Trendy Chic Beach Towels Is What You Need For Hot Summer Season

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 18, 2018
Chic Beach Towels

Packing for a beach trip is one of the most intense activities that you will ever go through. If you are a beach bum, you know very well how hard it can be to choose which swimwear to bring. And let us also not forget about the dresses, footwear, and accessories that you need to bring along. And of course, there are also the sunscreens, lotions and makeup products that you would need for your trip.

With all the many things that you have to bring to the beach, it is quite easy to forget and not pay too much attention to some of the seemingly small details (which actually matter a lot!), and I am talking about your beach towels.

When it comes to choosing beach towels, we tend to just go with anything that we can get our hands on. As a result, we would often end up bringing an old and worn out towel which is a big no-no if you want to stand out at the beach.

Today, beach lovers are starting to pay more attention to the towel they bring to the beach because they now use it to make a fashion statement. Plus, you can now find lots of trendy beach towels, so an old and raggedy one will no longer do. If you are looking for chic beach towels to bring on your next beach trip, here are some of the best beach towels 2017 that will surely bring the sunshine to your summer days:


1. Round Fringed Beach Towel


1. Round fringed beach towel


As mentioned above, beach towels today come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. One style that is quite popular nowadays is the round beach towel which has fringes at the edge. This became a big hit, especially for women, because of its unique bohemian design. The designs of this beach towel include drawings of fishes in the sea, dream catchers, tribal print, floral print, animal print and much more. The most amazing thing about these towels is that they feature the most mesmerizing color combination, ranging from pastel to vibrant ones.


2. Statement Beach Towel




Did you remember the time when statement shirts became quite popular? Oh wait, of course, you would remember—these shirts are popular up until today! Well, it seems like the beach towel industry has finally jumped on the bandwagon and they are starting to make statement beach towels too!

Most of these beach towels come in plain color, either black or white. Some of the statements written in these beach towels are, “Oh The Sunny Spot”, “Beach Please”, “Vacation”, “Reserved”, “You Can’t Sit on Us” and many more. Using these towels is the perfect way to make your statement (literally!) at the beach. And of course, they are also the best towels that can help you show the world how witty you truly are! Maybe you could even score some dates with this as a conversation starter!


3. Flamingo Beach Towel




We have always associated the Flamingo bird with the tropics, so it just makes sense that most beach towels feature an image of this very chill looking bird.



4. Plaid Beach Towel




Yes, plaid may be a bit boring design for a beach towel, but this one is perfect for beach goers who are not into anything that is too bright or colorful. This is perfect for the men who would love to keep things simple but would want to have something special for the beach.


5. Heart Beach Towel




If the round beach towel may be a bit simple for you, then this heart-shaped towel is just the one that you need. It comes in a bright red color which will surely make you stand out in the crowd and just like the round beach towel; it has fringe on the edges too which makes it look more stylish. This is perfect for the women who wish to find love at the beach! Leave this towel behind, and you can literally say that you have left your heart at the beach!


6. Flag Towel




If you are going to a beach that is across the ocean from your country, then you may like to bring something that would show off who you really are—a flag beach towel! But if you think it is too much, then you can just settle for beach towels that feature the logo of your favorite clothing brand. Can you imagine how fabulous you will look like lying on a Victoria Secret beach towel on the beach and let everyone know how much you love that brand? Who knows, you may find a man or a new friend out there who shares the same love for fashion as you!


7. Striped Beach Towel




If plaid is not your thing, then this is your next best option. It is also as simple as plaid but not as serious looking. In fact, the striped design gives you more options when it comes to color combinations.


8. Pineapple Beach Towel


Aside from Flamingo, the pineapple is another symbol of the tropics so it is just fitting that you can find it in the designs of many beach towels. If you love pineapples and you are looking for a trendy beach towel, this type of beach towel is just exactly what you need!



9. Floral Beach Towels



Of course, when it comes to beach, tropics, and vacation, floral prints will not be left behind! This design is a hit for many women because who doesn’t love flowers? Plus, they come in eye-catching and vibrant colors that many women would surely fall for!

What design or style of beach towel you will bring might be the least of your worries when packing for or planning a trip. But today, many people use their beach towels to make a fashion statement, and you should follow suit! There are plenty of cool beach towels for adults that you can find nowadays so you should definitely take advantage of them!

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