5 Wedding Weight Loss Tips That Are Best For Big Day In Your Life

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 11, 2017
5 Wedding Weight Loss Tips That Are Best For Big Day In Your Life

Women work harder to lose weight when a wedding is involved. In fact, most women have admitted to resorting to extreme measures to quickly drop some extra pounds a few months to their wedding. Most of such methods aren’t safe or healthy. Additionally, some might work a little other fail terribly. Note that diet pills, extreme exercise plans, and quick fixes don’t deliver particularly in the long run. According to studies, marriages tend to pack on some pounds, therefore; women need to make reasonable, sustainable, and smart changes to their current fitness and diet plans to prevent weight gain after marriage. Don’t just aspire to look great on your wedding only to put on extra pounds right after. You should stick to a bridal diet plan for weight loss even after the wedding.

Even with all the wedding planning stress, it is possible to start or stick to a fitness program and healthy diet plan. You just need to commit to a plan and stay in control regardless of what wedding planners and life throws at you. These tips will help with your wedding weight loss. Moreover, if you implement them properly, you will look trim and slim even after the wedding.


1. Exercise To Lose Weight For Wedding


Lose Weight For Wedding


Exercising provides one of the best ways to lose weight for wedding. Regardless of your busy schedule, making time for exercising every day is essential. Even the little things such as walking to the store rather than driving can influence how fast you lose weight in preparation for your wedding. You can as well exercise while doing your daily chores such as making as many as possible trips upstairs, dusting, mopping, and sweeping with vigor. Walking your dog more than four times every day can also help you lose weight for wedding.

When beginning a new bridal fitness plan for weight loss, be advised to be realistic about the exercises you choose. Note that to lose weight and maintain your newly acquired shape, you need more than just a condensed fitness program. Consider picking exercises that you enjoy. Don’t make running your key mode of exercising if you don’t find it fun. Burn extra calories by taking part in games such as tennis, Frisbee, and volleyball.


2. Come up with a bridal diet plan for weight loss


Bridal Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Establishing your body’s calorie requirements can help you personalize a healthy eating plan to lose weight for wedding. Note that individual calorie requirements vary with height, age, activity level, and gender. Usually, you shouldn’t go below the recommended daily calorie requirement of 1200. Consider developing a wedding meal plan and go for healthy meals that comprise of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, good fats, and whole grains. Moreover, consider eating foods that help suppress appetite to avoid overeating and frustrate your wedding weight loss plans. Some foods to eat to stay feeling full for hours include:

  • Leafy greens
  • Eggs
  • Grapefruit
  • Apples
  • Oatmeal
  • Potatoes
  • Ginger
  • Dark chocolate
  • Nuts


3. Have a food diary


Weight Loss For Wedding


Consider writing down every drink, snack, and meal you eat and approximate your quantities for the whole week. Having a food diary can help you remain mindful of foods and drinks you give your body. Moreover, it motivates you to stay healthy. Food diaries can help with food triggers identification and allow for effective planning. Usually, food triggers are the activities that make you snack. Some food trigger activities include late night studying and movie at night. Plan for your food triggers when your wedding is around the corner. Try not to buy the unhealthy foods you love snacking on to reduce your likeliness of sabotaging your wedding weight loss plan.

Drinking alcohol when trying to lose weight for wedding isn’t a good idea because it increases your chances of forgetting about your nutrition plan. Additionally, alcohols contain a lot of calories, which you are trying to limit. Consider de-stressing and relaxing without drinking to lose weight for wedding. However, if you have to drink, consider going slow. Go for diet-friendly drinks and minimize your amount of servings. Because alcohol contains calories, make sure you include every drink in your food diary.



4. Don’t skip meals


Wedding Diet


One of the easy to prepare meals is breakfast. Additionally, breakfast determines how you’ll spend the day. Fire up your metabolism by eating a healthy breakfast and increase your chances of making healthy choices through the day. According to studies, not only do healthy breakfasts increase resting metabolic rates, but help keep energy levels high. You will easily resist the urge to snack through the day if you take the right breakfast. Keep your metabolism active by eating a small meal after every four hours. This will also help stabilize your blood sugar levels and minimize unhealthy calorie binges.


5. Steer clear of fads


Weight Loss Shakes


It is normal to turn to questionable measures especially when desperate to cut some pounds quickly. Be very careful not to fall for fad diets and be on the lookout for fitness gimmicks. Eat is easy to spot fitness gimmicks and fad diets by carefully analyzing their claims. Bear in mind that fad diets don’t work. Moreover, their results can be fleeting. Instead of risking to such approaches, consider sticking to simple and healthy eating habits that have been proven to make a difference.



Losing weight for wedding isn’t easy considering the stress and pressure involved. However, with regular exercises, you can get there. Go for workouts that require exerting effort with your entire body. This allows for working every group of muscle and more calories burning. You may also multi-task with to exercise your body. Remember to get sufficient rest by sleeping for not less than eight hours every night. Getting enough rest reduces your likelihood to overeat. Additionally, it makes you less susceptible to injuries during physical activities. The inability to lose extra fat has even been linked to lack of enough sleep.

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