How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles? Your Question Our Solution

The Best Way Is to Permanently Stay Out of Forehead Wrinkles, You Must Cut Down the Bad Habits and Allow a Healthy Lifestyle with Rich Nutrients & Workouts for a Long Time.

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 21, 2023
How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles? Your Question Our Solution

Know how to get rid of forehead wrinkles after reading this post! Forehead wrinkles are surely annoying. Yes, annoying with a capital letter A. It tells too much about us. It tells our age. And sometimes, it lies about our age (against us!). It tells other people that we are, ahem, excuse me, old.

I would prefer seasoned rather than old. And would have that title because of the experience rather than age! And in some cases, the age our forehead wrinkle tells is way ahead of us! Let’s not get ahead of our age! The best case that we would love for ourselves is to have a young looking skin.

Ain’t that right ladies? Now, if you don’t have wrinkled forehead yet, we will teach you how to prevent them! If you already got them (I’m sorry, I feel you), you will learn how to lighten them and make them young again!

Here’s what you can do, you can go for natural remedies for prevention and the early signs of wrinkles. For a more advanced case, you may need aggressive treatment. A visit to the dermatologist’s clinic is best, so they could point you to the right commercial treatment.


1. Drink Water.


Drink Water


Everyone drinks water. Why would it be included in this list? Because not many people drink enough water. We get our hydration primarily from drinking water and eating food rich in fluids. Unfortunately, we are guilty of drinking less water on some days.

Taking lots of fluid keeps our bodies hydrated in the molecular level. Yep, up to the furthest layer of the skin! So, don’t skimp on your water. Dehydration can lower ruin your skin integrity!


2. Use Moisturizer As Necessary.


Use Moisturizer As Necessary


Consuming water addresses skin dryness from the inside. But, there are factors that dry the skin from the outside too. The sun, humidity, and other extrinsic factors may be out of our control, but it takes its toll! So, aside from hydrating from the inside, moisturizing from the outside will help combat the harsh environment.

Use moisturizer and apply them on the face and the forehead as necessary. The hot and humid days, especially, sucks the moisture from your skin and renders it dry! Don’t hesitate to apply moisturizing lotions or creams as you need it!


3. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins.


Don’t Forget Your Vitamins


Free radicals (oxidants) damages our body in the molecular level. This is something our eyes cannot see. We don’t see this damage coming until it has done enough noticeable alteration in your skin! Yes, those forehead fine lines!

Vitamin C and E are powerful anti-oxidants that our body cannot manufacture. They are present in some food, but, we may not be able to consume the proper amount with our daily (unhealthy!) meals. The best thing to do to reap off the benefits of these vitamins is by taking them as supplements.


4. Always Wear Sunscreens When You Go Out.


Always Wear Sunscreens When You Go Out


We often justify that the sun is not to hot just so we could avoid applying a sunscreen. Unfortunately, this habit (or lack of it) can lead to early degradation of skin cells!

The sun emits harmful UV rays that can damage the skin and hasten its aging! Yikes! We don’t want our skin to grow old too fast!

Applying sunscreen on the exposed areas of the body whenever going out takes just a small time. So, instead of having a wrinkly skin and forehead, why not bother applying sunscreen now?



5. Use Retinoids For Faster Result.

Use Retinoids For Faster Result


Depending on your location, you may need a prescription to get some retinoids. Retinoids have been long proven to be one of the best and fastest skin and forehead wrinkle treatment. Consult a dermatologist, get a prescription, and start erasing your wrinkles!

Many people report seeing a visible result in as short as six weeks!


6. Non-Ablative Skin Laser Resurfacing.


Non-Ablative Skin Laser Resurfacing


This may sound like a treatment coming from the future. Yes, our experts have harnessed (and tamed it!) the power of laser to work as a therapeutic tool. Many advanced beauty and skin care treatment involve lasers. They are the most modern methods of combating aging and come expensive. But, the results come faster!

Non-ablative laser resurfacing stimulates the deeper level of the skin to produce collagen and enhance the growth of new skin cells. The result, the skin layer thickens and gets plumper. It takes about four to six sessions to see the great difference!


7. Bury Your Wrinkles In The Forehead With Make-Up.


Bury Your Wrinkles In The Forehead With Make-Up


One of the quickest and safest fixes you can do to get rid of your forehead wrinkles is by burying them under a layer of makeup. Yes, you can do that! Many people have already done so!

There are some social occasions that you need to attend, and maybe, you are not ready because the fix isn’t kicking in yet. But here’s a neat trick, you can use concealer to fill in the lines as you apply your make-up on!


8. Go For The B!


Go For The B!


Botox is another expensive fix. But, it gives an instant result! Yep, you heard me right. It gives an instant result! How?
When you move your forehead muscles, it forms wrinkles, right? Well, Botox works by paralyzing (yes, paralyzing) the target facial muscles. When you get Botox for your forehead, the muscles on the forehead will be smoothed out! Talk about an instant fix!

If you have a smooth forehead that goes wrinkled when you move your forehead muscles, Botox will give you a lasting fix. If you have some fine lines even when you are not raising your brows (which worsens when you raise your brows), Botox fix your forehead, and some of the fine lines may be gone too. But not all of them! You will still need to follow a routine beauty regimen for prevention!

Wrinkles are nasty! Prevent them before they take its toll in your skin! Have a regular visit with your dermatologist for a custom-tailored treatment for your case.

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