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10 Crazy And Strange Fashion Trends Of This Season That You Gonna Love

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 21, 2023
10 Crazy And Strange Fashion Trends Of This Season That You Gonna Love

If there is one thing women look forward to seeing and enjoying each and every year, it is the latest fashion trends. And if there is one thing that we noticed, it is the fact that the trends of the recent years are just major throwbacks of the yesteryears.

We have welcomed back the crazy fashion trends of the 70’s in 2015. We have seen and embraced the 90’s trends in 2016. 2017 is almost halfway done, and with the looks of it, it seems like we will be enjoying a mix of throwback trends this year—some from the 80’s, some from the 90’s and a few from early 2000’s.

But since it is a mix of old trends, there are some styles that we would love, and there will definitely be some trends that will make you question the industry’s sanity.

2017 will definitely be a roller coaster ride not just for the industry but the fashion lovers as well. If you are ready, let us welcome the strange fashion trends that you can enjoy this year:

1. Newsboy Hats

1. Newsboy Hats

Why would you wear newsboy hats if you are not a newsboy? That may be the question that has come to your mind upon hearing this. And if you do not believe that it is making a come back, you will be surprised to know that GiGi Hadid has been spotted wearing this while she is out partying one night. In addition to that, Vogue has also released a statement that says that this accessory is now making a big come back. Now, is that proof enough?

2. Underboob


If you are not familiar with the underboob trend, this pertains to the cut of top that shows the underboob. Yes, the lower part of our boobs! You may be saying to yourself that nobody will ever try out that trend. After all, it is quite risky. Well, surprise, surprise! 2017 Grammy’s came and we have spotted Lady Gaga sporting the underboob trend!

3. Vintage Athleisure

3.Vintage Athleisure

As if wearing your workout outfit in public is not weird enough (yes, we are referreing to you, athleisure trend), here comes an even weirder version—the vintage athleisure. Once again, it was Gigi Hadid that started this trend when she collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger and posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing a vintage looking athleisure outfit. Well, the fact that Tommy Hilfiger is one proof enough that the fashion industry will be making a big comeback this 2017.

4. Tracksuits

4. Tracksuits

Are we in a race or something? Well, we are! Did you remember wearing those expensive Juicy Couture track pants in highschool? We sure you are regretting it by now! But this trend will hit this industry once again, and this time, it will come with matching top! Don’t blame us! We are just the messengers here. It was Kylie Jenner who started it all!

5. Crocs

5. Crocs

When these shoes first came into the picture, it had every one talking and we mean every one! But do not be mistaken, the noise it made does not mean that it is widely loved by many. In fact, most of the people who talked about have nothing good to say about it. Instead, they made fun of it. Well, it looks like the Crocs trend is quite persistent as they are about to become trendy once again. Even the Vogue says so!

6. Khaki

Everyone is well aware what a khaki is. After all, we have watched our daddies go to work wearing them! There is actually nothing wrong with it. But the comeback of khakis will just leave you confused and bewildered. Why would any woman want to wear the color that their daddies wore all the time. Can someone please explain?

7. Platform Shoes


This shoe design has already made an appearance last year but this year, they will be big (just like their heels!). If you are not familiar with platform shoes, these are the shoes that Spice Girls wore all the time when they were still famous. This year, you can enjoy wearing shoes (that will make you feel like you are on a stage) once again. Hooray!

8. Flared Jeans

8. Fared-jeans

This was popular during the 70’s and again during the 90’s and it is back once again! If you didn’t love them before, you will love it at a lot less now. Why? Well, this year, the flared pants come with an awkward length as its hem just sits right in between your knees and feet. Good luck styling it!


9. Shoulder Pads

9. Shoulder-pads

We are all familiar of shoulder pads because we have seen pictures of our mothers wearing it when they are younger. Sure, it seems like the bomb at that time but can you imagine wearing it yourself at this modern age? Well, you should learn to because the 2017 runways have been filled with models wearing dresses, tops and blazers with ta-da, shoulder pads! Whether you like it or not, you will be seeing more of these pads in the future so be prepared!

10. Bralette Tops

10. Bralette-tops

Crop tops have evolved this year, and they will be a lot shorter and more revealing! It seems like the fashion trends are becoming less conservative and it has gone from crop tops to bralette tops! Bralette tops are well, bras that are used as tops. Sure, they look good when styled right (with high waist bottoms!) but pairing it with an equally revealing bottom (like short shorts) will make you look as if you are trying hard! If you are in doubt if you can pull this off, do yourself a favor and do not try this trend.

These may just be the weirdest fashion trends that you will see this year! You may love them, or you may hate them, but regardless, you cannot escape the fact that these trends will be filling up your Facebook timeline, Instagram page, TV screens, runways and even fashion magazines. There is indeed no way that you can ever escape these!

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