Fill Your Jewelry Box With This Minimalist Jewelry Collection.

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Minimalist Jewelry Collection

We have all been used to using jewelry in making a statement. We all believe that accessories are designed to be the center of attention of an outfit and not just a supporting character. Because of this, the trend used to be all chunky, eye catching and attention grabbing pieces. Do you remember those bib necklaces and chandeliers that we rocked back then? Oh, those were the days!

But nowadays, it seems like the trends have undergone a complete turnaround. Now, we bade goodbye to the large, chunky and bold accessories. It’s about time that we fully embrace the minimalist jewelry trend.

If you are starting to build up your minimalist jewelry collection, you might be asking yourself—what type of accessories should be included in my minimalist jewelry collection? Don’t worry, girl! We got your back, especially when it comes to trends! Below are some of the must-have minimalist jewelry that you need in your collection!

1. Y Shape Drop Necklace

Y Shape Drop Necklace

This Y shape necklace is referred to in the fashion industry as the lariat necklace and they are loved by many for their barely there look brought about by their sleek and slim chain. This necklace, in particular, comes in an eye-catching and trendy rose gold color and is long enough to perfectly frame your cleavage and bring attention to your chest area in the classiest way possible.

How To Style It: The main reason why lariat necklaces have become all the rage these days is because it is too versatile that you can style it in many ways—pair it with a choker, layer it up with other necklaces, and wear it on your back for an unexpected look.

Price:- $49.99
Sale Price:- $29.99
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2. Dopamine Molecule Necklace

Dopamine Molecule Necklace

If you are a chemistry lover, then you are well aware of what dopamine is. If not, dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for feeling pleasure. So if you love all things pleasurable, let the world know by wearing this silver necklace with the chemical structure of dopamine as its pendant.

How To Style It: Let your inner nerd show (but in the most stylish way possible!) by wearing this necklace with a preppy outfit. Think pleated skirt, collared blouse and a knitted vest worn over it.

Price:- $89
Sale Price:- $39
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3. Crescent Pendant Necklace

Crescent Pendant Necklace

Are you in love with the moon? Well, who can resist the mystery and beauty that comes with it, right? Well, now you can show your love for the moon by wearing a crescent one around your neck!

How To Style It: This crescent moon pendant is a simple necklace that you can use every day and is perfect for layering! You can pair it with necklaces that have shorter or longer chains and equally simple pendants. Oh, you can pair it with gold necklaces too for a more stylish look.

Price:- $45
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4. Glass Bead Necklace

Glass Bead Necklace

This necklace is like no other in this list because it has a touch of color (that emerald green color you can’t take your eyes off!). Its pendant is a handmade bead made from sparkling emerald green Murano glass and holds layers of chains that make the necklace more appealing.

How To Style It: This is the perfect minimalist necklace for pastel colored formal dresses or gowns.

Price:- $270
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5. Triangle And Circle Pendant Necklace

Triangle And Circle Pendant Necklace

Do you love arts or perhaps, math? Well, this necklace combines your love for arts, math and fashion with this necklace with geometric shaped pendants!

How To Style It: Geometric shapes have become all the rage these days and you can jump in the bandwagon by pairing this with other geometric shaped long necklaces.

Price:- $39.60
Sale Price:- $11.90
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6. Cuff Hoop Earrings

Cuff Hoop Earrings

Going minimal does not mean that you should let go of your personality! You can still show off your edgy side especially with this cuff hoop earring with a dangling ball!

How To Style It: This earring is the perfect accessory for an all-black ensemble! Oh, and it is also the best thing to wear with your leather jacket and boots!

Price:- $32.94
Sale Price:- $10.98
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7. Interlocked Circle Loop Earrings

Interlocked Circle Loop Earrings

If you think that the rise of minimalist jewelry trend means that you will have to say goodbye to dangling earrings, think again. This earring is the perfect proof that you can go minimalist even if you wear a dangling earring!

How To Style It: Since this earring is already eye catching enough, we suggest that you avoid wearing a necklace with it because it would already be too much!

Price:- $32.94
Sale Price:- $10.98
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It’s amazing how these minimalist jewelry designers can come up with these simple, minimalist designs that look as trendy as the accessories shown above. Indeed, you can find a place for these accessories in your minimalist jewelry collection (and in your heart!). There is no doubt about that!

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