If you’re looking for an effective eye care product that addresses various eye concerns, you’re in the right place.

This article provides a detailed review of Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir, a popular eye care product said to nourish and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes.

“This elixir is formulated to provide optimal care for the delicate skin around the eyes, helping to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir is a game-changer in the world of eye care, offering visible results and a luxurious experience that will leave your eyes looking refreshed and revitalized,” says Dr. Michelle, ophthalmologist, and eye care specialist.

Our team has thoroughly researched and tested Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir to bring you an unbiased review of its ingredients, benefits, application, and overall effectiveness.

We also share feedback from real users who have tried this product so that you can fully understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you’re dealing with dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, or other common eye concerns, we hope our review will help you make an informed decision about whether Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir is the right product for you.

So, let’s dive into the details and find out if this eye care elixir lives up to its claims!

What Is The Eye Elixir by Tru Alchemy?

Eye Elixir anti aging is the best moisturizer eye serum that improves the appearance of the under-eye area over time.

The Eye Elixir by Tru Alchemy is a skincare product designed to target the delicate skin around the eyes.

It is formulated with a combination of nourishing ingredients that are specifically chosen to address common eye areas concerns.

This revolutionary cream works to firm and tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and pores, reduce puffiness, and enhance radiance throughout the day.

Serum eye elixir applicator has a cooling effect and instantly smoothens, de-puffs, and firms the skin around the eyes.

“Eye creams have high concentrations of oils and emollients with a lower water content, whereas serums are lighter with a higher water content,” explains Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, MD.

Tru Alchemy’s Eye Elixir is typically applied using a gentle tapping motion to the skin around the eyes, and it is intended to be used as part of a regular skincare routine.

The best eye serum contains ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, and light-diffusing technology,[1] which work together to moisturize, firm, reverse sun damage, and brighten the eye area.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Review — Best Eye Cream

Why Choose Eye Elixir Tru Alchemy?

Tru Alchemy is the company that manufactures Eye Elixir. The firm is based in California, United States. The company uses ingredients free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, and leaping bunny-certified cruelty-free.

Tru Alchemy products are responsibly sourced and mindfully packaged for environmental friendliness. The company is also transparent and displays every ingredient on the product’s package.

Eye Elixir targets aging skin around the eye, wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles, puffy skin, dull or dehydrated skin, sagging skin, and loss of elasticity. Also, people looking for a skincare regime that protects and prevents sun damage [2] and fades hyperpigmentation can use this product.

Serums deliver more concentrated versions of active ingredients to the skin,” explains Dr. Julius Few, MD, a plastic surgeon and founder of The Few Institute in Chicago and Los Angeles.

“As an eye care expert, I highly recommend Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir for anyone seeking an effective solution for addressing various eye concerns. With its nourishing ingredients and rejuvenating properties. says Dr. Michelle, Ophthalmologist, and Eye Care Specialist.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Cream

Quick Facts & Features

Safe & Quality Star Pictures
Brand Tru Alchemy
Product Eye Elixir
Form Cream
Safety Dye-free, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free
Age Adult
Skin Type Sensitive
Active Ingredients
  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Caffeine
  • Plump Away Wrinkles
  • Visibly Reduce Puffiness
  • Brighten Dark Circles
Price $39.00
Shipping Free
Return Policy 60-day Money-back Guarantee


How Does Eye Elixir by Tru Alchemy Work?

Essentially, this eye cream swiftly penetrates the skin, nourishing the skin with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. Because of this, users can see instant results as per the manufacturer’s promises.

Serums can make the skin look and feel better with just a small amount—a little goes a long way,” says Dr. Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.

The serum contains hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate and moisturize the skin and allows it to lock in moisture.

It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and reduces signs of aging.[3]

Caffeine in the eye serum helps reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Activated vitamin C on its part reverses the effects of sun damage, fades hyperpigmentation, evens skin tone, and promotes collagen production.

Moreover, Collagen in the cream nourishes the skin layers improving the skin’s elasticity.[4]

Overall, These ingredients in Eye Elixir work to improve the skin area around the eyes. The serum quickly penetrates the skin after application to give instant results.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Review — An Eye Cream That Really Works?

What Are Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Cream Ingredients?


This patented hydrator helps to attract and retain up to 1,000x its weight in moisture for instantly plumper, smoother-looking skin.

Hyaluronic acid helps hydrate the skin, smoothens skin texture, enhances the wound healing process, reduces dermatitis, and reduces signs of aging.[5]

According to the Dermato-Endocrinology journal, hyaluronic acid facilitates the ability of the skin to retain moisture, enhances elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity.


