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Know These Colored Contact Lenses Facts Before Getting Your Pair

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 9, 2023
Know These Colored Contact Lenses Facts Before Getting Your Pair

These colored contacts facts will surely surprise you! These informative and entertaining facts will add something in your facts bin!

Contact lenses or contacts, for some, are a necessity, for others, it may be a fashion accessory. If I say Leonardo Da Vinci has something to do with the invention of contact lenses, will you believe it? Well, Leo never really had a chance to make one, but, according to historical accounts, he had the first recorded concept of contact lenses!

Contacts are now more sophisticated than it used to be. Aside from correcting astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia, contact lenses are popularly used to change the color of the eyes. Are colored contacts safe to wear? Here are relevant facts about colored contact lenses!


1. Fake Facts


Fake Eye Contacts


Before you get yourself a pair of colored contact lenses (also known as costume contacts), be advised that there are fakes and substandard contacts out there. These fakes can have a detrimental effect on you! They can damage your vision, or worst, blind you!

Be sure that you are getting your supplies from a trustworthy and licensed distributor. Safe colored contacts would mean that you will not go blind!


2. Function Before Fashion


It’s really nice to have your eyes match the color of your outfit. Wearing a fiery red dress and a red contact lens will surely give you that fierce look in a costume party! A deep blue color would give you that vampiric aura from the Twilight Saga.

But before you get your favorite color, make sure that you get your eyes tested. If you find out you need corrective pairs of lenses, you now have more excuse to wear them every day! Make sure you get the right measurement for your eyes. Otherwise, it will just bring you eye-strain and headache!


3. Consider Opacity Of The Tint


Colored Contact Lenses


We all have different eye colors and unique iris patterns. Now, the color of your chosen contact lens can be affected by the natural color of your eyes. Going for a full opaque contact lens will dramatically change the color of your eyes. It is important to determine what you want to achieve.

Enhanced tint contact lenses do not change the color of your eyes. As the name implies, it enhances the color you already have. If you have a light colored iris, it will turn a little dark. For dark colored eyes, the difference may be barely noticeable.

If you like a subtle difference, the enhanced tint contact lens is your best bet. If you want a bold change in your eyes, go for the opaque lenses! Everyone will surely notice the difference in your eyes!


4. Watch Your Eye Color And Skin Tone!


If you are planning to use them on parties and eye-catching colors may be the best choice. But if you plan on using them every day to correct your vision and have a pretty eye color, you may also want to consider your skin tone. It would be nice to have people notice your pretty eyes. But on regular days, you may not find it to your likin to have everyone notice your eyes too much.

Your natural eye color and your skin tone compliment each other. Changing it to a different color will surely have a huge contrast. Choosing a color of the same hue will subtly change your eyes and enhance them. Anyhow, if you really want to have a different eye color for everyday use, that’s fine!
Generally, if you have a warm skin tone; brown, yellow, and gold are among your best choices. If you have a fairer skin tone, lighter colors are more pleasing.


5. Consider Your Make-Up Style


Eye Makeup Styles


When buying a contact colored contact lens, make sure that you have put the color of the make-up you wear into consideration. You want to match the frequent hues of your make-up with the color of your eyes. You can even use some techniques with make-up to make your eyes look bigger!

Be sure to wear your colored contact lenses first before you wear your make-up. You may end up ruining your contact make up when you put them on last as you will need to stretch your eyes a bit to fit in your contacts.


6. Have The Right Measurement


Aside from the correction of your sight, the diameter, and curve of your contacts matter. If it doesn’t fit correctly, it would be uncomfortable for you, and you may not be able to wear it for long periods. The curvature of the lens and the diameter are the two things you should consider on how to choose the right colored contacts.

You can also take the diameter of the lens to your advantage. If you have small iris, you can enhance this by using a slightly bigger contact lens. If you have small eyes, you can have them look bigger with some big contact lens!


7. Dust Exposure


Contact Lenses Protection


If you are working in a dusty environment, you may want to consider wearing goggles, or resort to spectacles instead. Having colored lenses can be pleasing. But remember, when wearing one, you should take care of your lenses to avoid drying, stripping, and maintaining them clean.

Dust particles left on the lenses can irritate the eyes! Make sure that you give your contact lens care priority!


8. Consider The Practicality Of Spectacles


Put in mind that wearing a contact lens, plain or colored, is a bit more difficult than wearing a corrective spectacle. If you are using it particularly as a fashion accessory and you don’t have some vision problems that need to be corrected, then, I believe you will not have a problem with this!

But if you have an existing eye condition that requires correction, and you opt for a contact lens or a colored contact lens, do consider the practicality of wearing eyeglasses or having eyeglasses as your spare.


Before going crazy over buying colored contact lenses, place your eye safety at your top most priority! Look for the most trustworthy distributor and have your eyes fitted with the right measurement!

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