Best Full Body Workouts With No Equipment To Tone You Up Fast

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 31, 2017
Best Full Body Workouts With No Equipment To Tone You Up Fast

Exercise is one of the best ways to lose and manage weight. Many experts have proven over the years that exercise can help you regulate and optimize bodily functions. But aside from that, it can also improve your overall physical performance.

But aside fitness, toning up your muscles can help you sculpt your way to a more beautiful body! Now, isn’t that nice? Fit, stronger, and a more attractive you! But not all of us has the luxury of time to go to the gym and workout. But let me get this straight, you don’t have to use facilities and equipment as an excuse! You can do the full-body workout even without some fancy equipment!

  • Full-Body Workout For Beginners

For starters, full body workouts can be fun especially if you are not fond of going to the gym. You can even literally do some of it in your office cubicle! For real! I mean, you don’t need a huge space to have a great workout.

Full body workout for women doesn’t have to involve many weights. In fact, your own body weight is enough! No bulky machines, no cute barbells, and not even fancy balls are required. In fact, you can even do it barefoot, if you dig that! A towel is at least required because you will sweat a lot from these total body workouts.

  • Circuits

Individually, these workouts may seem easy. But if you do them explosively in quick succession and little rest, you will be surprised at how these simple looking exercises can help you lose weight and tone your muscles!

Here’s a circuit that will suck out the air out of your lungs to a slimmer and more toned you!
First, you must do proper stretching to limber up your muscles. Now, when you’re ready, let’s do this! Do these exercises in succession.

1. Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

Duration: 0:30

This is a simple exercise that the military use to work most of the muscles of the body at the same time without even leaving your place!

Step 1

Stand up straight with your chin up and hands on your sides.

Step 2

Jump up and land while opening your foot slightly wider than your shoulders. Simultaneously, lift your hands from the side and bring it over your head with your elbows slightly bent. Do as many as you can in one minute.

Step 3

Jump back to your initial position as you bring your hands from your head to your sides.

Too Hard?

If you feel like you can’t do full jumping jacks yet, you can do half jacks instead. It’s the same exercise, except, you omit lifting your hands above your head.

Too Easy?

If it seems too easy, increase your speed and do as much jumping jacks as you can in one full minute.


Keeps your heart rate up.

2. Squats


Duration: 1:00

Squats probably is the best full body workout you can do without any equipment. And you know what, you don’t need strong legs for this exercise. It will make your legs stronger.

Step 1

Stand with your toes a little wider than your shoulders and your toes slightly pointing outward. Take note of the orientation of your toes. This position can give you more balance.

Step 2

Bring your hips and butt down gently while bending your knees, with your back straight and your heels firmly planted on the ground. Go as low as you can without lifting your heels and tripping over. To keep your balance and center of gravity, lift your hands up to your face while lowering your body.

Step 3

Push explosively back up with your heels while lowering your hands and bringing them back to the initial position. And repeat as many times as you can in one minute.

Too Hard?

If you feel like you can’t do squats consecutively in one full minute, feel free to pause from time to time until you can recover. In a few weeks, you will see how much more you can do!

Too Easy?

If you feel like this is too easy for you, you may increase the difficulty by ending your squat with an explosive jump.

Do as many as you can in one full minute and try beating your count every workout.


This exercise tones your butt and thighs. As you sculpt your thighs and butt, you also get stronger legs and more balance.


3. Pushup


Duration 0:30

The pushup is a great exercise that involves the upper body. While pushing up, your chest muscles and triceps are firmly engaged. While you are lowering yourself down, the back muscles are at work.

Step 1

Move to plank with your hands and feet a little wider than your shoulders. This position gives you optimal balance, so you won’t trip off while doing the exercise.

Step 2

Lower yourself down while bending your elbows and keeping it from flaring to the sides. Tighten your core and keep your back straight to avoid hurting your back.

Step 3

Push back up with and feel your triceps and chest muscles contract.
Do as many as you can in thirty seconds.

Too Hard?

If you feel like you’re not strong enough for a push up yet,don’t worry you will be there.


This exercise tones your arms, back, and chest. This also gives you gives you stronger hitting power in case you need to defend yourself!

4. Mountain Climber

lung mountain climber

Duration: 0:45

This exercise tones your arms, and legs while strengthening your core muscles. You don’t even need to go to the mountain to do this!

Step 1

While on plank position, lift your knees and bring it as close as you can to your chest while keeping your core tight and maintaining your back straight.

Step 2

Bring your foot back and repeat step one on the other leg. Do as much as you can in forty-five seconds.

Too Hard?

If it seems too hard, take a rest and catch your breath.

Too Easy?

If it’s too easy for you, you can increase your pace and alternate your foot as if you are jogging.


This strengthens your arms, core, and thighs. This is a tiring workout so feel free to stop if you can’t catch your breath.

5. Crunches


Duration: 0:30

Crunches are one of the most effective abdominal exercises that engage the core muscles. They are a little difficult to do, and the muscle strain can be perceived as pain.

Step 1

Lie down with your back flat on the ground and your arms crossed on your chest. Bend your knees and place them perpendicular to the floor.

Step 2

Tighten your core muscle and lift your shoulders about twenty degrees from the floor. You don’t have to go all the way up. It would be very difficult to go all the way up when your knees are bent and your legs perpendicular to the ground. Don’t force it. Do as many as you can in thirty seconds.

Safety tip:

Don’t force your head up from the ground. You must lift your weight from your shoulders to avoid straining your cervical spine.

Too Hard?

Crunches can be perceived as painful as do more reps. Rest if you must and don’t force your neck.

Too Easy?

If this is too easy for you, you can add thirty more seconds for this exercise.


This exercise tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles. This is a simple exercise you can do with very little space required.

All the exercise above should be done in succession. After a complete cycle, rest for one to two minutes and repeat the cycle for up to five more times.

  • How Often Should I do this?

This Full-Body Workout for weight loss and muscle toning can be done every day. It only takes about four minutes per cycle and up to twenty-five to thirty minutes if you do five cycles. For beginners, you can do this every other day to give your body time to get familiar with the exercise.

Keep in mind your safety while you are working out. Make sure that you are working out on a safe place to do a Full-Body Workout. Keep a piece of hard candy nearby in case you need sugar! Drink plenty of water because you will be sweating a lot!

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