This powerful antioxidant calms redness and helps skin appear more vibrant and healthy.

Squalene has numerous skin benefits, including boosting hydration, fighting free radicals, detoxifying the skin, and boosting collagen production for elastic and firm skin.[6]

The National Library of Medicine reveals that squalene helps detoxify and hydrate the skin, helps treat cancer, and has anti-oxidative properties.


Caffeine instantly reduces puffiness and helps reduce the look of dark circles.

Caffeine has anti-oxidative properties that help increase blood flow in the skin, protects the skin against sun damage, and promote healthy skin.[7]

A study article in the National Library of Sciences claims that caffeine protects skin against photodamage, slows down photo-aging, increases blood circulation, and stimulates hair growth.


Niacinamide helps soothe redness, boost brightness, and minimize the appearance of pores and natural oils.

When applied topically, niacinamide helps improve skin texture, reduces inflammation, increases natural lipids on the skin, and protects the skin’s natural barrier. [8]

The National Library of Medicine supports that niacinamide helps fade hyperpigmentation, improves the appearance of wrinkles, and improves elasticity. Niacinamide also helps even out skin tone and fades hyperpigmentation.

Activated Vitamin C

The vitamin visibly eliminates dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles Vitamin C that’s 50x more powerful than traditional formulas.

Vitamin C also helps brighten and hydrate the skin, evens skin tone, reduces redness, fades hyperpigmentation, promotes collagen production, and protects against sun damage.[9]

The Indian Dermatology Online Journal claims that vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, evens out skin tone, fades hyperpigmentation, and prevents and protects the skin against photo-aging.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Cream

What Are the Pros and Cons of Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir?

  • Eye Elixir hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • The serum eliminates and fades dark circles around the eyes.
  • The product helps clear under-eye puffiness
  • The product reverses photodamage and soothes sunburns
  • Eye Elixir helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the under-eye area.
  • The eye serum keeps the skin plump and firm
  • You can only order the product online
  • Individual may respond differently based on their skin

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Reviews – See Results

Eye Elixir by Tru Alchemy Reviews — Eye Cream— Before & After

I did some research before purchasing the Eye Elixir and the product is exactly the same as I was expecting it is no fragrance and is non-greasy.~ Cassy Banks

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir is a good product it helps to calm the puffiness under the eyes. It absorbs and gentles quickly into the skin.~ Goldeneyes

I like this Eye Elixir eye cream. I’ve tried so many creams but haven’t found the good one. but this is the best one till now.~ C. Potts

I have been using various eye serums. I decided to try this one, after researching the product. It does go on smoothly with only a pea size amount. Just started it, so I can review it on effectiveness, as yet. ~Salsera Aida

I have tried a bunch of different eye masks and creams for bags under eyes and dark circles. This one works better than most and a better price. This is after two days of use. ~Brea Thompson

The Evidence Score

  • Improve Appearance in Skin’s Smoothness4.5/5
  • Strengthens Skin Barrier4.6/5
  • Long-Lasting4.0/5
  • Targets Fine Lines and Wrinkles4.7/5
  • Boosts Elasticity & Collagen Performance4.5/5
  • Healthy Aging4.3/5

Is Tru Alchemy Eye Cream Worth Buying?

Yes, you should buy Eye Elixir and give it a try. Tru Alchemy uses natural and safe ingredients which have scientific backing and do not cause any side effects.

This caffeine eye cream helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, reduces skin sagging, protects against photodamage, hydrates the eyes, reduces puffiness, and brightens dark circles.

Reviewers of Eye Elixir on the company’s official website are positive and claim that caffeine in the serum helps reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles, and instantly firms and smoothens the skin. [10]


Is Eye Elixir approved by the FDA?

A: The company’s official website does not provide information on whether Eye Elixir is FDA-approved. However, the company uses safe ingredients that have undergone clinical trials to manufacture the product.

Why Tru Alchemy?

A: At Tru Alchemy, we believe in absolute truth. This means that every aspect of our business is conducted with the utmost integrity. Our products are packed with the purest, highest quality naturally derived ingredients.

Can I use Eye Elixir with Makeup?

A: Yes, you can use Eye Elixir with makeup. Since you apply the serum during the day and night, you can apply makeup during the day and it will not have any effects.

What does an eye elixir cream do?

A: Light-Diffusing Technology. This super compelling eye cream treatment immediately cools and hydrates the sensitive eye region by performing various tasks of enchantment including hyaluronic to stout away wrinkles, caffeine to noticeably reduce puffiness, and light-diffusing innovation to light up dark circles and relax and soften fine lines.

How long does it take for tru alchemy eye elixir cream to work?

