Why Does Eye Makeup Kept For A Prolonged Period Irritate Your Eyes

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 22, 2018
Eye Makeup

Your eyes are fragile is what many people say. Yes the statement is true but when it comes to beauty and cosmetics, we refer to the skin around the eyes. It is fragile and delicate in nature. It is also sensitive and proper care has to be ensured in order to protect it and limit side effects or negative impacts such as wrinkles from forming, makeup from entering the eyes among others. This is why you are required to remove eye makeup before going to bed or are advised to reapply several times in a day after washing your face and leaving it for a while before reapplication. It is important to know that eye makeup sometimes can cause eye irritation. Here are some of the reasons why it does.

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1. Eye Makeup Ingredients


Eye Makeup Ingredients


Makeup comes with a variety of ingredients in its mix. Knowing the type of ingredients that might react in negative way with your skin is the first step towards developing amazing eye makeup ideas. Makeup ingredients can cause adverse allergic reactions if unsuitable and can also react with moisture, increased sunshine levels outside and result in peeling or skin breakage. This in turn results to serious irritation in the eyes.

Eye Makeup Tip – Be sure to evaluate the ingredients present in the makeup you have purchased. Ensure that its exposure to other elements in the environment such as rain or sunshine will not result in an irritation. Furthermore, be sure to remove eye makeup the first chance you get to avoid all this.


2. Old Makeup


Old Makeup


This is another major source of irritation in the eyes. Eye makeup not only prolongs your eyebrows thickness, eye lashes length or thickens them; it can also cause serious damage. Let’s take the example of using mascara. It is an eye makeup product that is used by almost each and every woman around the world. Old mascara makeup applied to your eye lashes can split and enter the eyes during the application process. This not only causes irritation in the eyes, it can also lead to blindness.

Eye Makeup Tip-Be sure to check the expiry date on your makeup kits and products. This will ensure that you don’t use the same products longer than you are supposed to. Also, be careful when applying cosmetic products such as mascara. I believe they are indicated for external use only. If you are unable to apply, please leave them alone till you learn.


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3. Stemuderm




Current cosmetic products are coming with advanced functionalities and highly potent ingredients in their making. This makes them highly efficient in providing eye makeup solutions for use. In addition, they also come with many packaged benefits that work well. However, some end up causing more damage than good after their removal or if they are worn for far too long.

Eye Makeup Tip– Use skin care products such as stemuderm. It controls the presence of wrinkles by eliminating their appearance, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin giving it an opportunity to breathe and function properly. In addition, it comes with effective ingredients that are also highly potent but ensures that no damage whatsoever occurs on the skin once you have completed using it or even if it has been worn for far too long. Furthermore, it encourages skin regeneration that ensures that the old skin cells are replaced by newly formed ones and that cases of irritation are solved by improving the healing process.


4. Heat And Makeup


Heat And Makeup


Ever wondered why after applying your makeup using the car mirror, you end up scratching the area around your eyes? Well, that is part of eye irritation caused by using old or improper eye makeup. One of the essential eye makeup ideas is that you never leave your makeup kit behind. So you have thrown in in one of the car compartments, they are in your handbag as you walk in the intense sunshine heat and they are next to your hair blow drier each and every single day. Heat is something that does not border well with eye makeup or any other makeup. It weakens the preservatives placed in the makeup making them spoil easily and fast.

Eye Makeup Tip– Cosmetics especially eye makeup spoils fast and easily in heat. Therefore, you are advised to keep your eye makeup and other makeup elements in a cooler temperature or not more than 29oC.



5. Infected Makeup And Makeup Tools


Infected Makeup And Makeup Tools


Sharing of makeup and makeup tools is ill advised. This is because it is quite easy to spread germs and infections causing bacteria, fungi or viruses through sharing of makeup equipments or makeup. Sharing your eyebrow makeup can result in you feeling all itchy and irritated since your friends bacteria has been passed over to you after sharing your eye makeup. In addition, dirty makeup i.e. storing makeup on the window sill and it catches dust particles, is exposed to light and sunlight throughout the day among others can also cause eye irritation.

Eye Makeup Tip– It is essential to keep your makeup clean and well sanitized. Avoid sharing your eyebrow palette with your friend or neighbours. Keep them clean and away from dirt such that after wearing them, you remain in the makeup for longer periods without feeling irritated.


6. Removing Eye Makeup


Removing Eye Makeup


Eyebrow makeup and other eye makeup applied on a regular basis is like dirt to the skin. This requires its skin pores open for better breathing space. However, the makeup clogs the pores and if not removed on time, it starts to cause irritation on the ski around the eyes. In addition, if you use the wrong eye shadow palette or any other makeup tool to remove the makeup, you may end up causing more irritation and in some cases inflammation.

Eye Makeup Tip– It is important to know the best eye makeup ideas when it comes to removing or washing your makeup off. This ensures that it does not prolong the situation or condition and prevents possible skin irritation processes.


It is important to know the major causes of irritation in the eyes. Understanding the underlying questions provides us with an immediate response as to why skin irritation occurs. With this, it is possible to amend our ways and develop much better ways of taking care of the eyes and the skin surrounding them.

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