Why Does Skin Wrinkle With Age? And What Is The Best Way To Prevent It?

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified May 25, 2018
why does skin wrinkle with age

Having a radiant, fine and glowing skin is everybody’s desire. Wrinkles are the dread of any person no matter the age. It is not a thing to look forward to in life but as we advance, one begins to wonder and ask why does skin wrinkle with age. The answer to this question would be gotten as you read further. The causes of wrinkles are not a mystery but rooted in the facts that every skin undergoes a multi-factorial process of intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging.

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1. Causes Of Wrinkles


So, what causes wrinkles on face? Wrinkles are ridges, creases or lines that come up in the skin as a person grows older. Why does skin wrinkle with age? Facial expressions such as laugh lines, excessive smiling, squinting and frowning tend to make the first wrinkles to appear on the face. Although wrinkle is part of the natural signs of aging, it can be accelerated by other environmental factors such as dehydration, smoking, pollution, free radicals (electron-hungry molecules or atoms) and sun damages the skin.

2. What Causes Skin To Wrinkle With Age?

causes of skin to wrinkle with age

So, what causes wrinkles and sagging skin with age? The question why does skin wrinkle with age is embedded in the fact that once you cross the age of 20, the skin cell begins to experience some changes which are natural and not necessarily influence by any environmental factors. These changes result from the fact that a person produces one percent less of collagen each year which is vital in making the skin strong and flexible enough to withstand stress and stretching. The reduction makes the collagen and elastic fibers thicker, more clumped and looser, as a result of which the skin becomes thinner, fragile and this, of course, is what causes wrinkles and sagging skin. The sweat and oil glands are not spared either; they begin to diminish in their functions.

The other type of skin aging process is the extrinsic aging which comes up as a result of environmental damage. It appears as the thickening of the cornified layer, precancerous changes such as actinic keratosis, freckles and sunspots formation, skin cancer, and excessive loss of collagen and elastin fibers and glycosaminoglycans also known as GAGs, thereby making the skin appear rough, uneven in tone and with deep wrinkles.

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3. What Causes Wrinkles On Face

causes of wrinkles on face

Facial wrinkles are the easiest to notice and quite annoying as well particularly the ones around the eyes which is also known as laugh lines or crow feet, forehead and mouth. What causes wrinkles on the face is not unconnected to lack of collagen, facial expressions responsible for contracting the muscles and increasing the creases on your skin, genetic and environmental factors. When you sleep on your side you press your face, neck, and chest on the pillow and this causes a compression on the skin in these areas slowly resulting in wrinkles in the face, neck and the chest as well.

Neck and chest wrinkles are not left out as they are equally disturbing particularly when the neck begins to fold and fine lines and wrinkles appear around the chest and for women, between the breasts. The good news for everyone is that these aspects of wrinkles can be taken care of with creams such as Suvoderm, Revivatone, Stemuderm and other anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream available.

4. How Do You Prevent Wrinkles


On how to prevent skin aging and wrinkles here is what to do. When those fine lines begin to appear, and why does skin wrinkle with age becomes a throbbing question needing an urgent answer, the things that can be done to reduce them becomes the most important element on the mind. These things can range from a change in lifestyle to the use of products or even medical procedure.

Following some skin care guidelines is necessary for slowing down the aging process. And a good answer to the question.

A. Avoiding the sun by going for sun protection. Too much exposure of the epidermis (that is the outermost layer of the skin) to the sun by way of tanning or any other activity is quite damaging to the skin and hastens the wrinkling process on the face, neck, and chest. You can also use neck firming creams for neck and chest wrinkles especially.
B. Dress appropriately when going out. Wearing clothes that cover the body particularly the neck and chest will prevent sun damage and is one sure way to ensure that wrinkles do not come in on you unexpectedly.
C. Using sunscreens is a guarantee in protecting the skin against wrinkles and be sure to apply it on your neck and chest too because these areas are often neglected when using the cream.
D. Do not forget your sunglasses and shades for protecting the eyes against UV rays. So rather than squinting those eyes throw on your sunglasses, and guess what they improve your looks too.
E. Quit smoking. Avoiding wrinkles should be a good enough reason to drop that habit you have been trying to do away with all these years.
F. Use of medications is also helpful in preventing wrinkles. Hydroxy acid, Retinol and Vitamins A, C and E are good anti aging agents. It is advisable to do this with the help of a certified doctor.

Daily cleansing and moisturizing. The best cream for wrinkles is moisturizers, particularly the ones with retinol and super-hydrating hyaluronic acid. They might not necessarily prevent wrinkles but they are good for nourishing the skin, reduce age spots, preventing dryness and discouraging the dead skin cells from forming. Because most repairs on our body system are done at night while we sleep, using anti-wrinkle night time repair creams such as Solvaderm’s Suvoderm after washing and cleansing can be quite rewarding.

Cosmetic usage in the treatment, prevention or reduction of wrinkles is usually the first step people tend to go for. This is probably due to the fact that results are easily seen and are quite reliable. Many of these products are known to have active natural ingredients such as peptides and stem cells which enhance the tightening of the skin and ensure that natural collagen production is stimulated.

Following these guided steps are sure ways on how to remove wrinkles or avoid them altogether as one grows other and not bug your mind on why does skin wrinkle with age anymore. So, remain radiant always.

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