Always clean your contact lenses and the lens case. Replace the contact lenses once broken to avoid damage to the eyes.

  • Allergies
    Antihistamine eyes drops are effective in dealing with allergies. Avoid using steroid eye drops except recommended by a retina specialist as they could lead to blindness when applied inappropriately. Please note that antihistamine could produce a mild side effect like a dry eye but the risk factor is minimal with nothing to worry about.
  • Teabag Method
    Caffeine works for reducing swelling. So place black tea bag on the eyelid.
  • Sleep Right
    Place a pillow under your head to elevate and avoid retention of fluid around the eyes.

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4.General Swollen Eyelid Treatment

swollen eyelid treatment

  • Make use of eye drops.
  • Pour saline solution into clean and lukewarm water and rinse the eyes.
  • Try warm compresses by lying down and then placing a clean wet napkin on the eyelid.

Other Precautionary Eye Care Measures

  • If below 40 years then see your eye doctor four to five years.
  • If above 40 years visit the eye specialist two to three years apart.
  • Once you cross the age of 50, see the retina specialist yearly.

5.Why Examine Your Eyes?

examine your eyes

Early detection is the key to prevention or total loss of some body functions. Examining the eyes can help detect:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • lymphoma
  • Carotid artery disease
  • High blood pressure

Having a swollen eyelid is one problem that should go away within 24 hours worse case, 48 hours but it is pertinent you see an optician for checks if the problem persists or worsen. A prolonged swelling of the eye could just be a symptom of an ailment, and early detection could help save the situation from leading to a temporary loss of vision or permanent damage. Poor management could lead to infecting the second eye when it is just one swollen eyelid.

For severe pains as well as a swollen eyelid it is always best practice to see a retina specialist or ophthalmologist soon to diagnose and treat the problem whether it is one eyelid swollen or not.

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