Is It Beneficial To Use Vitamin E For Scars? And How To Use It?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 16, 2021
Is It Beneficial To Use Vitamin E For Scars? And How To Use It?

Suffering from acne scars is such a downer! We all want clear skin. However, achieving this is not an easy feat. With tons of skincare products out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. Bear in mind that the less complex your regimen is, the more you will identify what works for you. For a lot of people, going natural, such as using vitamin E oil, has brought positive effects. Want the good news? A lot of studies have proven the great significance of using vitamin E for scars and acne.

1. What Is Vitamin E And What Are Its Sources?

vitamin e and what are its sources
It is a fat-soluble vitamin and a well-known antioxidant. It neutralizes the negative effects of fat oxidation and free radicals. Another advantage it has on the body is that it boosts one’s immune system. Almonds, avocado, raw seeds, mustard, spinach, and kale are some of the richest sources of vitamin E. If you think you are not getting enough of this wonderful vitamin through your diet eating plan, taking supplements is a great way to begin.

2. The Benefits Of Vitamin E

 benefits of vitamin e
Some of the therapeutic benefits of vitamin E are the following:

a) It prevents heart issues like heart and blood vessel diseases, and leg pain caused by blocked arteries, hardened arteries, high blood pressure, and chest pain.

b) It reduces any complications brought about by diabetes.

c) It possibly reduces the risks of developing cancer, specifically lung and oral cancer, which are particular among smokers. Same can be said with colorectal, pancreatic, prostrate and gastric cancer.

d) It helps patients suffering from brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy.

3. Vitamin E And Skin Care

vitamin e for scars or stretch marks
While keeping your inner system rich in vitamin E is a good first step in achieving clear skin, application of topical vitamin E can also do amazing things to your skin. This is the reason has been included in various cosmetic formulations. Many creams contain vitamin E for scars or stretch marks.

Vitamin E is available as an oil and applying it on the skin, especially on affected areas, has yielded promising results in improving the skin. Below is a quick overview of some of the benefits vitamin E does for the skin:

a) It regulates the production of skin proteins like collagen and elastin.

b) Vitamin E neutralizes the free radicals that wreak havoc on skin follicles and increases keratin formation.

c) It lightens the scars and dark spots on the skin.

d) It helps support tissue repairs.

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4. Vitamin E And Scars

vitamin e capsules
If you have acne your whole life, you know that the worst part comes after the acne itself. The appearance of different type of scars can be permanent, and it can really damage one’s self-esteem.

5. Why Do So Many Dermatologists Recommend Applying Vitamin E For Scars?

vitamin e for scars on face can only address hyperpigmentation
Truth be told, vitamin E for scars on face can only address hyperpigmentation, if used by itself. Research backs up this claim. This particular type of scar usually goes away on its own. Hyperpigmentations are usually dark brown or red marks in appearance. But by using vitamin E for scars, the healing process can be expedited. It hydrates the skin well enough, inhibiting further scar formation and making the spots appear less noticeable.

Vitamin A is the number one vitamin associated with repairing scar tissues, but surprisingly vitamin E is actually essential in regulating it inside the body. The fat inside the body readily absorbs vitamin E. This influences the body’s vitamin A to improve and work on softening the acne scar, making it easier to reduce its appearance. In this sense, using vitamin e for acne scars, even the pitted ones, works quite well, albeit indirectly.

6. What Is The Proper Way To Use Vitamin E Oil To Treat Acne And Reduce Scarring?

vitamin e oil to treat acne and reduce scarring
The maximum dosage of vitamin E is an oral intake of 15 mg of it a day. To boost vitamin E concentration in the system, take selenium supplements with it. To use vitamin E for scars or acne treatment, you will need to apply the oil directly on the skin. Make sure that your skin is freshly cleansed. Apply the oil generously on entire face or concentrate only on the affected area. The choice is up to you. Gently massage onto the skin and wait until it is absorbed well by the scar tissue. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse. Want to further nourish and moisturize your face? Don’t rinse the oil off, instead wipe away the excess and leave it on the skin until the next morning.

Not yet convinced of the magic Vitamin E can do for you? Here are some more reasons why you should slather some of this miracle oil on your skin.

1. It lightens dark spots. As we age, we notice various changes in the skin, which can be caused by many factors like free radical damage, too much sun exposure, sun damaged and acne scars. Vitamin E is rich in free radical fighting antioxidants. These reduce the free radical damage that leads to hyperpigmentation of the skin.

2. It moisturizes the skin well. Damaged skin greatly benefits from Vitamin E. While most people only consider Vitamin E for scar treatments, it also helps restore dehydrated skin. Skin rejuvenation speeds up the healing process of even the most damaged skin.

3. It treats sunburns. Vitamin E is one of the best treatment options in soothing the burns caused by the sun due to its ability to neutralize UV damages.

7. Is Using Vitamin E For Scars Safe?

 redness and small bumps
Using vitamin E on your skin has been controversial, despite the positive reviews by different consumers. There was a study published in 1999 that states that applying vitamin E for scars can make the appearance look worse and might even lead to contact dermatitis. In some cases, an allergic reaction might get triggered. Symptoms like resulting in a rash. It may also aggravate existing skin conditions such as rosacea. These cases may not apply to everyone; it is essential to perform a skin test to make sure that Vitamin E will not elicit any negative response on your system.

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