Top Eye Makeup and Beauty Trends You Must Follow in the Year of 2022

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
Top Eye Makeup and Beauty Trends You Must Follow in the Year of 2022

Women have been concerned about their look and we are particularly focusing on eye makeup used for improved appearance. They have been using this from 20th century to now though a lot have changed on how they apply the products on the eye area and the types of products available in the market have increased. Therefore they have a wide range of eye products to choose from. About hundred years ago, the only women who were seen wearing eye makeup were the screen stars and those ladies of the night because the products were available. Currently women can use eyeliners, mascara, eye shadow and eye pencil to make them look more attractive and to compliment their look. These products are available in abundance and they range in different prices to help you afford and keep a desired look.


Top Eye Makeup For 2022


There are fresh eye makeups for you so that you look great this year. These products help you achieve bigger, brighter and more awake eyes. Therefore you need to know how to use highlight, eyeliners and shade on your eyes for a beautiful look. The best ways on how you can apple eye makeup for your eye type are discussed below:


1. Round eyes


If you have round eyes or small cat eyes, you are advised to start applying the eyeliner from the inner corners of the eyes all through to the outside ending in either a straight line. Then use a light eye shadow to highlight the inner corners of the eye and under your brow bone. Take a medium eye shadow color and apply on your eye are so that you show the contrast between the parts of your eyes that have been highlighted.


2. Hood Eyes


Hood Eyes


These are the type of eyes that have extra layer of skin under the brow that makes your eyelid smaller and covers your eye creases. You should start with light shadow on your inner corners of the eyes and then apply medium color on the hooded lid. You are advised to use dark shade around the crease for better look.


3. Prominent Eyes


You should highlight below your brow bone and heavily shade using medium color. Apply heavy shade also under the crease and apply heavy eyeliner starting from the corner of your eyes to the outside with only straight line.


4. Almond Shaped Eyes


Almond Shaped Eyes


You are advised to use round eye application technique if you have these types of eyes. They are symmetric and you just need to mimic the shape of your eyes.


5. Monolid Eyes


With these type of eyes, start by highlighting the inner corners of the eye while going up and out of the center of your eyelid. Then apply a medium color above the crease as from outside your eye.


6. Deep Set Eyes


Deep Set Eyes


You are advised to start applying the eyeliner from the inner corners of the eyes all through to the outside ending in either a straight line. Then use a dark eye shadow lightly.


7. Down Turned Eyes


Begin by using the shadow to highlight and shade the eye area and then use heavier eyeliner. You can swipe on the eyeliner the inner corners to the outside.



8. Close Set Eyes


Close Set Eyes


Start by highlighting under your brow bone and the inner lid but use a medium color or shade on the outer part of your eyes.


9. Eye Makeup Products


The top eye makeup available in the market helps you look stunning and they may include products such as:


10. Best Eyeshadow Palettes


Best Eyeshadow Palettes


These are the shades that you use on the eye area below your brows. They are of different colors and you can apply it using a brush or using your fingertips. One palette of eye shadow contains more than one color of the shade and it therefore helps you apply one depending on the color of your outfit and make you look beautiful. They are of different shapes and are priced differently so that you can buy depending on your choice and ability.


11. Glitter Eye Makeup


Glitter eye makeup is applied on the inner corners of your lids or on your lash lids. They are glittering in nature and you can choose to use your fingertips while applying this product or a brush. There are also those which use adhesive liquids for perfect working and those that do not use any liquid. They are of different colors and of different prices for you to choose as you desire.


12. Eye Makeup Remover


Eye Makeup Remover


Best eye makeup remover is the one that is capable of taking off the makeup you wore for a whole day in a scoop without damaging your skin. It also should not block your skin pores or leave oily residue and gross on your skin. They can include wipes, cleansing water and micellar water. When choosing this makeup remove, you should consider the one that cannot cause irritation, itching or inflammation on your skin. It should also know to remove waterproof mascara that you used during the day and it does not leave your skin dry.

You can check on the available eye makeup in the market so that you settle on the top eye makeup that suits you and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.



Eye makeup has become the thing among many women. It makes them look more beautiful and they use to compliment their outfits for an outstanding look. There are many products in the market that helps every woman look beautiful as they target different types of eyes and are available in different designs. The availability of eye makeup removers in the market is of great help as it allows you to take off even the waterproof mascara easily and you can have back your smooth skin without any negative reaction. They cause no irritation, inflammation, itching or dying of the skin. Ensure that you read through instructions before use of any of these products.

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