A: Uneven skin tone, aging skin and texture, sun and age spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and dull or dried-out skin. Best outcomes are normally accomplished with consistent use over the long run. Suggested so that at least 3 months might see apparent indications of improvement.

How do you use eye elixir cream?

A: Press a limited quantity onto the applicator tip. Apply sparingly around the eye region. Mix with the ring finger, utilizing a delicate tapping movement. Use morning and night.

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Result

What Does an Eye Elixir Do?

A: An anti-fatigue peptide serum that relieves puffiness and refreshes the eye area. This multitasker is infused with powerful anti-aging ingredients to refresh your eyes and prevent signs of fatigue.

Why Should I Use an Eye Serum?

A: A serum is a skincare product designed to deliver high concentrations of a specific active ingredient to the skin.

They can be layered underneath your moisturizer to give added benefits,” says Dr. Zeichner. “I recommend a serum when your skincare routine needs an extra boost.

Is Eye Elixir Safe to Use?

A: Yes, this ultra-effective eye serum treatment instantly cools and moisturizes the delicate eye area, smoothing wrinkles and softening fine lines with multitasking magic.

Which Is the Best Eye Elixir in the Market?

A: Although there are several well-liked and successful eye elixirs on the market, Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir is the best because it uses natural components and has gotten good customer feedback.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir?

A: No, using Eye Elixir has no side effects. All of Tru Alchemy’s products are made with materials that are free of harmful chemicals, dyes, sulfates, parabens, and synthetic perfumes.

Is Elixir Good for Face?

A: Facial oil elixirs lock in the goodness of serums and moisturizers to add nourishment and protection to your skin. It is especially effective for dry skin and skin that needs care.

Does Eye Elixir Lighten Skin?

A: Undoubtedly, This cream acts as a cleaning solution. Glutathione, a bleaching agent that prevents the skin from producing melanin, is a component in Eye Elixir Cream.

What Is the Price and Quantity of Eye Elixir?

A: 1 bottle of Eye Elixir contains 14 ml. One-time purchase prices on the tru alchemy official website are; 1 bottle goes for $39.00, 2 bottles go for $ 37.00$ each, and 3 bottles go for $35.00 each.

The ‘Subscribe and Save’ option is cheaper as 1 bottle goes for $35.00, 2 bottles go for $33.00 each, and 3 bottles go for $31.00 each.

Does Eye Elixir by Tru Alchemy come with a Guarantee?

A: Yes, Eye Elixir has a return policy. If you are not happy with the product, you are free to return it.

Contact customer care on the official website and talk to a customer representative who will instruct you on how to ship back the product.

Tru Alchemy offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee on Lunar Lash. The company does not cater to the shipping costs.

Where to buy Eye Elixir?

A: You can purchase Eye Elixir from Tru Alchemy’s official website or other authorized online retailers like Amazon.


Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Before and After

tru alchemy eye elixir before and after imagestru alchemy eye elixir before and after images

Tru Alchemy Eye Elixir Before and After Pictures

Feature Competitor Product Comparison

Tru Alchemy Clinique RoC Eye Cream CeraVe Eye Cream
Product Images qualia-mind qualia-mind qualia-mind qualia-mind
Lowest Possible Price $39.00 per serving $37.00 per serving $43.98 per serving $28.88 per serving
Product Information Dye-free, Paraben-free Paraben-free Clinically proven Oil-free
Concerns No need to concern May be harsh chemicals Experience red skin or peeling skin Might cause itching or irritation
Notable Ingredients Rating 93% are liked 64% are liked 84% are liked 91% are liked

Final Words

guarantee image

Eye Elixir is the creation of Tru Alchemy, an American company that formulates and sells skincare and beauty products. This eye cream is formulated to enhance the appearance of the under-the-eye area.

You might also try a Skinception – Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy to rejuvenate your skin overall and give you a youthful appearance.

This eye serum works to get rid of puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and other aging indicators. This product is available in a rich formula with a powerful combination of ingredients.

The company uses ingredients free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, and leaping bunny-certified cruelty-free.

Tru Alchemy products are responsibly sourced and mindfully packaged for environmental friendliness.

This revolutionary cream works to firm and tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and pores, reduce puffiness, and enhance radiance throughout the day.

Going by the ingredients in the eye cream’s formula, this cream works as promised. One can use it to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, puffiness, and sagginess.


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    Very cooling cream and saw a slight improvement under my eyes.

    Jennifer Lozano

    This stuff is great! I don’t have a lot of crow’s feet, I’m in my 20s, but it’s been great at moisturizing that area for the last three months. I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the fine lines under my eyes and I feel like the area looks less sunken in and just tighter.


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