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by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023

Are there ways to cover up tattoos easily? Yes, there is! Not convinced? Well, it may seem like covering a tattoo, especially large spanning tattoo, is impossible! Well, it takes a little time, but it can be done? How? Here are some clever ways to cover up your tats!

Sometimes, people are so consumed by the negative stigma of having tattoos. And you cannot find a place without haters. To avoid all the drama, you can cover them up instead and do away with the occasion. Here are some tricks for temporary tattoo cover up.

1. Let Down Your Hair!

This one is only applicable if your tattoos are located on your neck or behind the ears. You can easily use your hair as a curtain to cover up visible tattoos. If you have short hair, you can go as far as having a, hair extension for the occasion! It can be a little costly, but this can easily solve your problem!
Let Down Your Hair

2. Wear Some Sleeves

If you have a huge tattoo on your arms and or forearms, you can easily get away with wearing sleeves! If the weather is cold, then you don’t have to explain why you’re wearing sleeves!

3. Hide Them Under Accessories

Colorful accessories can easily take people’s attention. If you have ink on your neck, or your wrists, hide them away with a few layers of shiny and colorful necklaces and bracelets. People will notice how fashionable you are while your tattoo is hiding in plain sight!
Hide Them Under Accessories

4. Tie a Scarf Around Your Neck

Tattoos on the neck area can be easily covered with a scarf on cold days. Just tie them around and they’re gone! This may be a little awkward during summer! The hot days would make you sweat if you wear a scarf! Try something else on hot days!

5. Turtlenecks Can Hide Your Tattoos

If you don’t have one, buy one! It’s not expensive and it will not consume too much of your time. Wear a turtleneck under your coat and you are done!
Turtlenecks Can Hide Your Tattoos

6. Use a Sharpie

For tiny tattoos, a sharpie could be enough cover! If someone notices, just say it’s a birth mark! Clever, right?
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7. Cover Small Tattoos With Band-Aids

Band aids cost almost nothing. If you have a small tattoo, a band-aid may be enough cover. Plain and simple. Just like that!
Cover Small Tattoos With Band-Aids

8. Elastic Bandage Excuse

If you got some medium to large sized tattoos, sharpies and band aids would not suffice. It will be too funny to have multiple patches of band aids and an extra-large birthmark! Instead, you can use an elastic bandage and go for a small injury excuse! They are cheap and you can buy them on drugstores!

9. Tights And Leggings

Hide you tattoos beneath a dark colored tights or leggings. Yep, some clothing can give you an instant solution! Don’t reveal too much skin and your all good!
Tights And Leggings

10. Fashion Knee High Boots!

Tattoos on the foot and leg can be easily concealed. Just wear some knee-high boots or some knee high socks or whatever you like. No one would even ask!
These are the non-cosmetic methods on how to cover a tattoo that you can try. This last method, the cosmetic method, is probably the best among the rest. But it will require some make-up knowledge on your part. Let’s give a full section for it to for more details.

11. Use Make-Up To Cover Tattoo

This is probably the best tattoo cover ideas you can do. Covering your tattoo with make-up will give you a versatility in what you should wear! You won’t have to resort in switching your fashion statement to cover your tattoos with clothing that don’t fit your style! But, it gets a bit tricky and a little time-consuming.
se Make-Up To Cover Tattoo
You Will Need The Following:

  • Make-up Primer
  • Concealer (one that matches your skin tone)
  • Red/Pink/Orange Lipstick (or any other similar make-up color that matches the hue of your skin)
  • Hairspray

If you are good at your make-up skills, this is probably something you can easily do! It’s just like putting on make-up with a different goal, yeah, to conceal your tattoo. Here’s the trick to make it work.

Step 1
nWash the area thoroughly and moisturize it for a plump skin. Apply a layer of make-up primer to make sure the make-up sticks and your skin won’t get irritated.

Step 2
Choose the nearest hue of your skin. Red, pink, or orange would be an excellent choice. Use paler color if you have a fairer skin tone. The purpose of applying this bright color is to mask the dark colors of your tattoo. Apply it evenly until the tattoo is hidden underneath.

Step 3
Use hairspray to give seal the makeup on the skin and let it dry.

Step 4
Add another layer of lipstick/make-up if the tattoo can still be seen. Apply hairspray and repeat if necessary. It is important to get a hue that matches your skin tone for a natural-looking final result.

Step 5
Dab your skin tone concealer on the target area. Do not rub this first layer as you risk smudging the underlying layer of make-up. Use hairspray to seal the concealer and dry.

Step 6
Apply another layer if necessary and spritz some hairspray.

Step 7
Dab or brush the edge of the concealer to make it look more natural.

This will work best and can be a practical solution for small and medium sized tattoos. If you have larger tattoos, it may be a little difficult and may require a lot of time to finish! In some occasions, these steps above are the best solution you can do to cover up tattoos.

If you want to permanently rid of your tattoos, laser removal is the best way to go! It may take a few sessions to permanently get tattoos off, but it’s one of the best permanent solutions you can do!

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